Alvin Gentry
Don Ryan/Associated Press

I guess some people just appreciate great gifts. The NBA actively tried to get the Pelicans, more specifically Zion Williamson, in the playoffs. They didn’t even hide it. They gave the Grizzlies the hardest schedule in the Bubble and gave the Pelicans the easiest. It’s a whole conspiracy. What a waste though. The NBA does all that and then Alvin Gentry decides “Nah, we don’t want to make the playoffs.” What kind of shit is that? That’s exactly what they’ did . Look, whether or not I think Zion is out of shape. Zion should play, limited minutes or whatever. At least he would play and give you a shot. There’s been plenty of chances for the Pelicans to win games. They should have won their first game against the Jazz…if Zion played the last minute of the game. But yeah, keep him limited at 15 minutes. Makes sense.

Zion being out of shape really killed the Pelicans. However, you can still play a player that’s out of shape, especially in crucial moments. It took 6 games in the Orlando Bubble for the Pelicans to be eliminated. While you can credit the Blazers and surprisingly the Suns for accelerating the process. Most of the blame has to go on the Pelicans. This schedule was the easiest in the NBA for teams in the Bubble.

There’s no excuse. No excuse for Zion to be out of shape. There’s no excuse for Alvin Gentry to not play him. The Pelicans should have been better. It’s a shame, but they only have themselves to blame. There are lessons that need to be learned. Zion needs to get in shape. 2. Alvin Gentry can still play Zion in crucial moments, minutes restrictions, or not. 3. Don’t throw away opportunities. Credit to Brandon Ingram, he had a helluva bubble, he’s going to be great for the Pelicans. I’m sorry his production was for nothing. Do better Pelicans, this was embarrassing.