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2024 NFL Scouting Combine: Offensive Line Notes

2024 NFL Scouting Combine

2024 NFL Scouting Combine
The offensive line group wraps up the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine. Check out all of the notes you need to see here! (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

2024 NFL Scouting Combine: Offensive Line Notes

It’s been a long week. Welcome to the final day of the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine. We’re capping things off with the big uglies up front. That’s right, it’s time for the offensive line group to go and this may be my favorite group to watch. Mostly because I think I use the Combine as a way more important factor for this group than others do.

Let’s get right down to business. Here are your offensive line notes for the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine.

A lot of the verbiage in this section may be difficult to understand but I will simplify it as best I can. When watching the offensive lineman during the on-the-field drills I take a different approach than more draft experts would. For example, one player may be a natural knee bender while the other bends at his back instead. Does a player show fluid hip movement? It’s things of that nature that I care about. The normal arm length measurables that people look for is 32″ arms for guards and 34″ arms for tackles. I will break the offensive linemen into groups to give the viewer a better understanding of what kind of offensive lineman each player is.

*Link to official combine results.

*They did not break up the tackles and guards. They’re all mixed together.

Group 1:

Isaiah Adams (Illinois)

Really slow (5.22). Took forever to get off the ground in the wave. Clicking heels. Slow footed. Stuck in the mud. He’s not good. Stuck in the plant foot. Hips are not bad turning the corner. Not an athlete.

Joe Alt (Notre Dame)

Today is a big test for Joe Alt. Coming in, I thought he was a bit overhyped. Former tight end but athletically is he really elite for the position? The 40 time was good but didn’t come close to standing out (5.05/1.73). Obviously, great length being 6-foot-8. Not a good bender. Serious stumbles in the wave. Can’t get his feet under him. Serious slippage. Stuck when he has to change direction. Average foot speed. Not tight in the hips. Can open up that way. I don’t see any kind of elite movement skills. Slow getting off the line turning the corner in the down block. Mirror drill not good. Not light on the feet and keeps slipping sliding into the ground.

Gottlieb Ayedze (Maryland)

Decent base. Feet are alright. Can kinda sink his hips and stay low. Slow explosion. He’s definitely better than Glaze his collegiate teammate.

Karsen Barnhart (Michigan)

Trying to keep his feet moving. Rounds the corner bad. Loose turning the corner. Not good that way. Moving the feet but not going anywhere and slow short area. Solid mirror. Better lateral when hips not involved.

Cooper Beebe (Kansas State)

Really in control and compact. Not super electric but passing the movement test. Bit of a hitch trying to transition. Decent feet rounding the corner. Really good keeping the feet churning. Really nice ankle flection. Has some pop in him. Ideal mirror drill. Change of direction on point.

Keaton Bills (Utah)

Jittery and not in control. Way too upright. Drills look hard for him. Rounded the corner. Can’t stay low. No thanks. No explosion in the knees. Chopping feet going nowhere.

Tanor Bortolini (Wisconsin)

Knee bend is there. Solid run time (). Good hand movement connected to his body. Good laterally. Nice feet. All good reps in everything. Feet are really good. Light on them too. Flying through the mirror and can shift his weight. Level change real good.

Javion Cohen (Miami)

He sucks. We already knew that at the Senior Bowl. Lower half is trash. Bend bender. Not light on the feet. Slow reaction time. Spaz in a bad way.

Andrew Coker (TCU)

Basically standing up in the drills. No knee bend. Awful run time (). Loses off the line. Can’t sink his hips. Uncoordinated. Two left feet.

Frank Crum (Wyoming)

Really bad in the wave drill. No knee bend. Way too tall. God awful. Can’t link anything together. Horrible. Send him home bad. Horrific punch on the bag. No kick step at all. I don’t know what he does well.

Olu Fashanu (Penn State)

Ran his first 40 (5.11) and then got hurt. Zero on-field workout. Really disappointing because this is one I wanted to see move in space. Just not sure he’s special, special athletically.

Troy Fautanu (Washington)

Really nice 40 time (5.01/1.71). Very versatile player who can go all over the line. Solid knee bend. Links his moves together. Solid base no heel clicking. Keeps the feet moving. Has that extra burst short area. Easy kick step. Light on the feet. Change of direction really good. Good pop in the hands. No question marks. Good player. Elite mirror drill.

Blake Fisher (Notre Dame)

Okay movement. Looks a bit raw but not bad. Not explosive but moving alright. Looks like a project but one that can work. Not covering a ton of ground kick step but in position. Bit over extended sometimes. Can’t keep his hands up to strike. Needs work but has potential.

Zach Frazier (West Virginia)

Did not run. Keeps a good knee bend. A bit upright going back. Feet are holding up. Pretty in control with no leverage and base. Nice eye level. Can be a bit too narrow sometimes but overall good. Gutsy performance because he was battling an injury that happened at the end of last year and performed well.

