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2022 NFL Mock Draft
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2022 NFL Mock Draft Simulator: New York Giants

2022 NFL Mock Draft Simulator: New York Giants

We are back in your life with another NFL Mock Draft Simulator video, in this one, I am stepping in for Joe Schoen and building for the future of the New York Giants. This is no easy feat but we will get it done. Let’s take a look at this New York Giants 2022 NFL Mock Draft!

For starters, I am shocked that I made it through a video without screwing it up somehow. It’s a miracle. On the GM side of things, I am immediately putting Saquon Barkley on the trade block. I want no part of him with this team anymore, and if I had it my way he would be moved during the draft. I also understand that since there are no viable QB options where we are drafting, we will be stuck with Daniel Jones for one more year. I was shocked he made it through all of last season as the starter but this upcoming year will be his last. As far as the picks go, we grabbed a number of players who will come in and start right away, while also building for the future by grabbing a key asset to try and get a premier QB in the 2023 NFL Draft.

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The NFC East is a dumpster fire of a division, and in any given year it can be up for grabs. It appears to be a three-way race between the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Commanders, and Philadelphia Eagles with the New York Giants in last. But with the right pieces and now under new coaching, can the Giants surprise some people? Do you think this draft class gets them closer? Let me know in the comments and give me a grade on how you think I did.

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