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2024 Reese’s Senior Bowl: National Team Day 2 Practice Notes

Senior Bowl

Senior Bowl
The second day of practices at 2024 Reese’s Senior Bowl has concluded. Check out all the National Team notes here! (John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports)

2024 Reese’s Senior Bowl: National Team Day 2 Practice Notes

We’re back with the second day of practices at the 2024 Reese’s Senior Bowl. If you missed the first day of the National Team, check out the link right here. Let’s get right down to business on everything you need to know for the second day at Mobile.

Quickly just give Jeff Ulbrich credit. Guy ran a very competitive practice today.


Michael Penix was working with the RBs/LBs early in practice. Early checkdowns. His pure arm isn’t bad. It’s better arm strength than Tua (not nearly as accurate as Tua). They definitely are ropes. If his feet is set and he lines it up he can make throws. The pure ball placement is just far from ideal. It’s just almost never in the spot it needs to be.

Bo Nix ball placement just isn’t there right now. Very inconsistent. I can’t stop seeing Zach Wilson. Not in the hates football kinda way. More in the athletic but gimmicky QB way. Just really out of control when he doesn’t need to be. I don’t understand how he was so accurate at Oregon because he’s dirting a lot of balls. Totally dropped a snap leading to a negative play.

I can’t stress how bad he looks. The speed of the game is affecting him. Not setting his feet at all. Trying to be a hero and it’s backfiring. Looks very lost right now.

Sam Hartman might just totally suck. The more I see him the more I think he’s terrible. It’s like an annoying ex-girlfriend that gives you the ick. Once upon a time, I thought he was Derek Carr. He’s way worse than that. It’s hard to find compliments for the guy. Sure, he can sit there in a dropback game and hit the checkdown. I just don’t think he can do literally anything else. He’s not making any plays down the field.

Running Backs:

Marshawn Lloyd can catch. Not super fluid but athletic.

Marshall running back Rasheen Ali got hurt early in the day. Shame because he had a nice day yesterday.

Don’t get the Dylan Laube thing. Davis is straight trash but Laube looks like a Jake Funk kinda guy. Maybe he’s a bottom of the roster back. Davis may as well be sent home now.

Wide Receivers:

I really like Brendan Rice. I’d draft him. Physical and knows how to win the ball in the air. We just have to recognize there is going to be a ceiling here. During the individual drills, you can just see he’s going to have quicksand moments. Bad stop and starts. Separation is going to be a real question mark with him.

During the drills beat Notre Dame Cam Hart. Actually created separation. Short area quickness might be a concern but he’s not slow. It’s far from perfect. It’s going to be about expectations and what you ask him to do.

Luke McCaffrey has some skills. At least can run and cut. Decent hands too. Just not nearly as physically imposing as Christian. Like not close. But he can play. Beat Quinyon Mitchell in a route in the slot. I genuinely think he has the potential to be a dangerous slot guy.

Tez Walker scored the fastest time in the Zebra tech yesterday. That’s not surprising based on watching him. Needs to work on his hands. More than once he failed to finish. His route running also needs serious work. Often telegraphs his route. Needs to be more crafty instead of just fast. The hands are very concerning.

Jacob Cowing from Arizona can clearly run. He’s just not a good football player. Might be enough to put up numbers at UTEP. Might be enough to put up numbers when playing against the poo USC defense. That’s not an NFL player and he’s small.

Ricky Pearsall might be growing on me. Movement skills are good and he’s good with the ball in the air.

Roman Wilson is having another good day. Certainly can run. Not twitchy but he can get open.

Javon Baker probably needs more love. Former Alabama transfer. Not a super stud but has something to him.

The Deebo Samuel comps continue to be stupid. You’re not finding another Deebo. Please stop. With that said, Malachi Corley doesn’t look bad. Runs better than he should with that frame. Should be able to make plays with the ball in his hands.

Tight Ends:

Better turn the Minnesota tight end into a blocker. He’s slow as dirt. Can’t see how he’s ever a YAC monster. He can’t move at all. Looks like a fridge trying to run a route.

