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2022 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 2

2022 NFL Draft
CJ Verdell ripped Ohio State apart but how should we view him heading into the 2022 NFL Draft? Check out the rest of the week 2 notes from this weekend. (Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports)

2022 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 2

College football is so back and it’s never too early to talk draft. The 2022 NFL Draft just became more clear after week 2 of the season. The games on deck today include Oregon vs. Ohio State, Texas A&M vs. Colorado, Iowa vs. Iowa State, Texas vs. Arkansas, and Appalachian State vs. Miami. Let’s go over the 2022 NFL Draft stock report notes for this week.

Oregon vs. Ohio State

Oregon topped Ohio State 35-28 in a game in which they sort of dominated from start to finish. It was a really weird game.

Both Chris Olave and Garrett Wilson were held in check. Then I checked the box score and both went well over 100 receiving yards. It felt like Oregon had real athletes out there and both Ohio State receivers both had good days despite it not feeling like that. I guess that’s a good sign?

Remember how I shit talked Master Teague last week? Ryan Day heard me cause that bum didn’t have a single carry this week. Bum. Absolute bum.

You know who else sucks? Tight end Jeremy Ruckert. That guy blows. Three catches for 36 and just looks out of place. Let’s be honest; all of the tight ends at Ohio State turn into nothing at the NFL level. Ruckert is no different. No explosive traits and damn soft at the catch point. He missed out on a few targets cause he didn’t win at the catch point. I want nothing to do with this bum.

The fact of the matter is, this Ohio State defense stinks. Josh Proctor left the game with an injury. I didn’t see anything special at any point in the game which is disappointing. Zero team sacks against a real offensive line guru in Mario Cristobal. Haskell Garrett failed to flash. Just all bad all over the place.

CJ Verdell is the real story here. I thought Verdell was going declare a year ago. Verdell went back to school which is always surprising for a running back. Tell you what, talk about a nice bullet point for the resume. 20 carries for 161 yards and a touchdown works. Verdell also added a receiving touchdown too.

I don’t want to go crazy here because the run schemes were clever and Oregon clearly won the line of scrimmage battle. Would I draft Verdell? Sure. Would I draft him high? No. Verdell can run and should be functional in a rotation as a high upside back but he’s not a bell cow. Nor should he be. Great game but not ready to declare him elite by any means.

The truth of the matter is, this is going to be a strong running back class. Verdell is one of the names in the mix. Let’s just not get carried away here. Good player. Just don’t get too excited.

Texas A&M vs. Colorado

Truth be told this was really the weirdest game of all. Texas A&M lost Haynes King early in the game, Trey fell asleep, and somehow the Aggies survived 10-7. The entire team was discombobulated after losing King and were getting gashed in the run game for no reason. DeMarvin Leal had some woah moments but I’d have to really go back and watch. Was he getting pushed around in the run game? It’s clear Leal is a highly thought of defensive lineman but this should have been a game he dominated. Didn’t quite see it.

I really wanted to see two Aggie weapons. Isaiah Spiller and Ainais Smith. Spiller is my number one rated running back entering the draft. He DID NOT have a great game on the ground with 20 yards on eight attempts. However, I saw something I didn’t necessarily expect to see.

Spiller won the game with his work in the passing game. Six receptions for 56 yards and a score saved the day. Without this play, Texas A&M loses to a bad Colorado team. If Spiller is a real threat in the passing game, that’s a huge win for his stock.

Jalen Wydermyer was fine with four receptions for 66 yards. Albeit with terrible QB play. Look, I just don’t see the high end twitch here. I don’t see Kyle Pitts. Sorry, not sorry. I think people are trying to force this one. This is not a first round tight end. We need to let this play out more. Not saying I’m not in on Wydermyer. I just hear some ridiculous things thrown around on the broadcasts.

Iowa vs. Iowa State

Iowa dominated the line of scrimmage. This team might be for real. They showed a highlight of Tyler Linderbaum pinning Tristan Wirfs in a wrestling match. I’m automatically in here. This guy was also a people mover. Might have to look across this entire Iowa line to really do your homework. They kick your ass, man.

Iowa State running back Breece Hall had an up and down day. Overall, I like his patient running style. Hall is a smart runner that takes what the defense gives him. At 6-foot-1, Hall looks athletic and can bend to where he needs to go. However, maybe leave this game off the highlight reel. Not that there was a ton of running room but I thought the performance was just okay.

16 carries for 69 yards and a score is fine but Hall had an ugly fumble that only further cemented the Hawkeyes win. I didn’t love David Montgomery coming out of school but I think I almost like him better? Just more low to the ground and bounce off defenders. Hall has some talent but he’s almost too upright.

I’m not even going to waste my time on Brock Purdy. That guy sucks. He’s the Big 12 version of Tanner Morgan. The only future in the NFL that guy has is as a coach. No tools. No upside. Gets benched in this one. Just not talented.

Let me also reiterate that about Charlie Kolar. Where the fuck were you, dude? He’s just not as good as I thought he was. Doesn’t get open. Only will catch the zone beaters. Big time shame.

The wildcard here for me is the Iowa running back. Tyler Goodson has some quickness to him. I’m just not sure he’s good yet. 2.6 yards per carry where Iowa won the line of scrimmage on both sides. Might be too small too. Need more information here but I think there might be something here. Just wouldn’t count on it.

Texas vs. Arkansas

Arkansas kicked the shit out of Texas 41-20 and my focus immediately shifted to two Arkansas weapons. Neither of which are figured out in my mind. Those two include running back Trelon Smith and wide receiver Treylon Burks. There is an odd paradox here.

Smith is about 190 but he’s quick. Problem is I’m not sure he’s more than a third down back. Burks is 6-foot-3, 232, but I’m not sure he can separate. In this one, it was all short stuff. 37 yards on five receptions which is whatever. Just need more information here.

I will say Arkansas’ defense might have some dudes. Hayden Henry gets after you. Good bloodlines too. His brother is a successful NFL tight end. The linebacker Henry can cover ground and just has that knack for being around the ball. 15 tackles in this one.

Bumper Pool is interesting too. Just maybe a try hard version of Henry.

Jalen Catalon I think is the real star here. Just looks like a natural back there. No picks in this one but had two a week ago. Feet look real nice. For sure draftable no question.

Appalachian State vs. Miami

D’Eriq King sucks. Not wasting a second on him. Let’s be honest; Chase Brice is better than him. Not really a discussion.

Let’s go over what really matters here. I was paying attention to the two receivers for each team. Both didn’t light the world on fire but I feel better about one than I did before the game. The other, not so much.

App State receiver Corey Sutton has some wiggle. Looks like a deep threat all day. Problem is he didn’t really get open like a burner should. Wasn’t a disasterous day with 60 yards but failed to make impact plays. That’s an issue because he’s a super senior. Go out there and dominate Miami. Couldn’t do it.

Now Charleston Rambo didn’t have the best day in the world either. Five receptions for 52 yards is whatever but remember, his quarterback is a joke too. Rambo is an Oklahoma transfer and it’s easy to spot. Just looks like a natural athlete. Stands at 6-foot-1 but your eyes go to him. Would love to see him more involved moving forward cause there might be real talent here.

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