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Kenny Beecham

via KOT4Q on YouTube

Kenny Beecham, aka KOT4Q, Has Become the Voice of the NBA 2k Franchise Community

Kenny Beecham
via KOT4Q on YouTube

Kenny Beecham, also known as KOT4Q on YouTube, has become the face of the NBA 2K franchise community. Kenny has built his YouTube brand around the franchise mode. He’s now looking to use the platform to make a positive change in a game mode that has been overlooked for the past three years.

Kenny has a massive presence in the 2K community. He has made his living doing rebuilding challenges on his YouTube channel, while at the same time expanding beyond a simple YouTuber. Kenny also has two other successful channels that he regularly posts videos to, and is one of four members of the Through The Wire Podcast, part of the House of Highlights network. With his connections, Kenny has forced a line between the community and the developers that are long overdue.

2K dropped the ball with franchise mode this year. There were no improvements to it whatsoever. All problems that have persisted in previous iterations of franchise mode, even after multiple patches and hotfixes, remain. Player tendencies and ratings are all over the place and call into question if the developers watch basketball. For instance, Giannis had a higher midrange rating than Kawhi Leonard. Giannis is a great player and soon to be two-time MVP, but Kawhi is the best midrange shooting in the NBA right now. Ronnie2K went on Twitter and called this fake news, but people on Twitter began calling out Ronnie’s lie.

Not everything here was true, but Giannis and Kawhi, along with the Dudley and Robinson 3pt rating, are confirmed to have been true.

Kenny Beecham could very well be the savior of 2K’s franchise mode. I may end up skipping on 2K21. Can’t afford to buy a new console, and even with deferred payment options, there aren’t enough games out there at launch to justify a purchase. God knows 2K is not worth making me shell out $500 for a new PlayStation or Xbox.

Kenny, if by any chance you read this, thank you for fighting for the MyLeague community. We aren’t the community that makes companies the most money, but we’re the community these games were initially built around. Madden screwed up royally with their franchise mode. The only new mode Madden added was another monetization tool. Everyone 2K player should join in Kenny’s quest for a better franchise mode before we are indeed left behind.


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