Alex Bennett

Barstool Sports Hires Alex Bennett and Her Mother

Like him or not, Dave Portnoy has an eye for talent in the internet world. He found a TikTok that he liked, and just like that, Barstool hired Alex Bennett. This hire, however, came with a twist: They also hired Bennett’s mother to work alongside her and do whatever they do.

Just like that, the two of them had brand new jobs just for making some funny videos. Sounds pretty cool to me. Her mother, Kim, is going to go by Kontent Kim, and she and her daughter are going to just keep doing whatever they want.

This is a different situation than Megan Making Money’s hiring or even Kelly In Vegas’ hiring, as this duo seems to be far removed from gambling, so this is a pure content move.

Bennett’s TikTok account has over 120,000 followers, and she has gained close to five million likes and seems to average around 45,000 views per post. Her Twitter account is brand new, and since the announcement, she has gained close to 2,000 followers.

Her mother posted her first video to Twitter and is already making waves with the bosses and probably needs a new show name. Having multiple K’s in your title is a slippery slope…

I am curious to see how this duo works in the office. Let’s see how the Bennett’s react to the hectic Barstool office as a mother-daughter duo in the workplace.



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