Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers’ Days Of Fantasy Dominance Are OVER. The Packers quarterback is no longer an elite fantasy option. (Ben Margot/Associated Press)

Aaron Rodgers’ Days Of Fantasy Dominance Are OVER

Look, I hate the fact that the Packers took Jordan Love. It’s not the move I would have made. Fantasy is a different ball game. From a fantasy perspective, I would absolutely move on from Aaron Rodgers. The days of Aaron Rodgers dominating in fantasy are OVER.

There is no denying that Rodgers is a fantastic quarterback. Fantasy quarterback is a different story. On a points per game basis (which takes out total points for QB’s that didn’t play all 16 games) Rodgers was the 13th best QB in fantasy. Rodgers’ 2019 season was the worst he’s ever had during a season he was healthy.

Statistically, Rodgers’ numbers are all down. 26 touchdowns were his second lowest ever when he’s started at least 15 games. The only year that was worse was 2018. Even his completion percentage was way down. 62 percent is far from vintage Rodgers.

Maybe the issue is Matt LeFleur. I’m not convinced he’s a good head coach. The Rams and Titans offense got better when he left. The Packers offense got worse from the McCarthy 2018 season. LeFleur still feels up in the air. What we do know is that LeFleur wants to run the ball more than McCarthy did.

Green Bay may have ranked 17th in rush percentage, but LeFleur wants to lean more on the run moving forward. Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams are already in tact. The Packers draft tells you everything you need to know.

1st round: Rodgers is declining fast. Let’s go get our guy, Jordan Love.

2nd round: We want one more running back. They are coming off the board fast. Let’s go get our dude, AJ Dillon.

3rd round: Tight end that can block. Get it done. Josiah Deguara is the pick.

The rest of the draft was filled with offensive linemen. Matt LeFleur comes from that Kyle Shanahan and Sean McVay tree. They want to run the football. Green Bay also didn’t draft a wide receiver. Tells you everything.

Rodgers, 36, has shown some signs of decline. I’m not saying he’s fallen off a cliff but his best days are behind him. It affects his fantasy outlook more than anything. The reputation outweighs the reward at this point. If you’re looking for fantasy quarterbacks, I would likely go another direction assuming his price tag remains the same as previous years in your fantasy league. Maybe Rodgers has one more big year in him. I just wouldn’t bank on it.