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2024 Reese’s Senior Bowl: American Team Game Notes

Senior Bowl

(John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports)

Senior Bowl
The 2024 Reese’s Senior Bowl has come and gone. Check out all of the American Team notes from the game right here! (John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports)

2024 Reese’s Senior Bowl: American Team Game Notes

The 2024 Reese’s Senior Bowl is finally here. After a revealing three days of practice, the game hopefully will uncover more useful information as we gear up for the 2024 NFL Draft. Let’s do this thing and go over the quick hitters you need to know.

It’s amazing how poorly these events are run. I still can’t find one a day later. Even going to the actual website itself they have NOTHING. I’m going to do the best I can. However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that coaching plays a huge role in these games. The National Team won 16-7 and was quarterbacked by Sam Hartman. I managed to find the Notre Dame quarterback’s numbers. Hartman was 7-25 for 69 yards and a pick and still one the game. I mentioned it all week. Jeff Ulbrich ran a way better practice so it’s no surprise he still found a way to win the game. Don’t undersell coaching in these All-Star formats.


Not a bad game for Spencer Rattler. I think the biggest thing is his pure athletic traits are allowing him to shine through and the pure arm is good. You can also tell he’s progressed in terms of his overall maturity a lot. Won the MVP going 4-4 for 65 yards and a score. Got better as the week went along. Good for him.

There was a play in this game that almost describes Joe Milton to a tee. He’s Godfather three. When you think you’re out he pulls you back in. Escapes a sack and then misses a check down by a mile. Needs to speed up his process.

Second drive, he comes out making big throws. Tough throws to the sideline. Layering balls down the field. Then does the dumbest thing ever throwing across his body leading to an interception. Dumb pick but Williams made an insane play to make the interception. Threw another pick on an overthrow that was nowhere near the intended target. Welcome to the Joe Milton experience.

Are you enjoying your stay?

Did you lose any hair watching him?

Michael Pratt is trash. Nothing about him is impressive. Should have thrown a bad pick. Next play fumbled a snap that led to a turnover.

I mean… Carter Bradley might be better than Sam Hartman. Not as athletic but what the hell was really the difference?

Running Backs:

Emoni Bailey got the start and he actually had some good run. Making plays in both the run and pass game. Not comparing him to Isiah Pacheco but he kinda has that jittery style to him. Looks good catching the ball too. 5-foot-7, 208, not small. Just a short back. Nothing wrong with short at this position. He completely took over at the start of the game. He might have real juice. Made some really nice cuts with proper acceleration.

Cody Schrader runs hard. Not sure he’s good but you have to give him that. Made some nice plays catching the ball in the short area game too. Hard to bring down and fights for extra yards. Can tell he’s overlooked and hungry.

Wide Receivers:

Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint caught a nice deep ball where he had to win it with the ball in the air. Really nice to see him shine in that spot. Mostly because he was boring me to death during the week. 6-foot-1, 205, not overly imposing but has decent feel for the ball.

Ryan Flournoy stinks. Bad drop in the game. Not getting open at all. I told you day one that guy was terrible. Again a non-factor.

Really disappointed in Ainais Smith. Just did nothing again. Gadget guy gone wrong.

Ladd McConkey gets open. I’ve seen more than enough. I don’t even care what the numbers are.

Tight Ends:

Mostly a non-story. Think Jaheim Bell caught one ball. Can’t confirm that, unfortunately. Other than that I got nothing.

Offensive Line:

Going to keep it short. This offensive line did a really good job. Especially in the early portion of the game creating lanes for Bailey. Andrew Raym and Javon Foster caught my eye during the game.

Defensive Line:

I’ll take my chances on Justin Eboige depending on how high he goes. Like his hand work. Just looks like an SEC player.


Jackson Sirmon keeps making plays on the ball. Started at Washington and transferred to Cal. Made a lot of plays when Hartman was the QB. First batted a ball down then prevented him from rushing for a first down. He’s just smart and doing the right thing.

Nathaniel Watson made some great plays in coverage too. Got some serious jumps in to bat balls away. I kinda like this cat.


Elijah Jones did a really nice job keeping pace with Tez Walker on the deep shots. BC has created nice DBs in the past. Another one here that can run with quick feet. Not perfect with the ball in the air but he looks like he can play.

There has been some buzz on Jarvis Brownlee. Just hard to totally track from my couch. During the week thought he impressed just changing levels. Well, in this one he made a super sexy interception picking off Sam Hartman. Looks damn good.


Give me Tykee Smith. If you don’t want him, I’ll take him. In the game, we saw the stuff I love. Ball in the air and he’s tracking it, I’ll take him. Turns the head around and doesn’t panic.

Link to practice reminders for the American Team:

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

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