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2024 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 4

TreVeyon Henderson

(Michael Reaves
| Getty Images)

TreVeyon Henderson
Treveyon Henderson reminded everyone he is that dude. Check out the rest of the 2024 NFL Draft stock report notes for Week 4! (Michael Reaves | Getty Images)

2024 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 4

The information process rolls on as we now head into the time of year when conference play really starts to heat up. We have a really solid slate for you this week. Well, it’s an upgrade over what we had a week ago! On tap this week, we will review Wisconsin vs. Purdue, NC State vs. Virginia, Florida State vs. Clemson, Oklahoma vs. Cincinnati, Colorado vs. Oregon, UCLA vs. Utah, Ole Miss vs. Alabama, Arkansas vs. LSU, Oregon State vs. Washington State, Ohio State vs. Notre Dame, USC vs. Arizona State, and California vs. Washington. Enjoy the notes! Your comments are always welcome below.


Yes, I’m going to talk about two running backs here. We can talk about how the position is dying but Wisconsin has a pretty good track record of putting these guys in the league. They might have two NFL backs and both were involved.

Chez Mellusi went for 39 yards on 11 carries. Wasn’t exactly a sexy performance but we’ve talked about him in the past. It’s good we saw him today because we may not get a chance to for the rest of the season. The Clemson transfer was carted off during the game and it didn’t look great. Assuming he will be okay next year, I kinda like Mellusi as a change of pace guy. The biggest compliment you can give the guy is the fact that Wisconsin feels the need to involve him in the offense. Trust me, they don’t have to do that with the other guy in the backfield.

Really good day for Braelon Allen. 16 carries for 116 yards and two scores. I’m not going to sit here and pretend Purdue has a scary defense but we saw everything that I anticipated. Guy moves damn well for being 6-foot-2, 245. I don’t think he’s the next Derrick Henry but I do think he should be better than AJ Dillon. I don’t know how you tackle the guy and he isn’t slow. I don’t really care how the rest of the industry has it ranked. This is definitely one of the five best backs for the 2024 NFL Draft.

Keep in mind that he’s young too. Just 19 years old. Will be a 20-year-old rookie. There is another level to climb here from whatever you’re seeing now.


Coming into the game, I didn’t think Hudson Card was totally terrible. Card started most of the year for Texas last year when Quinn Ewers injured his shoulder. There was definitely a drop off but Texas still won a fair share of games with Card. This was brutal to watch. Card looked awful going 21/38 for 202 and two interceptions.

In fairness, the cards were stacked against Card. Phil Longo put on a clinic on the opposite sideline. All of the weird gadget plays that Tanner Mordecai had success with are things that Card could have done. I’m just not sure it matters. Getting outplayed by Mordecai can’t happen. I sat there all night waiting for Card to sit in the pocket and rip it. He kind of has a Case Keenum-Texas vibe to him. He can’t sit back and sling it like Keenum. The mobility is fine but that’s not a real quarterback. Time to cross off the list.

NC State

How do I not talk about Payton Wilson? That guy was everywhere. Not sure how athletic he is but has good size at 6-foot-4, 238. I’ll say this though, he looks like a way better pure runner than Jeremiah Trotter Jr. at Clemson. Had a team-high 13 tackles and was constantly around the ball. NC State was so terrible that they may have lost the game to a lifeless Virginia team without him. Looks like an NFL linebacker to me.

We’re crossing another quarterback off the list. Brennan Armstrong stinks. I’ve seen lists in the past with his name on it. I watched the game. That’s a joke. Armstrong came from Virginia to have a better team around him at NC State. The guy has a better supporting cast and still blows. Well, I should say I didn’t see much of him at Virginia. I saw all I needed to see here.

It was like I got PTSD from watching Ryan Finley except the left-handed version. The pure arm strength is piss poor. He almost got outdueled by a 5-foot-11 freshman who couldn’t run anything other than a QB draw. It was embarrassing to watch from start to finish. If you can’t light up Virginia, you have problems.

Armstrong finished 15/30 for two touchdowns and one pick. I can’t stress enough how bad Virginia is or looked. If you can’t do better than 50% against them, you have no prayer. Anybody that thinks that guy is an NFL quarterback is on crack.

Florida State

FSU has two quality receivers with Johnny Wilson and Keon Coleman. The more time goes on, I think it’s pretty obvious that Coleman is better. Wilson is way more stiff. You can just see the basketball background in his game and he can really move. Wilson has grown on me. Mostly because he’s so big that there just has to be a way to use him. Had some big catches in this one. Just think Coleman is a different animal.

Wilson went for five and 94. Coleman went for five and 86 with two scores. The one below won the game.

