Austin Ekeler
Kelvin Kuo/Associated Press

This has to be one of the number one sleepers in terms of fantasy for the 2020 NFL season. The only reason why I know that Austin Ekeler will be good is given his track record last year. I drafted Austin Ekeler last year with hopes that Melvin Gordon would be out the whole year while lobbying for a big contract. Meanwhile, during those 6 weeks in Gordon’s absence, Austin Ekeler was a STUD. He was 2nd in terms of fantasy points for RBs (Full PPR). Ekeler had almost 1,000 yards receiving and had 92 receptions last year. He had 557 rushing yards to tack on to that. All of his production surely decreased after week 6 this year. Could you imagine if Melvin Gordon was gone the whole year? YIKES.

While 11 TDs combined for receiving and rushing TDs isn’t anything to be impressed about. The amount of receptions and yards he will get for your fantasy team should surely make up for that. Now, Ekeler is the number 1 guy in Los Angeles and I couldn’t name the other guy. That means all the rushing and receiving yards out of the backfield are only going to Ekeler.

Still not convinced he’s going to be awesome? Who is he going to have at QB? Justin Hebert? He’ll be a bust. Tyrod Taylor? The unproven Tyrod Taylor who’s played for who knows how many teams? Yeah right. Both are a big downgrade from Philip Rivers. Either one of those QBs being a downgrade doesn’t even mention the decreased fantasy value from either Keenan Allen or Mike Williams. The lack of an established QB only increases the fantasy value of the RB, in this case, a very good one. There’s, of course, a few better fantasy RBs this year. However, if you can snag Austin Ekeler late in the first round or in the second round of your fantasy draft, I promise you, you won’t regret it.