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2024 NFL Scouting Combine: Safety Notes

2024 NFL Scouting Combine
The safety group has concluded at the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine. Check out all of the notes that you need to know right here! (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

2024 NFL Scouting Combine: Safety Notes

We’re back with the second day at the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine. Today will feature the cornerbacks, safeties, and tight ends. It’s another day of truth bombs while the rest of the industry feeds you a mountain of lies that make no sense.

Let’s get right down to business. Here are your safety notes for the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine.

*Link to official combine results.

Daijahn Anthony (Ole Miss)

Pretty good turns. Intense guy. Looks like he can catch. Really nice in the W. Like that he can plant and get where he needs to be. Doesn’t take long to accelerate. Solid play speed.

Cole Bishop (Utah)

Hey, how about that 40 (4.45)? Moved well down the line. Nice knee bend and eyes up. Underrated athlete. Huge winner today. Level change and go is there. Movement skills all there. He’s acing it.

Millard Bradford (TCU)

Tight hipped. Takes extra effort turning. Reaction time is meh. Can’t gear up. Screwing up drills left and right. Just not it. You can tell he’s frustrated from sucking.

Javon Bullard (Georgia)

More than cool with that time (4.47). Looks like he wants to hit someone. Trying to guess the drill and a bit jittery. Good with the feet. Better gear than you think. No issues stopping and starting. The way he sank his hips later in the day were great.

Calen Bullock (USC)

Admittedly, I’m not caught up here as I should be. Mostly because USC’s defense is so brutal it makes you feel like they all suck. He’s way too high. Legs look like tooth picks and I don’t think he can tackle. The more I watch the more I don’t like. Not stiff and can glide a bit but still too high.

Jaylon Carlies (Missouri)

Looks like a linebacker but moving well all things considered. Good size in terms of thickness. Pretty good in the W.

Dominique Hampton (Washington)

Really old. Six year player. Some swerving.

Jaden Hicks (Washington State)

Did not run. He’s there. Laughable tracking skills on one rep. Slow on the T step trying to go. Takes that extra half second to get going.

Jaylen Key (Alabama)

Feet aren’t quick. Not super fast either. UAB transfer. Not smooth. Just limited athlete.

Kamren Kitchens (Miami)

Not a blazer but tested okay. Bit narrow and not straight down the line but not a disaster. Not bad on the back pedal. Much better going forward. Has ball skills. Way better in short area than his 40 (4.65). Actually pretty good moving around.

Tyler Nubin (Minnesota)

Did not run and needed to. Huge shame on that. Horrible swerving. Sure doesn’t look fast going to get the ball. I’m just not impressed. Ball hawk in college but these movement skills… I don’t know, man. Not a disaster moving but clearly not a game changer. On-field workout not bad. Wasn’t difficult for him but straight line you know he’s not fast and he knows it too.

Kita Oladapo (Oregon State)

Clicking his heels and getting stuck. Unnatural on the back. Guy can’t stay on the balls of his feet to save his life. Feet stink. Bad trip on the W. He can’t play. He quit halfway through cause he hurt himself and it’s totally his fault.

Tyler Owens (Texas Tech)

Crazy jump numbers (41 vert, 12’2″ broad). Such a shame that he got hurt running the 40. An on-field workout I really wanted to see but we were robbed of. It happens.

Josh Proctor (Ohio State)

Too high. Never going to blow you away. Not a good workout. Can’t bend really. Upright and not explosive. Eye level not always there. His hips suck.

Demani Richardson (Texas A&M)

Meh. Feet are just not fast enough. Made me yawn out loud. Nothing exciting. Totally ate it. His plant stinks.

Andre’ Sam (LSU)

Flips okay. Decent feet. Decent play speed. Decent overall workout. Play speed was there. Like that his feet keep churning. His movement skills are mostly there. Dips and goes well.

Jaylin Simpson (Auburn)

Struggling to flip the hips. Moving good. Too high and not on the hash. Feet allow him to hang in there. Bit too slow play speed. Tripped on the W. I like him but far from elite. Looks really long. Gets the head around well.

Tykee Smith (Georgia)

I’ll take that 40 (4.47). Good level change. Eyes up and on it. By far the best lower half base. Going backward it’s so comfortable. Opens up and goes no problem. He’s thriving. Hands were great. Man crush. Zooming on the gauntlet.

Sione Vaki (Utah)

No idea what he is and don’t think I’m interested. Moves alright. Athlete but not sure he’s an NFL football player. Pretty decent on the start and stops. Change of direction keeping everything moving without hesitation was on point. Good hands. He also might be a running back soooo.

Evan Williams (Oregon)

Takes a bit to turn but feet aren’t bad. Overall pretty good. Tackled well in college. Looked good at the Senior Bowl. No limitations opening up. Short area the feet are more than fine. Flying in the gauntlet.

James Williams (Miami)

Looks like a linebacker. Feet are just not DB like. Too slow (4.65). Can’t hit the gas when needed to close. Don’t like him. Slowest of the bunch tied with his teammate Kichens.

Vendetta Sports Media Post Combine Safeties Rankings:

1: Tykee Smith (Georgia)

2: Javon Bullard (Georgia)

3: Kamren Kichens (Miami)

4: Evan Williams (Oregon)

5: Tyler Owens (Texas Tech)

6: Tyler Nubin (Minnesota)

7: Cole Bishop (Utah)

8: Jaylin Simpson (Auburn)

9: Calen Bullock (USC)

10: Daijahn Anthony (Ole Miss)

*Full finalized rankings will come closer to the draft.

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