AJ Barner is bad. I understand he’s the backup at Michigan but yikes. Can’t catch and can’t really run.

Offensive Line:

O’Cyrus Torrence looked great last year. Florida might have another player in a similar mold. Kingsley Eguakun is stout. Doesn’t really gets pushed back. Wasn’t perfect but overall solid. Just not as good as Torrence.

Oregon center is a damn stud. Plug and play starter. What else is there to say? This one doesn’t feel hard and keeps performing well.

LaDarius Henderson keeps getting pummeled. how many times is the guy going to be taken to the ground? At some point, get in the weight room because this is becoming embarrassing.

Washington guy might be alright. Roger Rosengarten. Didn’t look that different from when watching Kaleb McGary. Not a killer but can play. Just not super twitchy and lost some concerning reps against speed in team drills.

Taliese Fuaga actually lost a rep today. Got beat by some quickness. That will probably happen in the NFL too. Overall a stud. Feel good about him. Really strong and capable. Let’s just make sure we keep him at right tackle. At the end of practice, he challenged Adisa Isaac and won with ease.

If you don’t get Kingsley Suamataia, I can’t help you.

Jordan Morgan is very average. Kansas who’s terrible was just walking this dude back in team drill. If he’s getting beat by stiff arms in team drills we have problems.

Defensive Line:

Laiatu Latu is fine. I don’t see first rounder. No way. Good at chaining his moves but he’s limited. Not a ton of power. Has to out speed you. Something is missing. I haven’t totally figured it out yet. If you think he’s a juiced up angry killer, I’m just going to disagree with you.

Duke’s DeWayne Carter stuffed Henderson to the turf. Has had a really nice two days.

Tyler Davis took a step back today. He’s definitely strong but does he have more than the fastball? Heavy hands but a bit undersized. Want to see more nasty.

Kansas’ Austin Booker is terrible. Washington pummeled him. No knee bend at all. Can’t play a lick.

Michael Hall there is just something about his get off. Good handwork too. Smaller side but never looks like it limits him. Team drills is when he really stood out. Something to be said for the guy who is wrecking the game and that was Hall.

It’s crazy because Gabe Hall is flashing in a similar way. Just a bit more of a spazz.

Jaylen Harrell from Michigan is becoming a bit of a problem. Lining up instead and outside too. Versatile and winning. Can tell he has a motor to him.


Marist Liufau looked alright in coverage. Not a burner but he can stick with you and doesn’t look silly.

Payton Wilson just looked better at it. God he’s fast. The Troy running back ran a route on him and totally stuffed it. There is no question that guy can run and cover ground. Feels like a very safe pick. Had an awesome pass breakup in team drill just swatting it to the ground.


Washington State Chau Smith-Wade bad eye level. Didn’t track the ball well in the air one-on-one. Very panicky. Basically tackled Tez Walker trying to cover him. He later notched a pick covering the Arizona guy. As I tried to tell you yesterday, doesn’t that tell you a lot about the Arizona guy? I think that’s the only time he won. Corley beat him bad too.

Kalen King keeps getting burnt over the top. Did again early in the day. Corley beat him up in a route. I’m still waiting for him to win.

Willie Drew holding Tez Walker like crazy. I get it, he’s fast. But guy looks totally overwhelmed. I’m quite sure he never covered someone like this at Virginia State.

Johnny Dixon is terrible. I’m not sure he can cover anybody. Also got hurt in the drills.

Cam Hart might be really underrated. Very sticky but in a good way without being grabby. Often times looks like he’s the one running the route. Another day where he’s putting himself in a position to grab picks and make plays on the ball.

Quinyon Mitchell is the real deal. Wasn’t perfect but that play he made intercepting Bo Nix on a deep ball while covering Rice was really impressive. Constantly in the hip pocket. Not sure how fast he is. Had some stumbles trying to keep up with Wilson. Curious to see his 40.

Khyree Jackson of Oregon did not practice. Just making a note of it because I was a big fan during the season.


I got nothing. A lot of underclassmen that aren’t showing out right now.

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