Javon Foster (Missouri)

Ran but no on-field. Great Senior Bowl so less of an issue.

Taliese Fuaga (Oregon State)

Really nice time for him (5.13/1.77). Right tackle only but I’m warming up that he can be way more. Good job staying low. Very good at staying moving and in control. Better than I imagined in the wave drill. I’m falling more in love. No real short area. I’m really impressed. Can’t believe how well he’s going for his size. Making it look easy. He gets in his base efficiently. I can’t believe how explosive he is. He like real juice at that size. Not to mention that he blew up the Senior Bowl.

X’Zauvea Gadlin (Liberty)

Looks huge and not a disaster moving around. Had a really bad stumble rounding the corner in the pull.

Nick Gargiulo (South Carolina)

Older player. Gets way too stuck in the stop and starts. It’s an obvious problem. Reaction time is just too slow.

Delmar Glaze (Maryland)

Out on him after his Senior Bowl. Looked weak there. Really bad in the wave drill. Bad stumble. Feet way too close together. Not in control. Not an easy mover. Can’t get out and go. Not covering ground. Covers zero ground. He stinks.

Tylan Grable (UCF)

Ran but no on-field.

Garret Greenfield (South Dakota State)

Had a crazy vert but 40 wasn’t quite the same. Some hesitation. Not the best at keeping his feet moving and chaining it together. Nice feet rounding the corner. Some slippage. Trying to keep eye level up but not a game changer.

Tyler Guyton (Oklahoma)

Bit of an underwhelming 40 compared based on the tight end background (5.19/1.76). Better in the movement skills. Really light on his feet. Gliding around going side to side. Keeps the ass low. Knee bend is good. Not perfect on the stop and starts but passable. Really tight hipped. Can’t open up at all. It’s a problem. He might have to be a right tackle. Thought he needed to show more power at the Senior Bowl.

CJ Hanson (Holy Cross)

Keeps the feet moving and good job staying low. Pretty quick feet actually. Looks like a center. Good reaction time. Really good sinking the hips and going.

Christian Haynes (UConn)

Really good rep on the wave. Solid knee bend. Pretty quick feet and not getting stuck. He really gets out and goes. There’s some power in his feet. I like him. Has some explosion.

LaDarius Henderson (Michigan)

Did not run. Was TERRIBLE at the Senior Bowl. Bending okay but nothing explosive. Only did the wave and then stopped. Don’t even bother.

Christian Jones (Texas)

Hoping around a bit. Little stiff but the feet are good. Kinda stuck on the plant. Some limitations in the knee bend. Bit jittery. Really hoping on everything he does. Plus athlete and uses the hands well. Solid Senior Bowl.

Matthew Jones (Ohio State)

Good base. Feet not bad. Hanging in there. Covers no ground in the kick step.

Trente Jones (Michigan)

Doesn’t look like a bad athlete. Really nice feet. Mostly the 6th plug in offensive lineman at Michigan.

Trevor Keegan (Michigan)

Moves well. No issues bending. Feet are definitely churning. Solid B level stuff.

Group 2:

Jarrett Kingston (USC)

Keeping his feet moving alright. No serious hitch problems. Tried to get around the corner with good footwork trying to bend. Just not super athletic. Stuck in his plants but not disaster level.

Brady Latham (Arkansas)

Slow (5.32). Way too high. Can’t stay low. Slow play speed. Foot gets stuck and doesn’t pop out of it. Rounded the cone. Not great. He’s not good at all. Feet are crossing in the mirror.

JC Latham (Alabama)

Did not run. Not opening up and go. Slow play speed. Feet way too close together. Short area has some force. Hips aren’t bad. Some flexibility. Way too choppy not covering ground. Right tackle only. Not super heavy in the feet. Passed the mirror.

Sataoa Laumea (Utah)

Did not run and you can see why. Wild child. Guy is all over the place. The furthest thing from controlled. Play speed is fine but not refined.

Matt Lee (Miami)

Too hard on the feet. Kicking up rocks. Can’t pick up his feet. Not a chain mover. Looks very mediocre.

KT Leveston (Kansas State)

Big left tackle. Clicking his feet together. Long but his head isn’t up. Hands too low. Opened up for his size. Good punch but he’s getting beat by speed. Speed rusher going to kill him.

Beaux Limmer (Arkansas)

Covering a lot of ground in the wave. Good arm movement. Feet moving well. Really digs the feet churning around the corner. Center drills easy. Nice knee bend. Good fire with the hands. Got a bit wide in the mirror but his feet are going well.

Christian Mahogany (Boston College)

Probably the best linemen at the East-West. Not covering a ton of ground. A bit stiff and staggered. Moving okay. Got a bit tired at the end of the wave. Not super duper athletic but hanging in there well. Kinda weird technique but getting the job done. Pure feet moving well.

