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2024 NFL Scouting Combine: Cornerback Notes

2024 NFL Scouting Combine

2024 NFL Scouting Combine
The cornerbacks finished their workout at the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine. Peep all of the must-read notes here! (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

2024 NFL Scouting Combine: Cornerback Notes

We’re back with the second day at the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine. Today will feature the cornerbacks, safeties, and tight ends. It’s another day of truth bombs while the rest of the industry feeds you a mountain of lies that make no sense.

Let’s get right down to business. Here are your cornerback notes for the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine.

*Link to official combine results.

Kris Abrams-Draine (Missouri)

Slot guy. Battler. Ran a solid time (4.44). Solid knee bend. Stays on the line. Flips the hips well. Head on a swivel. Something to be said about the internal fight he has. Feet are good. Overall solid and I’m a fan.

Terrion Arnold (Alabama)

40 time was fine. Knew he wasn’t a burner but that time (4.50) is more than fine. Workout was solid. Flips the hips really well. Play speed better than straight line. Definitely has talent. Weird ball tracking skills. Can tell he’s got pure athlete to him that’s going to translate. Bit of a hitch short area but minor. Good gear but not elite gear. Turns are solid. Definitely would say he thrived today. Some reps were flawless. Teryl Austin drill was insanely good. Box drill not so much. 37 on the vert and 10’9″ on the broad is damn good.

Jarvis Brownlee (Louisville)

Did not run. Struggles to bend. Swerving off the line. Knee bend fine for his height. Hard for him to move quick in space. Can’t stay on the hash to save his life. T-Step machine, not in a good way. Bad plants. Hips are not there. I understand he’s a press guy but this was not ideal. Caught the ball great in the gauntlet. Needs to serve a specific role.

Ryan Cooper Jr. (Oregon State)

Bad hip turns. Can’t catch. Did not run. He’s not good at all. Dirt slow in drills. Cross him off your list.

MJ Devonshire (Pitt)

Stays on the line fine. Adequate. Not blowing you away but doing the drill. Hesitation flipping hips. Not a chain mover. Screwd up the second line drill. Looks worse as the day goes on. Way too narrow and too slow. He’s trying not to screw up more than just moving.

Marcellas Dial (South Carolina)

On his heels. Unnatural going backward. Decent play speed. Pretty good at accelerating and decelerating.

Willie Drew (Virginia State)

He sucks. Already covered that at the Senior Bowl. Didn’t do his on the field and I’d say that’s a benefit to all of our eyes.

Renardo Green (Florida State)

Slow feet. Struggles to turn. He’s fine but has no twitch. Much better short area. Needs to cover more ground. Someone needs to light a fire in his ass to go sometimes.

Kamal Hadden (Tennessee)

Did not run. Tight hipped but confident hands. Converted receiver and it shows. Not bad flipper. Not super explosive. Quicker than he gets credit for but clearly not a short area monster.

Myles Harden (South Dakota)

Good knee bend. Really good bend and can level change. Turns well. Straining a bit but competing. Not super smooth but executing down the line. Consistent movement skills. Mostly positive.

Daequan Hardy (Penn State)

Rough week at the Senior Bowl but there may be a role for him in the league. 40 time of (4.38) was really impressive. Pure slot guy. Good play speed. Quick feet. Little tight in the hips but isn’t slowing in short areas. Feet are better than the knee bend. Stays a bit high. Slot guy that’s better straight line and slower in short area. What’s the point then? Can see the knees are not ideal. He’s just way too high. I can’t say it enough. Great pure athlete. Monster jump numbers.

Cam Hart (Notre Dame)

Eye level good. Bit lanky but carries it well. Not blowing you away but there. Hands were good. Definitely in control and down the line. Like that he keeps his feet moving. No issues really.

Khyree Jackson (Oregon)

Really solid time considering his length (4.50). No on-field drills. Honestly, that was his question so I’m pleased.

DJ James (Auburn)

Moves well. Fast (4.42). Quick feet. No real complaints.

Isaiah Johnson (Syracuse)

Slow (4.64). Thought he was slow and it was confirmed. Brutal going back. Feet are horrible. Drop city. Body turner. Takes too long to get the body going. Slowest of the group.

Elijah Jones (Boston College)

Thought he faired well at the Senior Bowl. Needs more grease lighting but it’s not in him. Feet need to cover more ground. Solid feet. Not elite. Needs better balance. Bit too choppy. Crazy jump numbers. 42.5 on the vert. He’s got something to him.

Jarrian Jones (Florida State)

Swerving on the line and couldn’t catch. Feet are slow. Like a bottle of syrup. Odd turns. Much better when he’s in a spot and can change in a zone.

