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2024 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 2

2024 NFL Draft
Quinn Ewers is a stud. Case closed. Read all of the week 2 stock report notes from the 2024 NFL Draft inside the post. (Aaron Martinez / USA TODAY NETWORK)

2024 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 2

The information process rolls on as we have more 2024 NFL Draft notes from Week 2 of the college football season. It won’t be nearly as long as the behemoth from last week, but we have a solid slate for you again.

This week’s focus includes Nebraska vs. Colorado, Ole Miss vs. Tulane, Texas A&M vs. Miami, and Texas vs. Alabama. Enjoy the notes.

Notre Dame/NC State

I was originally going to watch this game but it got hit with the weather delay cheese. Once that happened I couldn’t turn Coach Prime off. The game was then competitive during the 3:30 window so I was all over the place. Would be irresponsible to jot anything down but making note why the 3:30 games don’t have much in there.

Few quick notes:

Sam Hartman is good, man.

NC State linebacker Payton Wilson also good.


A part of me wants to like Jeff Sims. Don’t ask me why. I just sort of feel the same way as I did about Dorion Thompson-Robinson. Look at how we view DTR now that he’s in the NFL. Part of this is he’s such a good athlete and does have arm talent that you have hope he can figure it out. The problem is he’s just an idiot and I’ve failed find someone that can fix stupid. The nonsense just will never end. Dropped a perfect snap and never even tried to pick the ball up after leading a decent drive. He fumbled another snap too that led to points for Colorado. I deal with humans every day. You can’t fix stupid. He displays stupid on almost every snap.


Shedeur Sanders is a baller. I liked him before the year. It’s hard not to be more impressed now that you’re seeing it against real competition. There are just so many things that stand out. He can rotate his hips and fire the ball accurately. Calm feet. Smart and makes checks at the line. Has juice in the arm. Not a rocket launcher like Joe Milton but gets the ball to the outside hash and made some really impressive throws.

Guy was under way more pressure than last week. Offensive line performance can be described as below average. Nebraska defense played well too.

Not a Deion level runner but can certainly moved. Scored a rushing touchdown in this one too. Not going to be a Lamar Jackson runner but really good at keeping the play alive.

It’s way too early to be talking about this part but I want to plant the seed into your mind now. I guess I’m the only one that’s not been surprised with what I’ve seen out of Sanders. There should be no doubt anymore that he’s an NFL caliber QB. Prior to the game I had Sanders as QB5 for the 2024 NFL Draft, which is significantly higher than anyone else had him. Two weeks through the year, I think more people have come around to where that feels right.

It’s still way too early but the 2024 class might be the best class I’ve ever seen. Are we sure he even declares? Shedeur has played for his dad his entire life and money isn’t an issue to the family. If he were to build on the momentum, he might work his way to be a top 5 pick in 2025. Food for thought for another day. Finished the day with another monster stat day (31/42, 393 yards, two touchdowns)

Shilo Sanders really bad tackler. Missed a tackle in the TCU game and counted at least two in this one too. You can tell he’s more of a knucklehead than the brother.

Xavier Weaver had a monster game. Fast and good in the open field. Beyond the Travis Hunter factor, he’s becoming the top target there. Went for 10 and 170 including a score. On the skinny side at 180.

Ole Miss

I can’t believe I watched an Ole Miss vs. Tulane game and the Green Wave were better at the line of scrimmage. They did this with a backup quarterback. JJ Pegues might be the best defensive lineman on Ole Miss and he’s a converted tight end. They have problems on that side of the ball. How many draft guys do they even have for next year? I’m not seeing many. Ole Miss could have easily lost this game.

Who is this number nine? Tre Harris, a transfer from Louisiana Tech, had himself a game. That’s after scoring four touchdowns in Week one. 6-foot-2, 205 but looks big.


I don’t have much here other than wanting to mention the fact that Tulane has a guy on their team that’s related to Ed Reed. Jha’Quan Jackson is an undersized wide receiver with some shaky hands but overall had a decent showing. Definitely had some drops and you can’t have those at the next level. Still went for four and 83 including a score.

Texas A&M

I like Evan Stewart. He’s not draft eligible. That’s all I got. This team just repulses me over and over again.


Some stock up for Tyler Van Dyke. Offensive line is way better this year. Old school pocket passer. If he can drive the ball, he can make some really great throws. He’s not as good as people were hyping him to be years ago but now he may be undervalued given how many names are in this quarterback class. Not a super mover but not a statue either.

I’ve stated previously that I don’t love the guy but that was a good performance. I’ve always been of the opinion that he’s good enough to be drafted but not with any pick of high value. I still feel that way now. Definitely better than Brad Kaaya who was the last Miami quarterback to get drafted.

Hell of a performance and that Texas A&M defense isn’t bad or at least wasn’t a year ago. Finished the day 21/30 for 374 and five scores. Nobody is going to talk about Van Dyke’s performance and it epitomizes how insane this quarterback class is.


Xavier Worthy with a bad drop in the end zone early in the game. I love the guy but there’s no denying he’s small. Three really bad drops that cost his team serious points. Looks like a better version of Marquise Brown to me. Worthy made up for it later on this deep bomb. He can win deep down the field.

Texas has an underrated secondary. This Ryan Watts looks pretty good. Former Ohio State transfer. Swatted a would be touchdown away from Ja’Corey Brooks. Really long at 6-foot-3 and didn’t struggle changing directions.

I love Quinn Ewers. How can you not after what you just saw? Has a lot of great qualities. His arm is sick in a good way. Way more mobile than he gets credit for. This Bama defense is really good. Had some serious cheese lollipop throws. Felt like he was working with bad field position the entire night. I couldn’t tell you the last time Bama lost a home game. If you swapped quarterbacks, Bama wins in a landslide.

The biggest difference from a year ago is the fact that the feet are way more calm. He’s always had stupid arm talent but he’s really tied everything together now.

Really like this tight end Ja’Tavion Sanders too. Guy really creates yards after the catch. Not a sluggish tight end at all.

Really nice showing for AD Mitchell too. Physically imposing. Forced two pass interference penalties and scored a huge touchdown on a slant. Scored another one down the field to end the game. Looks 10% worse than George Pickens?


I’ll say this about Jalen Milroe. I like him more than KJ Jefferson if that means anything. Straight line he looks really fast. I have my doubts that he’s a real quarterback but he did move the sticks a bunch on non-gimme throws. He’s so fast that even if he fails as a QB, he really might be able to stick in the league as something else. Whatever Malik Cunningham is doing with the Pats, Milroe is definitely better.

It’s also blatantly obvious he won’t make it as an NFL quarterback. Guy doesn’t even try to make throws half the time. Just wants to take off and run. The sad part is he’s got a total rocket too. Has no idea how to be a quarterback. On more than one occasion, Milroe literally ran into his own sacks.

The closing speed that Kool-Aid McKinstry has is ridiculous.

Lawson the linebacker looks typical Alabama good. They grow on trees there.


Little bonus note to close things out. I watched the remaining portion of the Auburn game after the UFC card ended. Might want to keep an eye on this linebacker Eugene Asante. Led the team in tackles and looked like a total piss missle.

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