Aaron Rodgers
(Dylan Buell/Getty)

Aaron Rodgers Needs to Get Out

After hearing how poorly Jordan Love has been doing in preseason camp, one thing is clear: Aaron Rodgers needs to get out of Green Bay. The Packers obviously don’t care about him even a little bit. Not drafting any wide receivers to help him out was one thing. Then they drafted Utah State QB Jordan Love.

There’s no reason I should be better at evaluating a quarterback in the draft than an NFL front office. Who thought this guy was a good pick? He literally led all of college football with 17 interceptions last season. As a junior. In the Mountain West. It’s not like he was going against SEC corners who were future first rounders. 17 INTERCEPTIONS? That’s who you got to replace Aaron Rodgers?

If I were Aaron Rodgers, I would feel unbelievably disrespected that the Packers drafted Jordan Love as my replacement. The best way to make them own up to the stupidity of the pick is to request a trade. Make them wear it. Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks of this generation. Green Bay has won a single Super Bowl with him at the helm. I’m no fan of Aaron Rodgers either. I don’t really like him at all, to be honest. But just being realistic, he should get out of there. He’s not going to accomplish anything else there with no weapons and a front office that thinks Love is an acceptable replacement for him.

Rodgers is 36. He probably has a couple of good years left in the tank. He shouldn’t waste them with an incompetent franchise that doesn’t respect him. Even if Rodgers requested a trade, I doubt the Packers would honor his request given that they don’t respect him enough to help him in any other way. Either way, Aaron Rodgers shouldn’t want to stay in Green Bay and the Packers shouldn’t want a disgruntled franchise quarterback. The best solution is for Rodgers to request a trade and for Green Bay to comply.


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