Justin Herbert
Kyusung Gong/Associated Press

Justin Herbert Has Turned Around the Chargers

Justin Herbert is continuing his stellar start from his rookie campaign in 2020. Where he won offensive rookie of the year, in 15 games started for the chargers last year. Throwing for over 4,300 yards and 31 touchdowns. Herbert exceeded all expectations after questions about him coming into the draft. There were concerns about his leadership qualities while he was at Oregon University with the Ducks. Justin is not a “raw raw guy” he is quiet, leads with his work ethic, and play on the field. I do not believe this is a concern for anyone around the Charger organization anymore. The Chargers have now found stability at quarterback for the next decade or two. After having Phillip Rivers at the helm for 16 years. First-year, head coach Brandon Staley will be the best thing that happened to him in his career. Getting out under Anthony Lynn who plays scared and constantly made head-scratching decisions as Chargers head coach.

The new head coach and quarterback duo have the Chargers are thriving, at a 4-2 record to start the season. Now the favorites to win the AFC West and Superbowl contenders with Chiefs slow start to the season. Raiders are currently atop of the AFC West at 5-2 but the Chargers have already beat them and the Chiefs. The coach and quarterback are playing with extreme confidence. Going for it on 4th downs more often than not during the season. I love this playstyle, trusting your young talented quarterback, with the ball in his hands, to make a play. The chargers are fun to watch! They are new and fresh. Not playing by the “NFL standard” of what to do and not to do in situations. The Chargers are going to be good for a long time with this young man at the quarterback. Coming off the bye week, look for Herbert to reinsert himself in the MVP discussion.

Kyler Murray Is Straight Ballin

The man they call “Baby Yoda” has led the Arizona Cardinals to be the only undefeated team standing with a 7-0 record. Kyler is the clear-cut favorite to win the MVP season this season. With his 17 touchdown passes and already over 2,000 yards passing. Not to mention the fact about the use of his legs. In his rookie year, he looked a little skittish running around the field. Not being adjusted to NFL game speed, coming from the University of Oklahoma. Kyler Murray is the most dynamic play-maker in the whole league. He is like a little cockroach in the pocket. Defenders are going to go for a clear-cut sack on him. That is never the case with his speed and escapability. We have seen so many times, Murray escapes on the run and still be able to find a man down the field. The play is never over with him. Like WHAT?! Actually.

Kyler Murray’s success has come with more experience and reps. He has all the tools to play quarterback in this league… besides his height which has not been an issue. His arm-talent, escapability, and feel for the game have all grown in his third season in the NFL. He was really born to play the quarterback position. Maybe just born to play sports. As it is well documented about his baseball career being a first-round pick in the MLB. Which still could be an option for him. All credit cannot go to Kyler for the Cardinal’s success. The team has gotten younger, faster, and more talented. Huge credit to general manager Steve Keim for assembling this team. The biggest improvement for the Cardinals, in my opinion, has been the coaching of Kliff Kingsbury. I was not sold on Kingsbury when he first joined the Cardinals to be their head coach. I did not believe he had the credentials to be an NFL coach. First-year was sloppy and predictable. Looking like he was still trying to coach in college. His play-calling has improved massively in his third season with the team. Using Kyler Murray is the best way to fit his skill set.

Justin Herbert or Kyler Murray???

This is really a toss-up, a flip of a coin on who a franchise would rather start with the quarterback. Both are two of the best young stars in the entire NFL. Taking their teams to new heights and the quarterback position to another level. This question is really based on what you prefer. Want a pocket passer who is going to make the correct play such as Justin Herbert? Or a guy like Kyler Murray who is a little bit more unorthodox in his playstyle. Making play from within and outside the pocket. Murray is obviously the more exciting player and can do things no other player can do. I think I would take Herbert if I was NFL general manager. Justin just seems to have that “IT” factor. He is a winner that is going to make the rights plays at the right time for his team to win the game. Cannot really go wrong with their guy. The NFL is in good hands with these two stars in the league.