Kalen King (Penn State)

Disappointing 40 time (4.61). Already coming off a terrible week at the Senior Bowl. He’s not a corner. Can tell he will never stick to people. Stumbled in the T step. Eye level is horrible. His stock goes down the more the pre-draft process continues. Back bender. Can’t get the ass down. Second slowest in the group.

Kamari Lassiter (Georgia)

Didn’t run. He’s a press guy all day. Hips are fine. Not blazing feet but passable. Look, I like him even though he’s clearly not a burner. Better football player than track star. In control but not blazing. He does have more explosion in short area than straight line. Teryl Austin drill was very good. Day goes on his hip level is impressive.

Dwight McGlothern (Arkansas)

Hips could be better. Insert shrug emoji. He’s fine. Got hit in the quick sand in short area.

Max Melton (Rutgers)

Confirmed… Max Melton is fast. The Rutgers product ran a (4.39). Very smooth. Easy going back. No problem. He’s killing it. Glider and on it. Faster than quick. Struggles trying to slow down. Now that’s a blazer. 40.5 vert and 11.4 on the broad. Really good today.

Quinyon Mitchell (Toledo)

Unbelievable 40 time (4.33). Guy is out here killing it and continuing to improve his stock. The hype was warranted at the Senior Bowl. Perfect in the wave minus the drop. Phenomenal hip movement. Hands tied to the feet with proper eye level. He’s murdering the Combine. He’s basically an on-field instruction manual. That good. Might need a bit better balance but I’m nitpicking.

Josh Newton (TCU)

Pretty quick feet. Solid base with the feet. Nice butt to him. Not a freak but can tell he can do it in short areas. Really good short area changing direction. That’s a good football player.

Andru Phillips (Kentucky)

Little out of control. Look like he wanted to do a 360. Bad drop. Can’t track and turn his head. Built good though. 42 on the vert. Athlete traits are there.

Deantre Prince (Ole Miss)

Bit lanky. Too narrow. Moving fine but can’t really bend. Not super impressed but it’s not like he has glaring problems. He’s not great. Bit on the heels. Not a fan at all. Terrible plants. Straight legged.

Nehemiah Pritchett (Auburn)

Can run but not super smooth. Back getting a bit overextended going back. Otherwise, I like him. Got some height to him too. Overall really solid. Nice chain movements.

Ennis Rakestraw (Missouri)

Ran but did not do an on-field.

Decamerion Richardson (Mississippi State)

Ran but did not do an on-field.

Mike Sainristill (Michigan)

More than happy with his time (4.47). Slot guy but tough with great ball skills. Straight down the line. Not grease lightning but he’s in control and glides. Really nice knee bend. That’s what you want. He’s really good. Like the base. Caught the ball great for the most part. Ball skills during the gauntlet were great. Okay so he’s not blazing fast but great jump numbers. 40 in the vert is good.

Chau Smith-Wade (Washington State)

Interception machine during the Senior Bowl Game. Couldn’t catch in this one. Can tell he’s kinda a spaz. Weird one for me. Probably the one I’m most confused about. Not bad short area. Not bad feet either. I want to like him but scared to do so.

Tarheeb Still (Maryland)

He’s there. Bit slow in drills and not down the line. Doesn’t pop off the screen. Takes too long to hit the gas.

Josh Wallace (Michigan)

Didn’t run. Slow in the drills. Tells you a lot… Painful to watch. Looks like he has sand in his shoes. Covers zero ground. Looks like a linebacker.

Ryan Watts (Texas)

How about this cheese? Works out as a safety at the East-West game. Now he’s back as a corner at the Combine. Not sure what the hell is going on but I think this is where he belongs. Pretty good in the line drill. In control and on the path. Covers a lot of ground. For his size, he’s executing. Needs to keep his head up sometimes. Struggles a bit when he needs to adapt on the fly. Jumping numbers fantastic.

Nate Wiggins (Clemson)

Blazing time (4.28) but hurt his hip flexor during the 40. Pretty insane that he ran that fast and got hurt in the middle of the run. Knew he was fast but this? I was already a big fan. Talked about him some during the year. No workout but you can see he’s clearly put together.

Vendetta Sports Media Post Combine Cornerback Rankings:

1: Kool-Aid McKinstry (Alabama) *Did not workout*

2: Nate Wiggins (Clemson)

3: Quinyon Mitchell (Toledo)

4: Mike Sainristill (Michigan)

5: Kamari Lassiter (Georgia)

6: Terrion Arnold (Alabama)

7: Khyree Jackson (Oregon)

8: Cooper DeJean (Iowa) *Did not workout*

9: Max Melton (Rutgers)

10: Ryan Watts (Texas)

*Full finalized rankings will come closer to the draft.

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