Mel Kiper
Mel Kiper officially lost his mind. Joe Burrow doesn’t belong in the same breath as Trevor Lawrence. They’re not close in terms of NFL prowess. (AP Photo/Steve Luciano)

Yesterday, Mel Kiper went on National Television and said maybe the craziest thing I heard in the sports world in awhile. Take the Bengals out of it because maybe they would have been dumb enough to take the hometown kid if Jesus entered the draft. Mel Kiper literally said Joe Burrow would go ahead of Trevor Lawrence and capped it off by saying “Lawrence would go higher based on what?” Man, you really have lost it, huh.

BASED ON WHAT? Kiper, buddy, Lawrence is 3 years younger, didn’t need a redshirt Senior season to dominate, won the National Title as a true Freshman, is taller, bigger arm, probably an inch more mobile, and maybe the best prospect to ever come out of the draft in my list. Sorry for the ramble but this is ridiculous. If Joe Burrow turns into Alex Smith things turned out well for him.

His reasoning is also the dumbest reason I’ve ever heard. “Well Burrow won the title game”. Dude, that’s not how you scout. You scout traits, not results. That’s why all you clowns were wrong about Trubisky box score scouting his high completion percentage even though I told you his mechanics would never allow him to be an accurate quarterback at the NFL level. Nate Peterman at Pittsburgh beat Deshaun Watson in college. Should Nate Peterman be higher on your board than Watson?

I’ve been throwing out some challenges so I’ll do it again with Kiper. In April, Kiper had this quote:

“He adjusts, he adapts, he changes. Brady was great to have there as well with him, and they had a lot of talent. But to have no games, zero games, where he had anything that would make you think that there’s a chance he may not be as good as we think he is, is why Joe Burrow would be No. 1. I think in any draft. … I haven’t heard anybody that I respect say, ‘Burrow, pump the brakes. Pump the brakes. He’s not that good.'”


I’ve said pump the brakes on Joe Burrow. I’ll make sure to bookmark this one when Burrow struggles in Cincinnati. Don’t worry, I won’t forget. The idea that Joe Burrow belongs in the same conversation as Trevor Lawrence is laughable.