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2024 NFL Draft Stock Report Notes: Orange Bowl

2024 NFL Draft
Georgia completely humiliated Florida State in the Orange Bowl. Here are the 2024 NFL Draft Stock Report Notes from the game. (Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports)

2024 NFL Draft Stock Report Notes: Orange Bowl

Blah, Blah, Blah… Florida State got screwed… not. Okay, I’m very aware that their entire team opted out. I still think Georgia would have killed the anyway, but we don’t have to talk about that. Let’s go over the 2024 NFL Draft Stock Report Notes and be done with it.

Clearly, this game got out of hand fast. I’ll give you some quick hitters briefly. Georgia did whatever it wanted. The thing that people continue to not understand is the fact that the red helmet means something right now. Normally, you don’t just scout the helmet. In this instance, you can. Their backups are better than your starters. It’s just the reality of the situation. That’s why you get 63-3.


I love Carson Beck. It’s not about the way he’s playing. It’s about what the ball placement says. It’s so good that he’s genuinely creating flags on DBs. It’s not like he had to do much but I want you to know I love him. Of course, if you have been reading all season you already know this. Hard not to be impressed if you watched the game. You don’t even have to watch. 11.3 yards per attempt says a lot on its own.

I know he’s coming back next year but I’m not sure how many guys I’d take over him. If Beck played for Florida State they wouldn’t have won the game but it sure would have been more interesting. He certainly affects outcomes. We’ve talked about him enough all year so I’ll leave it there. 

Is anybody noticing what’s going on with Kendall Milton? I’ll say it again. He’s getting healthier and healthier. Nine carries for 104 yards and two scores. It was a walk in the park. Daijun Edwards got two touchdowns as well. We saw about 700 ball carriers in this route.

Oscar Delp is an obvious look-ahead candidate for 2025. Looked pretty damn good in this one. Not the pure blocker that Bowers is but you can see he’s got talent

The Hunter Renfrow comps to Ladd McConkey are disrespectful. Renfrow can’t do this. He’s way faster. Route running is there but just way more explosive.

Is Dillon Bell good? We know he’s versatile. Well, today he led Georgia in receiving yards. Made a few tough catches too. I don’t know what he is but I don’t think we can discount him.

CJ Allen is going to be a freak. That’s a future name to know. What a stud that guy is. 2026. Not going to get crazy talking about this defense. They have studs all over the place. Was really nice to see Malaki Starks get an interception. That’s going to be a blue chip safety eventually.

Florida State

Let’s start here. The list of opt-outs is crazy and kinda waters down what needs to be talked about. 

A fresh reminder of all the names that opted out. Obviously, weren’t going to get the same type of game without those guys.

Two things can be true. Brock Glenn played way better today. You can tell the game slowed down for him but clearly not ready to play a team like Georgia. The Georgia backup was better than him. Florida State relied on transfers all year this season. They might want to do the same in 2024 with the quarterback position.

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