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2024 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 10

2024 NFL Draft

(Joshua L. Jones, Athens Banner-Herald USA TODAY NETWORK)

2024 NFL Draft
When will Carson Beck get the respect he deserves? Check out all of the Week 10 stock notes for the 2024 NFL Draft that you need to know. (Joshua L. Jones, Athens Banner-Herald USA TODAY NETWORK)

2024 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 10

I’m not going to lie, I hated the way the schedule was slated this week. Don’t worry, you will get your full dose of 2024 NFL Draft Stock Report notes for Week 10. The two best games were basically on at the exact same time and the rest of the slate was meh. Anyway, the games on tap this week include Kansas State vs. Texas, Missouri vs. Georgia, Washington vs. USC, LSU vs. Alabama, and Oregon State vs. Colorado.

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Kansas State

I got nothing. This team was outmanned and outgunned. Sark should be embarrassed he let this game become close because it shouldn’t have been the way it started.


Steve Sarkisian screwed up this game so bad it was hard to pay attention. End of the first half was awful. I’ll try to move past it with the rest of the post.

No Quinn Ewers in this one. It was the Maalik Murphy show and it was a show indeed. AD Mitchell showed his deep ball ability reeling in this long touchdown early in the game. Mitchell became the number one target in this one with eight receptions for 149 yards and this score. The size is overwhelming and he can run. I just like him.

Xavier Worthy made some big plays too. Just didn’t learn anything we didn’t know already. Get the ball in his hands and let the guy eat. I think he’s actually better than Marquise Brown.

Jonathan Brooks had a terrible fumble in the game too. They almost lost the game because of it.

Texas actually has some talent on defense. I know it doesn’t look like it based on the score but it can’t be stressed enough how poorly Sarkisian managed the game. Let’s talk about a few guys on the defensive front.

Kansas State couldn’t run the football at all in this one. Like not even a little. 28 attempts with a 1.5 yard per carry average. Ethan Burke had two sacks in this one but he’s not eligible for the draft yet. Really, T’Vondre Sweat made the difference. Dude is a damn load at 6-foot-4, 362. He clogged the entire middle of the defense all day and caused serious problems. I liked the fact that he showed his athletic traits and even batted two balls out of the air. Not just a fat guy that took up space.

To be honest; I’m not sure I fully comprehended what I saw. It was like you plugged prime Vince Wilfork in the middle of that defense and I’m not sure Texas wins without him. He was that important. Took the run game away by himself. I was blown away.

Ryan Watts is clearly the best secondary guy they have too. He looks enormous on the field and sticks to the target well. Had a really nice pass breakup in this one. Led the team in tackles with eight too.


I won’t take long here. Credit to Missouri for building a quality program and putting up a fight.

I used to think Theo Wease Jr. was terrible. Guy couldn’t have done less during his time at Oklahoma. Five for 90 in this one and did a great job winning with the ball in the air. Maybe we shouldn’t give up on him?

I don’t know what’s going on with this running back. He looks terrible and used to be like the 6th running back on their depth chart. Georgia couldn’t tackle him. Georgia… 22 carries for 112 yards and a touchdown. I don’t know how it happened but I’m writing it so that I can somewhat acknowledge that it did.


Carson Beck is good. Just ready for whenever someone wants to just simply acknowledge it. This quarterback class is loaded and we’re just refusing to include him in any conversation. Why? He’s the best quarterback in the SEC and it’s not close.

21/30 for 254 and two scores. Another week without Brock Bowers. It never looked like it affected him. 6-foot-4, big, with a good arm, and can run. I’m sorry but you have a hard time convincing me that there is this army of quarterbacks better than him in this class. Stetson Bennett should have lost this game against Mizzou last year. People forget that. Mizzou put up a fight and Beck was poised and did his job. I’m not saying he’s prime Matt Stafford, but he’s far better than guys like the typical Aaron Murray Georgia has had in the past. I hope you’re paying attention.

The running backs we have been tracking both did their job. Nothing new that’s earth shattering that needs to be reported.

