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2023 Reese’s Senior Bowl: National Team Day 2 Practice Notes

2023 Reese's Senior Bowl
Jake Haener separated himself from the rest of the Qbs at the 2023 Reese’s Senior Bowl. Check out all of the day two National team practice notes here! (Mike Kittrell/AL.com)

2023 Reese’s Senior Bowl: National Team Day 2 Practice Notes

We did as best as we could yesterday. Thanks for being a noob, Jim Nagy! Criminal to just not have the first day of practices on TV. This wasn’t an issue before you took over… That said, we have day two practice notes coming in hot for the National team at the 2023 Reese’s Senior Bowl. Everything you need to know from the day of practice, I got you. If I don’t, we have two people on the field at the event to use as an additional resource. Sooooo let’s get to it.

Side note: I’ve talked about this in the past but the ESPN broadcast is so dreadful. A further explanation of that can be seen in the American post to wrap up the day.


Malik Cunningham actually played today. The best thing he’s got going for him is the athletic traits. Can he throw the ball better than Malik Willis because that’s what’s going to matter? The problem is I’m not sure the answer to that question is yes. Stuff he did in the team drill was very basic. One read and check down.

Jake Haener is my favorite of this group. He’s got a bit of an uncle Rico flick of the wrist thing going on but he can put the ball where it needs to be. There’s a method to the madness too. Often see him twisting arm angles. He’s the only quarterback who actually looks like he can make throws. Pretty good loft on the deep ball too. Might be better throwing on the run. Lack of height may be worrisome (6-foot).

Jaren Hall is terrible. Poor accuracy in the team drill. Everything looks like it’s up for grabs. Athletically looks like he kinda belongs but also an old college guy that just looks like a smaller Taysom Hill.

Running Backs:

Don’t love what I saw from Camrun Peoples. Was a guy I had my eye on in the past but looks skinny, too upright, and lacks a burst. Looks like he can catch and kinda move, but I see nothing special here. Not special enough to spend any premium pick on. Dropped

Chase Brown looks awful. Brick hands. No separation in routes. I mean throwing up awful. It looks like he had butter on his hands. I swear I’m not sure he wont a single rep.

Evan Hull is just a guy. He’s a practice squad guy and I don’t care what anybody says. Can do multiple things but is elite at nothing. Lacks instinct. He’s a one cut and go guy but the one cut never really hits. Caught a flat pattern in team drill and fell over before being touched.

Wide Receivers:

Trey Palmer beat the Boise State corner on a double move for a deep score. Looked really easy doing it. Might have some underrated wiggle. A guy we’ve been tracking as an LSU transfer. Beat the Boise guy the whole day. Lost a rep against Brown.

Stanford receiver Wilson making some plays. Showing off some contested catch skills in this one. Tracked a deep ball well beating the Iowa corner. Not an easy thing to do.

Higgins, the other Stanford guy, looks stiff. A bit slow in and out of breaks but bailed out Hall in the team drills. Looks like he has a good wingspan with capable hands. Just not sure he’s actually athletically talented. How physical is he? Let his Stanford teammate get the pick to end the day.

Ronnie Bell can kinda run but no grease lightning. Separation is meh. Just blends into the nothingness. Bad drop in team drills.

How bout this Jayden Reed? Wasn’t perfect but check out this rep against Jakorian Bennett. Getting held the whole time and comes up with the score. Again, another ball thrown by Haener. Looks like he can really, really run.

Offensive Line:

This doesn’t appear great. I won’t lie this made me sad. Hopefully, there’s a semi positive angle to come from this later.

Troy guy is way too upright. Bad knee bender. Bad sign.

Cody Mauch showed up really well. Looked stout. If he got control with his hands, he got the job done.

Blake Freeland got cooked a few times by Keion White in the team drills. The only problem is I’m not sure if White is actually good yet. More so just doesn’t look like Freeland can handle any speed.

Defensive Line:

Not sure I loved what I saw from Isaiah Foskey. Has some length but was there dynamic pass rushing moves? Any burst that took your breath away? I think no. What does he do well?

I’m out on the Northwestern guy. I didn’t see that athletic burst the hype circle talks about. No pass rushing moves. Looks like he can get swallowed with power.

Coastal Carolina bad balance. No power in the legs. Stuck in quick sand pushing the pocket.

Army dude Andre Carter doesn’t look good at all. Didn’t win the pass rushing reps. In the team drill Chase Brown was on a run and totally blew past him. Doesn’t look like he belongs.


Not a great day for DeMarvion Overshown. Garrett says he looks small on the field. He looked out of place on the field. Just lacked control.

Daiyan Henley locked Chase Brown down in coverage drills in every single rep. Like to the point where it was embarrassing. Totally kicked ass in coverage.

Ivan Pace had a fair share of pass deflections in coverage drills. Looks like a classic Cincinnati linebacker that can play a role for someone. I’m in here.


All I’m going to say is white boy can run. Don’t sleep on the closing speed by Riley Moss. Dude flys and belongs.

Jakorian Bennett really grabby. One in the one on one and another during team drills. With that being said, he’s in the hip pocket and fights.

Don’t worry, Blu Kelly got a pick in the final play of the team drills. This one was pretty good too.


I like Sydney Brown way more than his brother. For a safety, covered really well in the one on one. Has strength to him. Physicality is there and never gets wildy off his spot.


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