Eagles Offensive Line
The Eagles offensive line is in big trouble. Brandon Brooks and Andre Dillard are lost for the year leaving that group VERY thin. (Tim Tai/The Inquirer)

Can an outmanned and outgunned Carson Wentz win the NFC East again? If he does in 2020, it’s going to be without a healthy offensive line. Brandon Brooks, who is one of the best guards in the league, is already out for the season with a torn Achilles. Now Andre Dillard, who was slated to start at left tackle, is done for the year. The Eagles offensive line is in trouble.

The loss of Dillard is devastating. Dillard was up and down as a rookie but that was expected. The Eagles picked him in the first round for a reason. His pass blocking technique is A+. The former Washington State product just needed to get bigger and stronger.

Heading into his second year, Dillard got bigger and stronger. He was set to take over at left tackle full time. Now he’s done for the year. Now you would think Jason Peters would just slide right back to left tackle. Peters was signed back to start at guard after Brooks went down. That’s not going to happen apparently.

Peters wants a pay raise to go back to left tackle:

You want to talk drama? That’s it right there. Jason Peters won’t play left tackle unless he gets a pay bump. Right now you’re looking at Jordan Mailata who was a rugy player two years ago. The other alternative is 6th round pick Prince Tega Wanoho who’s been playing football for an hour.

Let’s be honest, Jason Peters will go down at some point anyway. Peters has been in the league 16 years. He’s started a full 16 game season just 5 times. Then you’re looking at Matt Pryor back at guard who’s pretty much defined as league average.

It’s an injury plagued group that has no depth. If Jason Kelce goes down then this offensive line is REALLY in trouble. Not only does Carson Wentz have to carry a group of average weapons, he also has to carry a banged up offensive line on it’s last legs. Philadelphia has worse weapons and an offensive line compared to Dallas. Wentz will have to put the team on his back to repeat as division winners again.