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2022 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 3

2022 NFL Draft

2022 NFL Draft
Should JT Daniels be considered the number one overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft? Check out the rest of the Week 3 stock report notes here! (Joshua L. Jones / USA TODAY Sports)

2022 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 3

The 2022 NFL Draft is always being updated with more information we get from the college football season. Can you believe we’re in Week 3 already? We have some really good games on tap this week. On the list this week includes Cincinnati vs. Indiana, Alabama vs. Florida, South Carolina vs. Georgia, and Auburn vs. Penn State. Let’s go over the notes this week for the 2022 NFL Draft.

Cincinnati vs. Indiana

This was a big test for Cincinnati. The number 8 team in the country hammers a bad Indiana team. That did not happen. The Bearcats won 38-24 but the game was much closer than the score indicated. I thought Cincinnati was a dead dog loser by halftime.

The reason why Cinicinnati didn’t dominate the game is because Desmond Ridder stinks. Prior to the game, I saw him as a poor man Jalen Hurts (which is not a compliment because Hurts isn’t an NFL Franchise quarterback either). After the game, I think what I saw leads me even more in that direction.

Is he better than Michael Penix? Sure but does it matter at that point if you even have to think about it? This guy stinks. I don’t even know what he’s doing. On the interception he threw, it looked like he was taking a bad fadeaway jumper.

Ridder shouldn’t be anywhere near your quarterback radar even in a bad class. What are his strengths? Above average mobility? Need more than that.

There is a player on Cincy I really like. Ahmad Gardner AKA Sauce is a beast. I’m not into Ty Fryfogle at all but he’s at least alive and plays in the Big 10. Gardner was matched up on him for a large portion of the game. Fryfogle finished with one catch for 13 yards.

Yes, Fryfogle is ass but Gardner looks the part. Gardner didn’t even make a tackle in the game because he didn’t need to. Everything on his side got shut down. I’m not even sure how explosive Gardner is but as a 6-foot-3 corner, the Bearcats corner has some impressive recovery speed and is excellent at the catch point. I’m in here. Long corner that carries the frame well and comes with ball skills. Yes. I want that.

Two quick notes from two offensive players on Indiana. Running back Stephen Carr and tight end Peyton Hendershot had my attention. I’ve been a fan of Carr for a long time. Former big time recruit at USC is now a grad transfer at Indiana. Injuries have killed Carr’s career and now he kinda looks like an old running back ready to be put out to pasture. It’s time to give up on the Carr thriving in the NFL dream (and I’m talking to myself). 21 carries for 52 yards isn’t great.

Peyton Hendershot came to play. Last week, I talked about how soft Charlie Kolar was. You can see the basketball player in Kolar. No fight after the catch and only takes in balls wide open. Hendershot likes being hit. Can break tackles and pick up YAC yards. Not close to the most explosive guy but should be able to play in line and function as a rotational piece. Should be drafted later on. Six catches for 60 yards and a score on an offense that had nothing is a positive.

Alabama vs. Florida

Emory Jones couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn, yet somehow the Gators lost by 2? Not sure how that works but credit to Dan Mullen who continues to be one of the most underrated coaches in college football. Anthony Richardson didn’t play a snap either. I don’t need to talk about Emory Jones. I just want to continue to remind people how funny it will be when Jones doesn’t get drafted because apparently, PFF thinks he’s a top 10 pick. We’ll see who’s correct.

The Gators running back situation took a weird turn. Dameon Pierce is the more highly thought of guy but it was Malik Davis that looked like a tank. Neither is a highly thought of guy but that’s the best I’ve ever seen Davis look. He’s been in college for a long time and never did I see him going for 86 yards and a touchdown on 10 carries. I don’t even know what to do with this information.

The passing game can be summarized into this. Emory Jones can’t throw the ball, the Gators’ weapons aren’t world beaters, to begin with, and their best guy Jacob Copeland was basically a non-factor. Well, sort of kind of. Copeland should have had two big plays but we’ll get there later.

In my SimBull post on the Gators, I mentioned two NFL guys you should pay attention to are Brenton Cox and Kaiir Elam. I think this is the best game I’ve ever see Cox play. He came up with a big sack and was a god damn force in the run game. The only thing he didn’t do was catch the ball on an interception he should have had dropping into coverage.

Cox looks like a good player but we have been waiting for the sack production to come. The pure power is there but how bendy is he? What’s the real ceiling here? I don’t know but this performance should be viewed as positive.

Kaiir Elam wasn’t perfect but overall it was a good day. He missed a tackle on Brian Robinson scurrying into the end zone. John Metchie wasn’t kept totally quiet but Elam fought his ass off. Came away with three pass deflections. The name Elam and a Florida jersey gives me PTSD but my eyes continue to tell me this dude can play.