The hype machine is out of control for Jared Verse. Had a nice pass deflection in the game, but you’re a crackhead if you think that’s a top ten pick. Josh Sweat was better than him at Florida State and he went in the fourth round. Very lightly recruited and originally went to Albany. Can we just be real about this? That’s all I’m asking. Clemson’s offensive line is way better at guard and center compared to tackle. What did Verse really do during the game? Four tackles, 0.5 TFLS, and no sacks. It’s very obvious that this is not the next Myles Garrett or Nick Bosa. I hope the losers who think they’re smart know that come April.

Jordan Travis is clearly dealing with a shoulder injury but there is just no way he’s a real NFL quarterback. You’re watching the games, right? Cute college starter. Definitely not an NFL starter. What’s the real peak here? I don’t doubt that he could manage a game and be a better Desmond Ridder. Is that your expectations because that’s what they should be. It was an okay performance (21/37 for 289 and two scores).

Let’s give some love to the tight end Jaheim Bell. Stress on the word some in that sentence. I’m worried that I just don’t know what he is. Got snaps at running back. Primarily a tight end but not really an in line guy. Basically a receiver. Weird size frame too 6-foot-3, 239. Can see the talent though. Three catches in this one but nothing special. Intriguing but undetermined.


Jeremiah Trotter Jr… I just don’t see it. Still dirt slow but had some nice moments as a rusher. I love NFL bloodlines like the next guy but at some point, we have to watch the games. He’s not that good. Piss poor tackler and his speed is not good, man. Missed at least three tackles that I saw. He kind of reminds me of Brandon Spikes without the nasty who didn’t make it cause he wasn’t fast enough. Still got some time but so far I don’t see it.

Phil Mafah stinks and Will Shipley is growing on me. That’s how I feel about the Clemson running backs. Mafah is supposed to be this power back but has no power. No chance he benches a good number at the combine. Impossible. Had one big run for 46 yards. Big whoop. Otherwise went 10 carries for 23 yards. Couldn’t score a touchdown around the goal line to save his life. Sucked on the goal line against Duke. Also missed a block that led to a sack six for Florida State in pass pro.

Shipley just resembles what the NFL is becoming. Your back has to run routes. The McCaffrey comps are stupid but Shipley is pretty good in the passing game. Had a nice receiving touchdown in this one. Looks like a great athlete on the field. Wasn’t a crazy day on the ground but his versatility goes a long way.

Nate Wiggins had a good game too. Didn’t see many balls completed on him. Stuck well with whoever he was covering. Wiggins got hurt at the end of the game. Coleman basically scored on his replacement right away in overtime.

Same with Xavier Thomas. High recruit who’s been there a while. You could feel his pressures off the edge. Good sign.


Dillon Gabriel can play. He’s accurate but just so small. Can’t see why he can’t be an efficient backup at the next level. Another walk in the park day (26/38 for 322 yards and a score). Lost a fumble but still controlled the game.

One guy that flashed to note moving forward. Michigan transfer Andrel Anthony led the team with seven receptions for 117 yards. Undersized but can move.


I watched a college football game with Emory Jones as the starting quarterback. It went as you thought it would go. God does he suck. I just want people that once upon a time that jerkoff from PFF thought he was a first round pick. Had Trey said something like that, I would have retired on the spot. Mike Renner is a dope and if I were him I’d be apologizing every day for not knowing anything. That’s just me. Maybe I’m built different.

Did you see the interception Jones threw? Just stared at the target the entire time and handed the ball over like it was candy. He can’t play a lick. If you can’t make it at Arizona State and have to transfer to Cincinnati, it should tell you a lot right there.

What does the guy bring to the table? You can only score six points against Oklahoma? Every time they got into the red area, the game shrunk and he couldn’t do anything. It’s not like the guy has freakish arm talent either. What does he bring to the table? An occasional QB draw? WTF are we talking about? How did anybody think he was even draftable?

On a more positive note, I really like this defensive tackle Dontay Corleone. For starters, great name. There was a play in the game where he ran stride for stride with Dillon Gabriel toward the sideline. Looks athletic. There are some holdovers from this Luke Fickell recruiting classes that produced NFL guys in the past. It’s important to note that. 6-foot-2, 318, and former three star recruit. My eyes tell me to notice the flashes because they are real.


Not sure what you want me to say. That was ugly but don’t fall for the idiots that want to be haters today. They’re still well on track to hit the over on the win total. Those same people won’t acknowledge that. You’re welcome. The guy got sacked 100 times. 100 seems low actually. Never had a chance to do anything.

