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2023 Reese’s Senior Bowl: American Team Day 3 Practice Notes

2023 Reese's Senior Bowl
The final day of practice has concluded for the American team at the 2023 Reese’s Senior Bowl. Check out the practice notes here! (Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports)

2023 Reese’s Senior Bowl: American Team Day 2 Practice Notes

It’s the final day of practice here at the 2023 Reese’s Senior Bowl. Garrett and Marc and still on the sidelines at the actual event and will continue to be used as a resource. The ESPN broadcast is awful so we’re doing the best we can until Jim Nagy stops running like a scaredy cat.

Without further ado, let’s get the notes for today on the American team side!

Side note: I have to talk about the commentating again. Just so brutal. I’ve now counted five ESPN segments through two days about Justin Fields vs. Bryce Young. Keep in mind Bryce Young is not here at the Senior Bowl. Tough to get 100 percent insight on the practices when they don’t focus on the practices.


Garrett doubled down on his Tyson Bagent take. He says anybody that thinks Shepard looks great is a moron, which McShay did yesterday. Just an additional side note; I’m not sure if anyone else is watching the ESPN broadcast but it seriously looks like Todd McShay is dying. Someone really needs to check on him. That’s me being not sarcastic. I don’t know who watched that broadcast but the area around his eyes are big yikes. Like concerned yikes.

From what I saw on the broadcast, Bagent missed a ton of throws. Looks like a D2 guy who somehow found a way here. Decent zip but a lot of misses. This should tell you all you need to know. Max Duggan was throwing one on ones while Bagent was giving hand offs to running backs in run drills. After scouts complained about a lack of getting to know receivers, doesn’t this tell you why?

Max Duggan took a big step forward today. He throws darts. He’s figuring this whole practice thing out. Has for sure taken the lead in a big way from this group. Was ripping balls left and right. Showed off some touch too on a fade Virginia’s Wicks.

Clayton Tune is just there. That’s all I have on him. He’s just there.

Running Backs:

Tyjae Spears just has a different gear from the rest of the group. The burst is just noticeable. The knee bend he gets on some of his cuts is crazy. Had a stupid good one on a pass route.

I’m not sure I saw anything that blew me away by Kenny McIntosh. Got about what I expected I guess. His movement in the passing drills make me feel that he’s going to make it one way or another.

No reps from the fat turd Chris Rodriguez. Not that it matters.

Eric Gray shook Isaiah Land out of his shoes on a route. He’s a Trey guy.

Wide Receivers:

I gotta be honest; I just don’t know what to do with this receiver group. I’m not sure I love any of them and it gets boring to say they all can’t play. This group right here may be the worse WR group at the Senior Bowl I can ever remember. If I had to rank them, it would go Rashee Rice, Jonathan Mingo, and then Xavier Hutchinson.

Not seeing a ton of separation from Hutchinson. Can catch if given the opportunity but not getting open nearly enough. Has some wiggle but if corners get their hands on him early it may be game over.

Jonathan Mingo dropped a deep ball that should be marked. Also had a handful of good wins. Has some size. Just isn’t going to blow you away.

Jalen Wayne has absolutely nothing.

One guy that may have some hope is Don’Tayvion Wicks. Had some real wins in the drills.

To me it’s a matter of how high is Rashee Rice going? Looks like he can play. Can run but looks small. Was about the only guy to beat South Carolina from what I saw.

Tight Ends:

You have to give Luke Musgrave this. Looks pretty good running straight line. He’s going to run a good time. How high the ceiling is remains to be seen. A lot of upside but a lot of unknown as well.

Cameron Latu can play. That’s all I know. Not a world beater but looks like one of those Patriots tight ends they take in the third round. Except he’s one that would actually workout. Unlike the last time I banged them for it.

Offensive Line:

John Michael Schmitz looked good again. Has some toughness to him. Classic center. Not totally perfect. Stress on not perfect. Didn’t get beat often. Looks very capable.

Wanya Morris stuffed Derick Hall in a one on one to start the day. Later stuffed the TCU guy too. Good day for him.

I think I have a man crush on O’Cyrus Torrence. Does anybody find a way to move that guy? Has he lost a rep? I’m still waiting for that to happen. I think he’s the best player on the field and I’m not sure it’s close.

Steve Avila is that phone booth guard that’s going to work. Not saying he’s elite but hangs in there and won’t get pushed around.

Marc says Tyler Steen looked dominant in pass pro. I would have to agree.

Marc says Old Dominon not great. Don’t have much on him myself so I’m including it.

Darnell Wright got worse as the day went along. Bad gas tank. Too fat. Lazy kick back. There were moments that he was good but that’s concerning.

Defensive Line:

Derick Hall got crushed by Syracuse’s Matthew Bergeron. Have to knock him for it. I mean got pancaked bad. Rebounded later beating the hell out of Luke Musgrave getting after the running back. I like Hall but I’m not first round like Hall. He did some good work in team drills. He got Syracuse back later in the day. I like him but I just don’t know if we see elite. Quality SEC rusher that makes any roster. That’s what I see.

Not seeing a ton Dyland Horton. Power? Meh. Speed? Meh. Pass rushing moves? Meh.

Ali Gaye split reps with Steve Avila. Inconsistent. Hard to figure out.

Marc says Byron Young at Tennessee was great today. I can’t recall even seeing him in those drills during the broadcast. However, he definitely got after it in the team drills from what I could see.


Will McDonald is fast as hell off the edge. Situational pass rusher I think he can absolutely do it. By far the best pure speed of the edge.

Aubrey Miller did well in the team drills. Looks like he can run a bit.


Julian Brents apparently opted out in the middle of the day. I don’t know what that is all about. Not sure he’s good enough to just do that.

Darius Rush looks fantastic. Had a banger day yesterday. Jumped a route for a pass breakup. Had another interception the day.


Christopher Smith not the best day in pure coverage. He’s more of a safety zone romer. The speed is there. He’s not winning in these coverage drills and I don’t care. Garrett will tell you he looked worse than I’m suggesting he did. Thought he fought well considering the circumstance.


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