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2024 NFL Scouting Combine: Wide Receiver Notes

2024 NFL Scouting Combine

2024 NFL Scouting Combine
The wide receiver class is loaded and they just finished up at the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine. Come get your notes here! (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

2024 NFL Scouting Combine: Wide Receiver Notes

backs, quarterbacks, and wide receivers. The NFL Network coverage is absolutely brutal but we’re getting through this together. Luckily, you have me for all the truth bombs you need for the upcoming NFL Draft.

Here are your wide receiver notes for the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine.

*Link to official combine results.

Group 1

Javon Baker (UCF)

Was hoping for a tick faster but () is about in line for who he is. Mostly solid. Doing his part. Good play speed. Just solid B on the report card in everything. Not good in the comeback route. That in cut raised some red flags. Couldn’t keep his feet under him. Pretty good high pointing.

Jermaine Burton (Alabama)

Don’t have any real negatives. I guess I said this all year but I just think he’s limited. Can play but never going to blow you away. Short area B-. Not a crisp route runner. Has to win down the field. Short area burst in the drills non-existent. Too long to comeback into the route. Pounding his feet and not accomplishing the goal. Hands were good.

Jalen Coker (Holy Cross)

Not even close to on the line in gauntlet. I’m not taking Holy Cross seriously. Not good in the routes either.

Keon Coleman (Florida State)

Slower than I hoped (4.61). That part was disappointing. His basketball background is the best thing he’s got going for him. All those skills translate. Catch radius. Play speed much better than 40 on gauntlet. Moves way faster on the field than his 40. I think I’d look past it. He’s really raw. I think there is a lot of room to grow. Refine his skills and lookout. Had some real drop issues. Going to be sick in the red area. Had the fastest gauntlet time but slowest 40 time (4.61). I’d rather have good play speed over a good 40. 38 vert is cool with me.

Jacob Cowing (Arizona) / Ryan Flournoy (Southeast Missouri State)

Skipping both. Both were horrible at the Senior Bowl and don’t need to see more. Cowing has more upside than Flournoy. Think I found out enough and there are more than enough guys to watch. Both looked awful in the drills and won’t waste my time.

Troy Franklin (Oregon)

Ran fast but that wasn’t surprising (4.41). Looks like a Calvin Ridley/Jordan Addison clone. Weaving really bad on the gauntlet. Better vertical than short area. Much slower than some of the gliders in the gauntlet. Moves great on those crossing routes. Pure route running needs work. Once he gets moving it’s dangerous. 39 vert. Definitely has the lower body explosion. Just has to clean up some of that hesitation. Get the mind moving faster.

Anthony Gould (Oregon State)

Ran fast but is mostly a return guy. Scored on a return in the East-West Game. Decent play speed. Maybe can be a slot guy.

Lideatrick Griffin (Mississippi State)

Swerving really bad on the gauntlet.

Jha’Quan Jackson (Tulane)

Being related to Ed Reed helps. Good speed and glided on the gauntlet well. Very smooth. Speed during the drills was really good. Routes are good. 32 vert which was the worst of the group.

Cornelius Johnson (Michigan)

Can’t stay on the line in the gauntlet. Mediocre in that department. Routes aren’t great. Not refined. Looks like a backup at best.

Xavier Legette (South Carolina)

Kinda looks like DK Metcalf physically. Delivered with the pure speed (4.39). Two drops on the gauntlet. The build stands out. Got some giddy up and his routes are clean for a big body. Bit stiff but can really move.

Luke McCaffrey (Rice)

Ran fast (4.46). That part wasn’t surprising. Really nice play speed on the gauntlet. Can really run. Route skills are there. Don’t overlook the last name part of this. He kinda moves like that.

Ladd McConkey (Georgia)

I tried to tell you McConkey was fast and he delivered (4.39). Zooming on the gauntlet. His feet there’s just no way he fails. Was so good at the Senior Bowl. I mean so damn good.

Jalen McMillan (Washington)

So so. He’s there. Bit of a hitch and not super explosive. Cuts are just so slow. Especially after the two names in front of him in the drills. It’s a shock to the eyes.

