Bryan Edwards
Sean Rayford/Associated Press

Man, hearing that as a Raiders fan just gets you fired up. After selecting Henry Ruggs III, a very Al Davis-like pick, in the first round, they grab two more receivers back to back. One of them is Bryan Edwards from South Carolina. Derek Carr must have nutted when the Raiders grabbed 3 WRs in this draft, or even 2 WRs and a swiss army knife in Devontae Bowden from Kentucky. Derek Carr was ecstatic about Bryan Edwards that he compared him to two legendary NFL WRs. As reported by Raiders Wire:

“He tries to run everybody over, right? He plays the receiver position with such a physical presence. He reminds me of Anquan Boldin, his stiff arms and him just running through people. Larry Fitzgerald, the physicality that he plays with in the run game and the blocking and all of those kind of things. And he has those traits. Obviously, he’s not those guys yet. He’s a rookie, but he definitely has those traits and some ball skills.”

God, this makes you hope that Derek Carr is any type of scout to make this comparison. Because if he is, the Raiders got a MAJOR steal in the 3rd round. Much better than a “D” ranking. Sure, Derek Carr might just be talking up his new teammate to give him confidence and motivation for what he can become. Either way, I’m praying that he could be that. At 6’3 and 215 lbs, Edwards surely has the size to be physical and be an efficient blocker. I don’t think I have ever been this excited to be a Raiders fan. It seems we’ve finally had some stability in 20 years and have the foundation of something special in now Las Vegas. All we really gotta do now is look to Al Davis’ wisdom: Just Win Baby.