Barstool Angelina
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Barstool Sports Hires Angelina – A Gambling Personality From TikTok

As football season approaches, Barstool has ramped up their gambling content hires and hired Angelina, a creator on TikTok. The media company has turned all of its efforts into promoting its sportsbook to continue the arms race in the booming industry.

Barstool is trying to get as many people to promote their sportsbook as they can without paying for marketing. So, they continue to hire social media influencers that gamble and try and get new customers that way. Angelina made an appearance on the daily gambling show, Picks Central and introduced herself. You can listen to the whole show here, but I had a few takeaways.

“I pick teams that I thought were fun.”

“I started on TikTok probably two months ago.”

“It took off when one went viral and I kept going, and that is how I ended up here.”

“I know sports, mainly MLB and some KBO.”

Angelina on Picks Central

TikTok is a magical app and I wish I didn’t suck at it. One video she made went viral and that was all it took. Clearly, they are taking a risk on some of these new hires. Someone who has only been in the content world for a few months is nothing, but that stupid app gave her a chance to go viral and she ran with it. I am not hating the player, or the game, I just want to understand it. Also, auto respect to anyone who actually watches and follows the KBO, that is a true love of the game for baseball.

This isn’t their only TikTok hire in the last month either. They just gave contracts to a mother-daughter duo who Dave Portnoy thought was funny.


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