Aaron Rodgers
It’s time for the Packers to start looking for the Aaron Rodgers replacement. Rodgers is older than Brett Favre was when they drafted him. (Dylan Buell/Getty)

It’s Time For The Packers To Look For The Aaron Rodgers Replacement

April 23, 2005… The Green Bay Packers are on the clock with the 24th pick in the NFL Draft. The Packers can either go with the future replacement for Brett Favre or beef up the roster to help Favre. The Packers knew Favre had plenty left in the tank but the decline process had begun. The Packers just won the division, but Favre was 35. Green Bay went with Aaron Rodgers. The rest is history.

As Green Bay gears up for the 2020 NFL Draft, they find themselves in a similar predicament. The Packers just won the division, but Rodgers is 36 and his stats have diminished. Green Bay should do exactly what they did 15 years ago. It’s time to start looking for the Aaron Rodgers replacement.

I’m not saying Green Bay should sell the farm to move up in the draft. They don’t need to do that. This roster can win right now. What I am saying is that the Packers should pull the trigger if somebody they like falls to 30. Maybe even move up 4 or 5 spots if you have to. It’s a great draft to go with another Rodgers experiment.

Can we just acknowledge that Rodgers wasn’t great last year? I have always liked Rodgers. It’s almost impossible to say he was elite this past year. He didn’t turn the ball over but 26 touchdowns, 62 percent, and just sneaking out 4,000 yards isn’t ARod. There’s no question the best of the former Cal quarterback is behind him.

There are two quarterbacks that you feel like can turn into Rodgers with the right support. Jacob Eason and Jordan Love should be on their radar. Both are strong arm guys who have serious arm talent. Both guys are raw and have mechanical issues. Both guys should probably sit for a year. Both guys can turn into star franchise quarterbacks with the right help. Both guys should be on the Packers mind.

Will one of the two make it to where the Packers pick? That’s debatable. Regardless, Green Bay should still be looking for a quarterback. Rodgers hasn’t been the most durable quarterback in the world. The Pack don’t have a reliable back up either. Regardless of how high the organization plans on picking a quarterback, they need to find one regardless. This Packers team is talented. Don’t ignore the quarterback position. You may have less time with Aaron Rodgers than you think.