Ladd McConkey is really stepping up without Bowers. Seven receptions for 95 yards in this one. Maybe this is just me but he actually looks fast. Like Hunter Renfrow is crafty and gets open with skill. I think McConkey can outrun him, which is a 4.59 that Renfrow ran. I think McConkey gives you a better time than that.

It might not look like it in the box score but Kamari Lassiter played his damn ass off. Luther Burden would have popped off more than he did if it weren’t the case. Had two impressive pass breakups in this one. He played outside and in the slot and is humongous. Was dealing with back spasms too which made his performance even more insane. Guys just don’t separate from him.

Quick shout out to our guy Tykee Smith. Another game where he was everywhere and just did everything. Seven tackles, a sack, and 1.5 TFLs. Not overly tall at 5-foot-10 but he’s just the ultimate weapon to have in the secondary.


This USC defense is so terrible that it’s almost impossible to take anything away from it. Michael Penix played well for the most part but that needed to be the case. If anything I think I like Rome Odunze more and more. I don’t really understand how a guy this good was constantly left WIDE open but whatever. I think Garrett’s post said a lot of what needed to be said.

Zion Tupuola-Fetui deserves a shoutout. Guy played his tail off during an emotional week. His father died earlier in the week. 1.5 sacks and 1.5 TFLs in this one.


I’m going to say this as cool and calm as possible. Caleb Williams is the best quarterback in the 2024 NFL Draft and if you even utter another name as a contender for that spot you are a very dumb human. End of story. It doesn’t need to be discussed. How anyone can watch that guy play football and think another quarterback is close to him in this class makes me lose hope in society.

It should be viewed like this. Williams is the Trevor Lawrence of the class. We’ll find out if the others can pan out. End of story.

Tell you what. USC has some quality receivers. Like six of them. Pick your poison.


Jayden Daniels was playing well until Dallas Turner almost killed him. It really comes with a caveat though. What I learned in this game might be different than the mainstream takeaway.

Daniels did a lot of damage on the ground. He needs to learn how to slide. He has absolutely no idea how to slide. That has to change.

The pick he threw was deflected so can’t totally kill him for that. I’m still very skeptical of his chances of being an NFL dropback passer. Jalen Milroe basically had identical passing numbers and we know he’s not NFL quality. What’s going to really matter is if Garrett Nussmeier can step in and replicate what he did passing wise if Daniels misses time.

More than anything, I think the real stock up has to go to Malik Nabers. Damn good performance against Alabama. 10 receptions for 171 yards and a score. Maybe this is a stupid comp but it kinda feels like Nabers can be what everyone foolishly thought Rashod Bateman would turn out to be. Bateman stinks and you’re seeing it prove out. Nabers is good but has that skillset that’s amplified. Wins deep but is a big body. Like the hands. Freakshow Jefferson or Chase from LSU feels out of reach but Nabers is proving he’s a very good football player.


I really don’t have much here. If you watched the game, you could just see that Nick Saban was eye of the tiger mode. Milroe just did his job. Scored points with his legs and the occasional deep shot. Picked up consistent yards in the run game. Defense gave up points in the first half but settled in late to win the game. It is what it is. I don’t have a strong take from this one about a player I’m dying to talk about.

Oregon State

Let me just talk about our favorite Godfather three meme, DJ Uiagalelei. Here’s what I saw from this game: Just some quick hitters. Won’t take long.

I need better accuracy. This 12/24 crap where you’re completing 50% has to stop. It’s over and over again. I need better or it’s hard to take you seriously.

The guy is a load in the run game. We know this. He looks worse going east and west. I’m not sure he’s slow straight line but escaping the pocket and trying to pick up rushing yards? I’m not sure he’s going to be good at it. 11 carries for 16 yards in this one. What does that tell you? Watching the game I just don’t know if you really have this mobile freak. Power runner but how valuable is that as your QB?

I’m not totally convinced that the freshman Aidan Chiles isn’t better than him. In the short stints he’s on the field, good things happen.


I think Shedeur is better than DJ. Guy fights. Has a hidden maturity about him. Better overall thrower. Runs faster. His team is way worse and found a way to make it close. Actually should have won the game but Deion messed up the clock at the end of the first half.

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