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2022 Mock Draft Simulator
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2022 NFL Mock Draft Simulator: Houston Texans

Check out the Houston Texans 2022 NFL Mock Draft Simulator. Should Nick Caserio take Trey’s advice with this simulation?

2022 NFL Mock Draft Simulator: Houston Texans

It’s time for the 2022 NFL Mock Draft Simulator to take over the Houston Texans. Houston is a total mess. We have some picks to work with. Especially after the Deshaun Watson trade. We still have our work cut out for us in the worst way.

This job is a suicide mission. Pure suicide mission. You can’t take this job. They are clueless. I explain it more in the video but it’s by far the worst job in the NFL. I guarantee I can do better than whatever Nick Caserio does but I don’t envy him. He can keep that job.

Seriously… who wants this job? You got forced to hire Lovie Smith. Hard pass. I would never take this job but I would like to think that Houston fans will be happy with this simulation.

Two first round picks gives us ammo to maneuver around the board if we want. More importantly, we need to increase the return of the Watson trade. I think we absolutely do that in this mock draft simulation. In a BIG way.

Not a ton of parameters with this draft. We have no good players and needs at every position. We do not need to draft for need here. We can take the best guy on the board over and over again.

We have plenty of these on the site. Go check out the Seahawks one that Garrett had the pleasure of doing.

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