Not sure what you want me to say about Shedeur Sanders. I still really like him. It wouldn’t have mattered who the QB was. Swap him out for whoever. Colorado wasn’t winning that game. The guy got sacked 100 times.


Have to show some love to some of the Oregon skill guys. Bucky Irving and Troy Franklin had great games.

Ten carries for 89 yards for Bucky. Knew he was fast but didn’t think he could break tackles like that. Something CJ Verdell couldn’t really do.

Franklin went for 8 and 126 yards with two scores. Definitely fast but the ball skills stood out. Most of these Oregon guys can run but aren’t real receivers. Franklin looks like one. It’s a shame that Travis Hunter wasn’t healthy. Would have liked to see what would have been different.

Khyree Jackson looks damn good. I knew he was an Alabama transfer but didn’t know much else. It’s one thing to be a long corner. This dude played the ball on every snap. Almost came away with an interception early in the game. Later batted a ball down and looked like he laughed doing it.


UCLA couldn’t move the ball at all. Some of it is the freshman Dante Moore isn’t ready to play. Some of it is Utah is a different animal at home. Some of it is Utah’s front dominated the game. Not sure what we take away from this one. The running back Carson Steele was a transfer from Ball State. Didn’t look NFL quality to me but not sure this is the game to judge so we’ll keep it moving.


I really like Jonah Elliss. We talked about him in the Week one game against Florida. The guy was a straight menace against UCLA. How does 3.5 sacks and 5 TFLs sound? Also led the team in tackles. He’s just a junior so he doesn’t need to declare but his brother has also had success at the NFL level. Jonah is better than the brother. Guy put on a show and UCLA couldn’t block him.

Ole Miss

Jaxson Dart is getting better but he’s still not good enough NFL wise. Only had six rushing yards in this one which means he didn’t win. Great at the QB draw. Okay at being a real ball distributor. Okay may be generous. This defense is tough but needs to be better than 20/35 for 244 and a pick. If he were Ole Miss wouldn’t have lost by double digits.


We already knew that Jalen Milroe wasn’t a real quarterback. The sad part is he’s somehow the best option Alabama has but also stinks (did anybody watch Buchner last week? Insert puke emoji here.). That interception was ugly. He’s not even trying to extend plays. If read one isn’t there the guy just runs. Has several guys open and runs anyway. The sad part is he actually has solid arm talent. Not a lot of guys that can do this. The problem is there are too many negatives to make up for it.

Jase McClellan gets a thumbs up. He’s fast I just don’t think he has the running back part figured out yet. Today was a good step in the right direction. 17 for 105 and a score is a nice day despite the fact that Bama has the better front. I want to stress again that he’s going to run a good time. Not as tough as Brian Robinson but he should go in that range.

Kool-Aid man is amazing but the other Alabama corner is pretty good too. The secondary is probably the best part of this team. Terrion Arnold battled all day and came away with a nice interception in this one. Had two other nice pass deflections too. For the record, Kool-Aid man is CB1 in this draft the closing speed he has is just different. He returns kicks and plays special teams for a reason. Total game changer.

Dallas Turner had a bit of a coming out party too. When Bama took the lead and Turner locked in on the rush, he was tough to stop. Had two sacks and 3.5 TFLs. I have a hard time believing that he isn’t the best pure rusher in the draft. Dude is just quick off the edge.


I really don’t want to talk about the quarterbacks much here but think I have to. Two years ago this would have been a battle of who is better at the quarterback draw. This year there were some big throws made. I don’t want to get too crazy here but there may not be a more improved passer in the country than KJ Jefferson. You can tell the game has really slowed down for him.

In the past, I compared him to a poor man’s Cam Newton but never really took him super seriously as an NFL guy. Based on what we’re seeing now I think he definitely has a chance to make it in some capacity. Yes, he had two picks but LSU has a way better team on both sides of the ball. LSU was at home too. This game came down to the wire because of the plays Jefferson made. Not arguable. He just couldn’t do things like this two years ago. Not just automatically looking to run either. Looking to push the ball down the field. Really good sign.


I still don’t like Jayden Daniels. The gap between him and KJ Jefferson isn’t much. I may actually prefer Jefferson. He’s a lot thinner too. Daniels is tall and the arm is okay but he’s never going to be accurate. At least at a consistent rate. Just bad ball placement over and over again. Made the plays he had to but his receivers are pretty good. If anything, I think I may need to give more love to Malik Nabers. Looks really quick in and out of breaks. Decent size (6-foot, 200). Went nuts last week too. Really good mover. Just not sure he’s fast, fast. I question if he’s running a freak time. I don’t see quite that but he gets open.

