Michael Porter Jr
Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

The Nuggets have finally rebuilt the correct way. Their drafts the past 5 years have built this great team. Most notably, Nikola Jokic in 2015, Jamal Murray in 2016, Michael Porter Jr. in 2018, and now Bol Bol last draft. While I think Nikola Jokic is the best center in the NBA, there’s plenty of talent on this Nuggets team. Jamal Murray doesn’t get enough respect. He’s a young player that is still improving. However, his spot as the number 2 guy on the Nuggets is slowly fading to Michael Porter Jr. 

Michael Porter Jr. Stats

I think it’s an absolute robbery that MPJ dropped to 14 to the Nuggets in the first place. He dropped because of a back injury. For the Nuggets it was a smart investment that is making 13 teams look bad. Sure, MPJ didn’t play at all last year, which was smart. Back injuries are tricky so making sure you’re fully healed is the right move. But now, the Nuggets have now earned their investment back and then some. MPJ has been awesome in the bubble. He’s averaging 26.25 PPG on 56.% shooting. That’s after 1 bad game against the Heat. If you take that game out, he’s averaging 31.3 PPG on 62.8% shooting. WOW. Using the last 3 games, he is also averaging 13 RPG. Michael Porter Jr. has been BALLIN.

The NBA messed up by letting MPJ drop to 14. A good young team has turned to a great young team. Did I mention they’re young? I feel like I did. They’ll still have room to grow. It’s almost inevitable that the Nuggets will get their first-ever Championship. I’m not saying this year, or maybe not even the next, but within 5 years, the Nuggets will have officially win their first championship. While Jamal Murray is a great player, he’s going to have to take a backseat to MPJ. MPJ will be the 2nd best player on this team, hell maybe even the best on this team. The only question to ask is: who’s getting Finals MVP when the Nuggets win their first NBA Championship.