This Alabama defense isn’t what it used to be. In fact, they kind of got pushed around on the defensive line. Bama had one sack the entire game. Henry To’oTo’o got lost in coverage a few times and never looked like a speed demon. Josh Jobe had two ugly pass interference calls and looks panicky with the ball in the air. I’m not sure I even like anyone outside of Christian Harris. Where the hell was DJ Dale? I’m still waiting for that guy to do something in that game. All around bad.

I’ll give Brian Robinson some credit here. I still view him as Kenyan Drake in even the best case scenario. However, he made some impressive cuts and looks quick on his feet. 15 carries for 78 yards and a touchdown isn’t a bad day at the office. Robinson has a clear lock on the starting job here. Jase McClellan hasn’t done anything minus make plays in the passing game. Trey Sanders is still being kept off the field in non-blow-outs. That part is encouraging for Robinson.

One last thing here. I’m not sure anybody knew what to make of Jameson Williams. The Ohio State transfer never really got on the field there. He looks special with the Tide. Not a crazy game here with 61 yards on four receptions. However, every time he catches the ball, guy looks good doing it. Should be very much on the radar.

South Carolina vs. Georgia

Outside of South Carolina covering the spread, I am not sure they did anything well. Josh Vann had three receptions for 128 yards and a score. Outside of him, I got nothing.

I can’t take my eyes off of Jordan Davis. Kevin Harris rushed for more yards in the SEC last year than anybody not named Najee Harris. He averaged 1.9 yards per carry in this one. Jordan Davis affiliates every single play. I don’t know how the rest of the draft community feels about the Georgia nose tackle but I’m in full bloom love. Dare I saw a much more athletic version of Vince Wilfork? Davis’ 40 time is going to blow everyone’s minds. I’m calling it now.

South Carolina was outmanned, outgunned, and outclassed. Let’s just call it this. The stars sort of did what they were supposed to here. Davis came away with a big safety. Derion came away with an interception on a tipped screen pass. Nolan Smith was even all over the field leading the Dawgs in tackles (8) and sacks (1.5).

These linebackers are scary too, man. I think Channing Tindall is my favorite because of the pure speed but I’m not sure. Bar none, this is the best defense in the country.

Did anybody see James Cook in this one? Just checking. Four carries for 51 yards and a score. Add a receiving touchdown in there too. Limited touches but he actually looked like Dalvin’s brother in this one. Cook is slowly but surely owning this backfield. Zamir White had a good day too but he doesn’t do the things Cook can do. I sense a breakout party coming for Cook when those more meaningful games start coming.

I still think JT Daniels is the biggest mystery in the 2022 NFL Draft. Gotta be honest; If you just watched this game, you might be ready to declare him as the first pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. I’m not going to go crazy town here yet but the guy looked great minus one dumb turnover.

For some reason, Georgia tried to put Stetson Bennett out there for a series and that ended… quickly. Daniels was the real deal here. 23/31 for 303 yards, 3 touchdowns, and a pick. The arm looks good and his deep shots and beautiful touch on them. No problem connecting on those whenever he wanted. I think Georgia has a real quarterback but this game doesn’t prove he’s worthy of high draft consideration yet.

Auburn vs. Penn State

Defense, defense, and more defense. Auburn always has some dudes up front but was that a big enough excuse for Noah Cain? This is a game I wanted to see him put his stamp on. Not a ton of running room but Penn State’s front is excellent too. Cain was the third best running back on the field and the other two aren’t draft eligible. I’m in on Cain but this was a bit of a shank to the heart. 19 carries for 45 yards and a touchdown isn’t good enough. Didn’t make nearly enough guys miss.

Enough being a debby downer. Jahan Dotson is a star! I had said previously that I thought KJ Hamler was a notch better. I’m now no longer sure. Dotson finds a way to turn the tide of games. Penn State gets hammered without this dude. No huge plays but 10 catches for 78 yards and a touchdown proves his worth. Constant chain mover.

Like Hamler, Dotson isn’t the biggest dude in the world. 5-foot-11, 184, but he plays much bigger. Dotson made a catch in this one where he made a big play high pointing the ball and coming away with what could have been a bad interception. The speed is a difference maker. Dotson is always open. It’s becoming hard to ignore.

Remember a year ago, Dotson made Shaun Wade look so bad he made him drop to the 4th round. Dotson is real. Very real.

The Penn State defense has some dudes on it. Shhhh… I think they might beat Ohio State. Brandon Smith was all over the ball. He had a play in this one where he baited Bo Nix into a bad throw and should have came away with a pick six if it weren’t for butter fingers. I don’t know what Jesse Luketa is either but god it felt like he made every play along the line.

Dude, I love Jaquan Brisker too. Don’t ask me why Auburn is challenging him on a fade on a 4th down and goal. Makes no sense to me. But Brisker can tackle and cover from the safety spot. Looks well rounded. Speaking of tackle, is anyone surprised Joey Porter’s son likes to get his nose dirty? Now, this is a LONG corner 6-foot-2 but looks like he has telephone polls for arms. I’m not sure he’s even a great pure cover guy but he’s such a problem with his length he makes everything difficult.


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