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Alex DeBrincat
(Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Teams Should Sell The Farm To Trade For Alex DeBrincat

Alex DeBrincat
Teams should sell the farm to trade for Alex DeBrincat. With a Blackhawks rebuild coming, everybody should be asking about The Cat. (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Teams Should Sell The Farm To Trade For Alex DeBrincat

We know the Chicago Blackhawks rebuild is coming. We’re just unsure who’s getting traded or not. Patrick Kane is going to have his pick of the litter when it comes to suitors. I’m more curious to see whether Alex DeBrincat is available? If so, teams should be willing to sell the farm to acquire him.

DeBrincat, 24, is putting together another strong season for Chicago. The Cat has 62 points in 66 games. More importantly, he is 37 goals which would put him in a tie currently for 6th in the NHL. The assist numbers would obviously be high if anybody else on his team minus Patrick Kane did anything.

The underlying numbers on DeBrincat aren’t off the charts good, but who cares? All I know is Chicago is way better with him on the ice compared to off it. If DeBrincat isn’t scoring, Chicago is losing. DeBrincat’s FF% rel sits at a career high 4.3.

DeBrincat should be viewed as an elite goal scorer. Yes, the guy is only five-foot-7 but he’s such a problem with the puck. Whether it be his shot or playmaking ability, The Cat is just damn good.

I watched every second of this due or die game for the Knights. Chicago loses this game by 100 without DeBrincat and Kane.

Chicago obviously doesn’t have to trade DeBricat. However, with one year remaining on his contract and an impending transition coming, will Chicago really turn down a monster offer? Maybe?

Nobody is taking the Seth Jones deal. Jonathan Toews doesn’t have anything left so he’s just not a relevant part of the conversation. Chicago has already dealt young superstar Brandon Hagel which should have been a tell-tale sign. Everybody is for sale for the right price.

Who knows what it would take to land DeBrincat. All I know is the 5-foot-7 Beebee gun constantly puts the puck in the back of the net and really isn’t being put in advantageous spots to do so. What could DeBrincat do on a better hockey team?

I understand the intrigue about what a possible Patrick Kane deal would look like. However, DeBrincat is much young and probably won’t command the same level of cap hit. Teams should make a point of emphasis to call Chicago every day. Don’t let this guy get away. He’s a net finder.


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