buy low/sell high
A disappointing day causes rookie phenom Kyle Pitts to land on this week’s buy low/sell high list. (David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire)

Buy Low/Sell High Players In 2021 Fantasy Football Week 8

Week 8 of the NFL season was truly a spectacle for backup quarterbacks. Mike White and Cooper Rush both dazzled in impressive victories. But what does this mean for fantasy football purposes? There are some key buy low/sell high players for this week. Try to trade for/away these players before your league’s trade deadline this week.

Buy Low

Kyle Pitts

Calvin Ridley missed another game due to personal reasons before stating he will be stepping away from football for the time being to deal with his mental health. This is, first of all, a step in the right direction for anyone dealing with mental health issues, but the absence of Ridley has been significant for this Falcons offense. After this news, I fully expected Kyle Pitts to truly become the alpha and go off this week. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Pitts finished the day with 2 catches for 13 yards. Against a stifling Panthers defense, Matt Ryan and the offense were not clicking. However, Pitts was the most targeted player on the offense with six. He just managed to haul in a couple of them, unfortunately. Going forward Kyle Pitts will remain the most targeted player on the offense, and for someone with an immense skill set, it is imperative you trade for him right now after this down week.

D’Andre Swift

News came out early Sunday that Jamaal Williams would be absent, dealing with an injury. Accordingly, D’Andre Swift was expected to feast. Similar to Kyle Pitts’s day, I was beyond disappointed. Swift carried the ball 12 times for just 27 yards and had 5 catches for 24 yards. Not only that but he also fumbled, putting him in the doghouse, suffering touches to rookie Jermar Jefferson. Before anyone says anything, Jermar Jefferson is nothing compared to the talent of D’Andre Swift. The loss of touches this week was because the Lions were getting routed by the Eagles in a game that finished 44-6. While the Lions aren’t good, that outcome isn’t something to expect going forward. Hell, they almost pulled off an upset of the Rams the week prior. D’Andre Swift is still going to receive a ton of check-downs from Jared Goff, making him a stud running back for fantasy football going forward.

Sell High

Chris Godwin

Chris Godwin exploded this week against a tough Saints defense. Going for 12 catches, 140 yards, and a touchdown is something to be excited over. However, I don’t think this success will last. As Rob Gronkowski and Antonio Brown get healthier and return, there will much more competition for targets on this offense.

Chris Godwin will still have the ability to pop off as he did against the Saints, but it will be much more sporadic. Capitalize on Godwin’s big day and sell him off to a receiver needy team. Pairing him with an RB2 like Melvin Gordon could fetch you a D’Andre Swift.

Michael Carter

It’s the Mike White show in New York. The Jets pulled off an insane upset over the Bengals behind White’s 405-yard passing day. No one benefitted more from the quarterback change than running back Michael Carter. He not only ran the ball well for 77 yards and a touchdown, but he also received a massive amount of work in the passing game. White consistently checked it down to his running back, as Carter added on 9 catches for 95 yards to his impressive day. It has already been confirmed that Mike White will be starting next week against the Colts, so we can expect Carter to keep it going with the check-downs. After that, Zach Wilson will be eventually returning, meaning Carter will revert back to normal. Take advantage now and sell Michael Carter to a running back needy team. If you could package him with a tight end like TJ Hockenson for Kyle Pitts, I would consider that a long-term win.

Trading in fantasy football can make or break your season. If you can take advantage of when to buy low/sell high on a player, you’ll be putting yourself in a significantly better advantage as the season goes on, ideally to a fantasy football championship.