JJ Redick
(Tyler Kaufman/AP Photo)

Since being drafted by the Orlando Magic in 2006, JJ Redick has yet to miss the playoffs. In his 13-year he has continued to make it into the NBA playoffs. With 4 separate organizations, he made it to the playoffs. However, with the Pelicans loss against the Spurs, and the 76ers loss to the TrailBlazer, the Pelicans have officially been kicked out of the playoff race. This will be the first time in the veteran’s career that he will not see the postseason. The streak is finally broken.

JJ Redick did not go down without a fight, however. He quickly became a staple rotational player on a very young Pelicans roster. And he made a big impact. JJ Redick was one of the best shooters from 3-point range in 2020. He also averaged 15 points per game off the bench in New Orleans. He was also a solid veteran presence, on offense as well as on defense.

In their final meaningful game against the Spurs, Redick forced several critical charging fouls. These fouls greatly altered the momentum of the game. His ability to think of the game and not panic early in the game allowed the Pelicans to regain confidence and pace. JJ Redick also scored 31 points and erased a 20-point deficit and nearly won the game for the Pelicans with several late 3s. However, with a minute left on the clock, JJ Redick was subbed out and the Pelicans lost.

Earlier in the season, Redick told rookie Zion Williamson to, “not mess it up”, and that he was, “13 for 13”. Many people criticized Reddick for saying this to the rookie, as Redick himself played subpar at times for several of his teams in the past. However, in the NBA bubble, Zion proved Redick right. Zion’s lack of availability and poor play may have caused him to lose his 14th consecutive playoff run.

Redick was one of the most productive players on the Pelicans’ bench and played hard and efficient in every game. He worked hard in an attempt to preserve his record, but he just fell short. He just missed an exclusive club of players with 14 consecutive playoffs. This club consists of legends such as Clyde Drexler, Robert Horry, Karl Malone, John Stockton, Scottie Pippen, Clifford Robinson, Dolph Schayes, and Tony Parker.