Trill Withers
Trill Withers (@tyleriam) has resigned from Barstool Sports. It felt like only a matter of time before someone else resigned with the on going controversy. (Barstool Image)

Not too long ago, ESports personality, Muj Fricke quit. Now we have another Barstool Sports departure. Trill Withers or as you can find on Twitter @tyleriam has resigned from Barstool Sports. I said it in my previous post, this didn’t feel like the last stone to go unturned. Trill Withers has resigned and he may not be the last.

This is a much bigger loss than Muj. Trill has established himself as a personality at Barstool for longer than a cup of coffee. Numberous former colleagues reacted to the news:

Numerous Barstool employees commented on this because they know it’s a big loss. Obviously, Trill decided to part ways for reasons that stemmed out of their recent podcast episode that you can find here. I detailed this in my Muj post but it’s easy to understand why Trill and others are upset.

Trill was a main host of the Mickstape podcast. Personally, I’ve never listened to the show but I know a lot of people love it. I do, however, know that Coley is hilarious from listening to Barstool’s Red Sox content so I’m sure the show is excellent. It remains unseen how Barstool will replace Trill. Coley will likely have a lot of say in the manner or he may decide to leave too. This likely isn’t the last Barstool departure from this controversy. It sounds like Brandon Newman is next.

It will be curious to see how Dave Portnoy (Barstool’s founder) will react to this news. I’m someone that has found Portnoy entertaining but he hasn’t handled this situation well. He also did something recently I would have fired back at.

I’m all for being an ass sometimes and taking shots to be funny. This wasn’t funny. This was intentionally going out of your way to be a douche. Big difference.

More drama is coming out of Barstool. It’s only a matter of time and Portnoy hasn’t handled any of this well. He hasn’t addressed the situation outside of a short Twitter video.