Mason McCormick (South Dakota State)

He’s there. Nothing popping off the screen. Overextended with the hands. Needs better bend.

Dylan McMahon (NC State)

Feet are fine but bad plants. Can’t change and go. Keeps his feet moving. Just a bit limited.

Amarius Mims (Georgia)

His 40 at that size was ridiculous (5.07/1.78). Got hurt running the second one, which sucks. Talking about a guy that’s struggled to stay healthy. Really good when on the field. The sample size is just super small. How do you proceed?

Jacob Monk (Duke)

Not bad in the wave. Wide base and trying to keep the hands up. Not explosive but trying to chain his moves. Bit high but moving at a good pace. Not a great kick step. No ground and not explosive. Needs better play speed compared to the group. Needs much better place. I can’t believe he has the best 10-yard time (1.66) because it didn’t look like it moving around.

Jordan Morgan (Arizona)

Ran but no on-field. Didn’t see anything special at the Combine. He’s meh for me.

Drake Nugent (Michigan)

Decent feet. Not overly heavy on his feet. Chaining his stuff together. Solid punch on the bag. Punched the bags really well. Play speed is solid. Lacks initial burst.

Patrick Paul (Houston)

Serious back bender and really high. Not gaining ground. Stepping under himself. Heavy feet. Narrow base. Stiff and not exploding out of breaks. Way too high. Hips not good. The back bending is gross. Got yelled at for not having enough kick.

Jackson Powers-Johnson (Oregon)

Did not run. Heel clicking and sliding. Bad stumble in the wave. Pure movement skills far from ideal. Slow play speed. Kicking up dirt trying to go around the cone. I don’t see explosion. Step down athletically to top guys of the past. Not sure he knows how to use the balls of his feet. Gets stuck on heels sometimes. Punches the bag well. Hand work pretty good.

Prince Pines (Tulane)

Got hurt running his second 40. Did not do the drills.

Dominick Puni (Kansas)

Slow (5.36). Hoping and tripping over himself. Jittery. Hands are way low and all over the place. Another over extender.

Layden Robinson (Texas A&M)

Moving alright. Not super light on the feet but nothing crazy bad. Rounding corners. Fires off the ball alright. No kick slide. Trying really hard to punch.

Andrew Raym (Oklahoma)

Ran but no on-field workout.

Roger Rosengarten (Washington)

Ran fast. Not super technical but getting to his spot. Faster than quick. Not a good kick step. Got beat at the Senior Bowl team drills a bunch.

Kingsley Suamataia (BYU)

We know he’s an athletic monster. Good ankles. Smooth in the drills. Ran a great time (5.04/1.74). Eye level is strong. Athletic backpedal. Has the explosion you want. Acceleration getting to the spot is noticeable. Really fires off the ball. Perfect kick slide with good eye level. In control with the punch. Head on a swivel.

Nathan Thomas (Louisiana)

Choppy steps but a bit robotic. Some straining but getting the job done. Bit higher than what’s ideal. Solid base in the kick slide. Not an easy mover but not overly limited trying to do his thing.

Charles Turner III (LSU)

Did not run. No major issues. Keeping his feet going. Overall passable.

Sedrick Van Pran (Georgia)

More power than speed. Feet are doing well. Wave drill was good. Staggers his feet well resetting. Foot got caught going around the corner. Had a bit of a hard time getting into the kick step. Feet are a bit behind. In control for the most part.

Caeden Wallace (Penn State)

Guessing a bit. Kinda stuck on his plants. Decent pace on the wave but some hesitation and guessing. Want to see more fire off the ball.

Vendetta Sports Media Post Combine Offensive Tackle Rankings:

1: Kingsley Suamataia (BYU)

2: Taliese Fuaga (Oregon State)

3: Amarius Mims (Georgia)

4: Olu Fashanu (Penn State)

5: Joe Alt (Notre Dame)

6: JC Latham (Alabama)

7: Troy Fautanu (Washington)

8: Javon Foster (Missouri)

9: Tyler Guyton (Oklahoma)

10: Christian Jones (Texas)

*Full finalized rankings will come closer to the draft.

Vendetta Sports Media Post Combine Interior Offensive Line Rankings:

1: Sedrick Van Pran (Georgia)

2: Cooper Beebe (Kansas State)

3: Christian Haynes (UConn)

4: Zach Frazier (West Virginia)

5: Beaux Limmer (Arkansas)

6: Jackson Powers-Johnson (Oregon)

7: Zak Zinter (Michigan) *Did not workout*

8: Christian Mahogany (Boston College)

9: Graham Barton (Duke) *Did not workout*

10: Layden Robinson (Texas A&M)

*Full finalized rankings will come closer to the draft.

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