Paul Guenther
Anda Chu/Bay Area News Group

I’m sure Paul Guenther sees it. The writing is on the wall. There’s a reason why the Raiders fired promising DL coach Brenston Buckner for All-Star DL coach Rod Marinelli. We call that pressure. With this move, the Raiders can and will fire Paul Guenther at any time and move up Rod Marinelli to Defensive Coordinator. For a defense that is supposed to be improved, it just hasn’t. The coverage still sucks, the defensive schemes as a whole are tough to look at, his days are numbered, and he knows it.

Raiders Defense

The Raiders are letting opponents run at 5.6 yards per carry, YIKES. That is horrendous. It isn’t for the lack of talent; the talent is not that bad at least. The Raiders are thought to have at least a top-10 offense this year, but we’re letting other teams have that luxury against us. We’re making their offense look good. The Raiders are letting opponents score at a rate of 30 points per game.

The passing defense is so conservative that if it is a pass, I’m already expecting a gain from the opponent. It usually means how many yards they get after the catch. Guenther plays a lot of zones, which gets us beat a lot. Also, the lack of blitzes to get pressure on the Quarterback is alarming as well. The Raiders pass rush has been less than ideal for a team that traded away Khalil Mack

Paul Guenther will not be with the Raiders for much longer. The question isn’t if, but when he is gone. He might make it through the year, considering he and Gruden are friends. But he sure as hell will not be the defensive coordinator next year. I’m not sure how Rod Marinelli will do, but hopefully, it is better than Guenther. Rejoice Raiders fans, hopefully, we get a change soon.