Justin Herbert
Alika Jenner/Getty Images

I knew this before the 2020 NFL draft, I’m officially proclaiming it now. Justin Herbert is a bust, and you cannot change my mind. Before you think I’m insane, I said the same thing about Jameis Winston being a bust when he got drafted. I only needed to watch one college game of Jameis Winston throwing 4 interceptions and I knew. There’s plenty to love about Justin Herbert and more to hate about him. I actually see a lot of similarities between him and Jameis Winston.

Justin Herbert Strengths

Herbert has a lot of good about him that you would love in a QB. He has arm strength, he can throw on the run, and can throw while under pressure. That’s fantastic. But being a QB in the NFL is as much as it is mental as it is physical, even more so. Peyton Manning wasn’t the best physically but he is unequivocally the smartest QB to ever play the game. That’s where I am worried about Justin Herbert. Not all QBs can have a genius like Sean McVay to mask how bad you are like Jared Goff. The Chargers should have been a playoff team last year given the talent on the team, but their coach is dumbass.


Justin Herbert doesn’t have the mental capacity to succeed in the NFL, much like Jameis Winston. Herbert has been described as a one-read QB, if that read isn’t there, he’s worthless. When he does need to make his own decisions, he hesitates too much and doesn’t trust his instincts. He doesn’t anticipates the game well enough. Even though we have been raving about his arm strength, is having too much a bad thing? Herbert has flat out missed throws to WIDE OPEN WRs. He has missed 18% of wide open throws last year, compared to other QBs in this draft that were under 10%.

See, things would be okay if he had a great coach. But they have Anthony Lynn, who failed with an established QB in Philip Rivers, you’re telling me that Justin Herbert is going to do much better? Yeah, right. Justin Herbert is a bust and I feel bad for Chargers fans (not really I am ecstatic). Better hope Tyrod Taylor works out for them, because Justin Herbert won’t.