Oregon State

DJ Uiagalelei wasn’t great in this one. An old problem appeared obvious and I’m not sure how you fix it. Just too many times where he can’t process. What’s going to happen at the NFL level? Huge body and great power player but his processing speed stinks and it’s definitely a problem. The best thing he can do is involve himself in the running game. He’d be perfect for the Falcons.

Actually had a really good drive late in an attempt to lead the comeback. Just undeniable that he has a ways to go in terms of being a drop-back passer. No question Cam Ward was better than him in that aspect. The crazy thing is I think he’s getting better. How can you not say there hasn’t been improvement since he was at Clemson?

I can’t totally quit him. You know what DJ is? He’s the Godfather 3 meme. If you get it, you get it. Google it if not.

Washington State

I think Cam Ward might be underrated. He deserves to be talked about. Good size and decent arm on him too. Not twitchy but light on his feet for a bigger guy. The box score lies a lot when watching games. I’m not sure it does here. 28/34 for 404 yards and four scores. Ward felt every bit as dominant as the numbers indicate. I know it’s a goofy Air Raid offense but how do you totally ignore what Ward is doing?

Ohio State

Cade Stover is easily my favorite Ohio State tight end that I can remember. Guy is just tough. Had a mean stiff arm and creates YAC. I don’t ever really see bad drops from him and that’s encouraging considering he can play linebacker too. Some guys are just good football players and he’s one.

You could tell Ohio State was taking this game seriously. That part is obvious but my larger point is that they really leaned on TreVeyon Henderson when it mattered. Interesting that Chip Trayanum was next in line for the rotation. Miyan Williams not involved. That’s something to note.

Henderson was a monster recruit and I’m glad he reminded everyone how good he is. Not like it was necessary to remind people but I have him as RB1 and I don’t think it’s a debate. It was just nice to see him to do it again. Hasn’t happened since his freshman year. They wouldn’t have won without him. 14 carries for 104 yards and this long score. Trayanum didn’t do anything special but did enough to score the game winner. More athletic than you think for a big back.

I don’t care what anybody says. Not a ton of stats in this one other than almost picking off a screen pass. JT Tuimoloau is a monster. I have no questions taking him high. I’ll sleep just fine at night taking him.

Notre Dame

I’m not sure I learned anything about Sam Hartman that I didn’t know already. Ohio State has an underrated defense. Went 17/25 for 175 and a score. Played better than the numbers indicate. Made some big boy throws that ND quarterbacks in the past weren’t making. They’re not in the game without him.

I still think that running back Audric Estime stinks. I said it in Week 0 when he went for a bunch of yards. I’ll say it again when it went for 70. I tried to tell you this would happen against a real front. Big body but a total slug. AKA Benny Snell mode. Two yards of nothing on most carries. Notre Dame used 90 other running backs in the game for a reason and Estime was the least efficient one.


Caleb Williams did Caleb Williams things. He doesn’t have to play a game the rest of the year and will be the first pick. We know this. Still did his usual high level plays that others can make. Honestly, the thing I learned here is that maybe I shouldn’t give up on Marshawn Lloyd. I was never really a fan at South Carolina. Maybe this sounds weird but his body looks way better now. Looks leaner. Went for 154 rushing yards on 14 carries in this one. ASU isn’t good but this was promising.

Bear Alexander looks good too. He’s going to help their defense. You can see he’s beyond the type of guy Lincoln Riley has been recruiting on that side of the ball. Promising sign.

Arizona State

I’m not sure how seriously we should take this but that hybrid fullback Cameron Skattebo was all over the place. Blocking, running, and even throwing passes. Averaged seven yards per carry last year too. Went for 111 yards and a score and even completed two balls. Added another 79 and a score in the air. Is this a potential jack of all trades full back to watch moving forward?


I’m going to be the last person to join the party on the Michael Penix train. It is what it is. I’m not eating the cheese here yet. You will know when I do. Too many red flags to fully buy-in. For starters, his coach is really good. Go look at his record. Kalen DeBoer basically never loses.

He’s always hurt. Was hurt four years in a row before last year. His throwing motion makes me nervous. It’s like he’s trying to throw fade away jumpers. Almost more of a professional frisbee player than a quarterback. Not sure he can get away with that at the NFL level. He also never uses his lower half. Feet are not tied to the arm. He’s also got three dudes at WR.

The arm isn’t bad. Can zip it. It usually goes where he wants it to but is a funky lefty. Had an ugly pick but made some wow throws. You’re just going to have to show me more than beating up on Cal to fully buy in sorry…

The more I watch Rome Odunze, the more I like him. Returned a kick for a score and went five for 125 and two scores. 6-foot-3, 215 and really nice hands. It’s Cal so let’s not freak out but the guy looks like he belongs at everything he does.

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