Bud Means (Pitt)

Slow as dirt on the gauntlet. Better on the go balls.

Adonai Mitchell (Texas)

How about that time (4.34)! I saw this during the year and think it applies. I wish he had that Pickens quality of the MF ball is mine characteristic. Really exagerates the route well. Almost too well. He’s moving well in space. Needs to attack the catch point more. He’s a freak though. Overall really impressed.

Group 2:

Rome Odunze (Washington)

I’ll take that time (4.45). 39 on the vert too. Hands so so reliable. Good play speed on gauntlet. No wasted movement. Very fluid. Not a burner but he’s just damn good. Going to be a red area machine.

Ricky Pearsall (Florida)

I thought he could run but that time (4.41) was damn good. Quick too not just fast. Comeback route was nice. Smooth all the way around.

Ja’Lynn Polk (Washington)

Looks way better than Jalen McMillan. Not a burner (4.52) but has enough. More crisp in his routes. Not overwhelming short area. Not blown away.

Brendan Rice (USC)

I was worried he was slow. That time (4.50) big thumbs up. Good for him. Really smooth in the gauntlet with positive play speed. Is he going to separate? That’s the question. He can and is crafty in his own way. Thought he passed the split second moments. No real quicksand issues. Pure movement skills better than I was hoping for.

Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint (Georgia)

Didn’t run. It was his biggest question mark. That stuff drives me nuts. He knows he’s dirt slow, obviously. Slow in the gauntlet. Plant sucks on the whip route. Limitations are so obvious.

Brian Thomas Jr. (LSU)

I can’t believe he ran this fast (4.33). At his size? I kinda thought he was a bit of a jump ball outside receiver. Not that he was slow but this? Made it look easy. Smooth gauntlet. Had some easy concentration drops. Really struggling to catch when the drills started. No real issues getting stuck. Transitions well. I mean so many drops though.

Jamari Thrash (Louisville)

Good at the Senior Bowl. No issues with the routes. Middle round flier written all over him. Lot of errors though. Not overly impressive.

Devontez Walker (UNC)

Fast (4.36) but we already knew that was the case. Couldn’t catch to save his life at the Senior Bowl. Too slow on the gauntlet. He can’t be confident in his hands. Did at least catch everything in the gauntlet. Route running not totally clean but not a disaster. Has really good size to him. Raw and upside is there. Definitely has some noticeable hitches. Caught the ball WAY better today.

Tahj Washington (USC)

Didn’t run. Monster East-West week. Best WR there. I like his routes. Intense in a good way. Play speed is a check. Really good stuff.

Isaiah Williams (Illinois)

Slow (4.63). No thanks.

Johnny Wilson (Florida State)

His time (4.52) at his size should get a check mark. You will take that. Moves better than maybe I gave him credit for in the past. Caught the ball really well. Doing a nice job. Tight end comps might be disrespectful. No issues with the hands at all and shows off the radius.

Roman Wilson (Michigan)

Definitely fast (4.39). Positive Senior Bowl week. Has giddy up short area. No issues in and out of breaks. More wiggle than grease lightning.

Xavier Worthy (Texas)

I’ve comped him to Marquise Brown but I think Worthy is a little better. The gas was crazy (4.21). It was the fastest time of the receivers. No question about the gear and if you were paying attention to the games you knew he had it. After the 40 he totally shut it down and I don’t blame him. When you run the fastest time ever… you can shut it down early. Oh, and 41 on the vert too.

Vendetta Sports Media Post Combine Wide Receiver Rankings:

1: Marvin Harrison Jr. (Ohio State) *Did not workout*

2: Malik Nabers (LSU) *Did not workout*

3: Rome Odunze (Washington)

4: Ladd McConkey (Georgia)

5: AD Mitchell (Texas)

6: Keon Coleman (Florida State)

7: Xavier Worthy (Texas)

8: Troy Franklin (Oregon)

9: Brian Thomas Jr. (LSU)

10: Xavier Legette (South Carolina)

*Full finalized rankings will come closer to the draft.

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