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2023 Reese’s Senior Bowl Game Takeaways

2023 Reese's Senior Bowl
Check out all of the 2023 Reese’s Senior Bowl game notes here! What do you need to know heading into NFL Draft day? (Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports)

2023 Reese’s Senior Bowl Game Takeaways

It’s been a long week. I feel like I’m on the verge of collapsing but am committed to giving you the best draft coverage out there. Garrett and Marc continue to be on the sidelines as well and will have content on the way. So what we’re doing is one post on the game takeaways for the 2023 Reese’s Senior Bowl. You’re going to accept the terms because it’s this or nothing. There’s also a lot going on here today so I couldn’t totally lock into the game. Oh, and the NHL All-Star game is just somehow at the exact same time smh!

Between this, the Shrine Bowl, NHL All-Star / trade, and same for NBA I’m whipped out. We also hopefully have good business announcements on the way that’s taken a lot of time so long story short I’m drained. Trust me, you’re still going to like what you get. It’s Trey we’re talking about so anything I do is better than whatever you will find elsewhere. Let’s call them Senior Bowl thoughts from the couch. Here are the biggest takeaways from the 2023 Reese’s Senior Bowl!


Jaren Hall the BYU quarterback did not play in this one. Based on how his practices went, I am more than fine that I didn’t have to see any more of him.

Jake Haener had a really good week but I think I’m all good on the Brock Purdy stuff? Are we really going to start over drafting guys like this because one of them actually ended up working because he was lucky enough to get drafted by Kyle Shanahan? I like the guy… in the 7th round. Ok, maybe 6th. Either way, nice day. Can get the ball to where it needs to be. Still a very limited ceiling.

With that being said, Haener played semi well. Won the MVP Award. Not sure it was totally deserved. Had some bad misses with shaky footwork. Finished the day 12/19 for 139 yards and a score.

Surprised Clayton Tune started over Max Duggan. Was saying the whole week that he was just there. In the game, Tune was throwing a lot of check downs. He doesn’t look a ton different from Haener but you can tell he’s a worse version.

With that being said, it’s not like Duggan killed it. I think people should be worried about taking him too too high. 4/9 for 26 yards. That’s all we got. Some misses too that proved very costly. Had a lot to do why the American team lost.

Malik Cunningham and Tyson Bagent are terrible. No point in talking about them. Instead let’s show their interceptions! More fun!

Running Backs:

What got into Evan Hull from the National team? I’m still not taking him any higher than the 7th round. I still think Eric Gray is better than him. 74 yards on 10 carries is a good showing. Can’t take it away from him.

Speaking of Gray, can we have a chat about it? Light on his feet. Cuts are a beauty. Catches really well. Jump on the bandwagon!

I’m totally out on Chase Brown. Was laughable performance for the National team all week. During the game he was fine I guess? Didn’t do anything spectacular. Nine carries for 40 yards.

Camrun Peoples dropped a wide open screen pass. Every time I buy slightly in he does something to piss me off. Actually, make that two back to back drops. Big yikes. Can’t have it.

Fat turd Chris Rodriguez had a fumble. I know Max Duggan kinda feel into him but Rodriguez had full possession before Duggan can be blamed. Want no part.

Wide Receivers:

I hate this receiver group. Jalen Wayne had the best day and he was not good in practice. What do I do with this? What matters and what doesn’t? Wayne rebounded a tad but he just doesn’t look that athletic. Jonathan Mingo looked about the same. Michael Wilson for sure helped himself. Had some wiggle and caught a touchdown.

Tight Ends:

I think I’m buying Luke Musgrave. It wasn’t everything (two catches for 13 yards) but I saw a guy that moves already and held up blocking.

Payne Durham not bad hey! Looks functional. Can get up there a little. Can block. His lacrosse background shouldn’t be held against him.

Offensive Line:

Dawand Jones, Emil Ekiyor, and Jaelyn Duncan did not play in the game itself. Three guys that helped themselves regardless. Cody Mauch and Olusegun Oluwatimi were opening holes in the run game left and right on the first drive on the game for the National team. Evan Hull hasn’t looked that good all year. I wonder why? Michigan is a different breed. North Dakota State I’m buying into but not to the point where I’m going crazy about it.

I love O’Cyrus Torrence on the American team. I gotta have him on my team. Better in the run game compared to the pass game but he’s just a house. Even played some tackle later in the game. Held his own in a position he won’t be asked to do at the next level. Might have been the best overall player all week.

Defensive Line:

It’s almost like KJ Henry needs a smelling salt. There are times he gets off the edge like a bat out of hell. Other times looks like he’s asleep if he doesn’t win right off the snap.

Ali Gaye beat Chatanooga for a sack. Way too fast for him. Not that Chatanooga blew me away during the week. I have basically no notes on him.

Andre Carter is terrible. Had a free release to Max Duggan and the TCU quarterback shook him out of his shoes. He’s awful. I don’t know what people are looking at.

Byron Young of Tennessee created the pressure on the eventual Anthony Johnson pick. He’s helped himself. Totally rocked the BYU tackle. Also came off a blitz to chase down a screen too. I’m buying some stock. Not all in.


I was impressed with Aubrey Miller on the American team. If you ever watched any of the Jackson State footage, Deion makes him out to be a player with talent but no drive. Well, whatever he told him worked because that guy hits hard and doesn’t quit on plays. Doesn’t look slow either. Miller led the American team with seven tackles. May need to be a tad better tackler but still something here.

I really wanted to watch Sacramento State again but he did not play. Either way, serious flashes during the practices that warrant more research.

Daiyan Henley continues to look really good. The converted wide receiver stuff just has me intrigued. You can tell he’s buzzing a little different than the others. Tackles more than fine for a former receiver.

Ivan Pace was everywhere. Undersized but I don’t worry about him tackling. Game high 10 tackles. Dude was making plays left and right. Once upon a time, Darius Leonard did this too here.


Not sure it means anything but Tyrique Stevenson dude… you can’t get turned out by Ronnie Bell.

Big Riley Moss fan. Running stride for stride with Mingo on a go route. Guy can run. Don’t be fooled.


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