Brandon Newman Leaving Barstool
(Via @BarstoolRadio Twitter)

Barstool Sports continue to lose employees, as Brandon Newman explains why he left the company as well as his plans. Newman went on Barstool Radio for the final time, with his last day coming on Monday (Hand in your stuff day). At first, it seemed like family reasons are the driving force for Newman’s decision.

Moving to Louisville Kentucky, me and my beautiful wife. She’s going to start working again and I’m going to be playing daddy daycare.

Newman has family in Louisville, with his mom working at a school and his brother’s family living there. It also sounds like Louisville will be more of a pitstop and stepping stone for Newman instead of settling down there.

Idea is to inch back to California eventually. Will be in Louisville for 3-4 years.

Brandon Newman leaving Barstool also sounds like it’s fuel from an engagement with Dave Portnoy on Twitter as Newman said the following:

Everything that happened on twitter with Dave, it really kinda feels like there’s not much coming back from that. So I’d rather just walk away and focus on getting back to the funny. I had to go down a rabbit hole on my Instagram to remind myself of when I used to laugh.

Having to go down an Instagram rabbit hole because you can’t remember when you used to laugh makes it sound like you’re not enjoying your life. If a company is driving that, then that sounds like a bad experience with a company. Brandon also makes a comparison between leaving Barstool and leaving Notre Dame:

Such an amazing place and so great to so many people and you can just see it happening all at once, and as a practice squad player you get to show your flashes every now and then. And then you get into it with the head coach and then there’s no coming back from that.

Brandon Newman hopes that this is simply the beginning of a new chapter in his life and that Louisville will “be the Ball State” of his career.

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