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Kenny Beecham
via KOT4Q on YouTube

Barstool Sports Thinks Kenny Beecham, aka KOT4Q, Is Just Some Dude

Kenny Beecham
via KOT4Q on YouTube

R-E-S-P-E-C-T Find Out What It Means To Me

The disrespect from Barstool Sports is real. Yes, they are one of the biggest sports platforms out there and Dave Portnoy has made his millions, but the people under him need to learn to give respect where respect is due. And respect is due to Kenny Beecham.

We here at Vendetta Sports Media give respect whenever respect is deserved. If we see someone pull some world-class journalism and want to write about it, we at least mention that person’s name. The only aspect of the article that includes Kenny is the tweet that set NBA Twitter into a frenzy despite the Will Smith slapping Chris Rock incident at the Oscars.

This is amazing journalism by Kenny Beecham. See how easy that was to give him credit and respect? Kenny is not just some dude. This man is the leader of the NBA 2K franchise community with millions of subs on YouTube. He has a successful podcast with Bleacher Report and has made appearances on TNT with the entire NBA on TNT crew. To call a man that has done all this as just some dude is mad disrespectful.

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I want to know who the editor was that let this go through. Portnoy needs to check his people. Of all the internet “celebrities” that come through for interviews on the Barstool platform, you would think someone would know who Kenny is. Apparently, I have thought too highly of Barstool.

We don’t make these types of mistakes at this company. If myself or any other of the OGs here at Vendetta had seen that headline slip through, it would take a lot of convincing to let that writer stay on the team. Vendetta talks a lot of smack, but we do so in a respectful manner. If anything, we at least call people by their actual name and not as some dude.

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