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2021 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 9

2021 NFL Draft

2021 NFL Draft
Are we sure Justin Fields isn’t better than Trevor Lawrence. The Magic Man, El Diablo put on a show. Who else stood out in Week 9 when looking towards the 2021 NFL Draft? (Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports)

2021 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 9

Week 9 of the college football season is in the book, so we’re back with another 2021 NFL Draft update. Today’s games included Boston College vs. Clemson, LSU vs. Auburn, and Ohio State vs. Clemson. Who stood out for better or worse when looking towards the draft?

Boston College vs. Clemson

First and foremost, this was a crazy game. I’m not sure how much you can even take from it. Clemson went down early, and they proceeded to storm back. It was a bizarre game that I’m not sure what to do with.

Travis Etienne has been there forever. The more I see him, the less impressed I am, even if he’s putting up numbers. On the ground, Etienne rushed for 84 yards on 20 carries. He also added 140 receiving yards.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s a great day. Maybe there’s a shot he becomes Alvin Kamara. I think that’s the absolute best-case scenario. I don’t see Chris Johnson level talent here or even close.

Etienne is fine, but he’s going to get over-drafted. I’ll find someone just as good if not better two rounds later.

LSU vs. Auburn

Talk about an absolute beat down? I nearly turned this one off at half time. Auburn hammered LSU 48-11. I genuinely don’t have much here. Seth Williams remains mysterious. Four receptions for 71 yards in this one.

However, there was a play in the game that sort of summarized his entire night. Williams beats Derek Stingley deep down the field, going in for a touchdown. Williams is ready to go in before he’s stripped by Stingley, resulting in a touchback. Williams is very frustrating, but I think he’s talented?

Ohio State vs. Penn State

We have to start with Justin Fields. Magic man, El diablo. That’s what he is. Does anybody realize how good this guy is? Forget about can’t miss or top-five pick, and he might be better than Trevor Lawrence. That’s not a joke.

Ohio State won in a route 38-25. The story is Justin Fields, nobody else. Fields finished the game 28-34, 318 yards, and four touchdowns. Fields compiled a QBR of 97.2, which is impossible.

When scouting, you want players to take your breath away. Find skillsets you can’t explain. Fields is deadly accurate. More often than not, if he misses, it’s on the receiver. Fields has good size at 6’3 and more than athletic to avoid the rush.

Trevor Lawrence is a generational prospect. It’s going to be very hard to pass on Fields. There’s a very Deshaun Watson element to him game. He’s got that eye of the tiger and makes plays nobody else can. I don’t think it’s crazy if someone takes Fields first.

I’m also in love with Chris Olave. He’s just so smooth. The route running is on point. He also catches everything. His hands are unbelievable. Olave cashed in on seven receptions for 120 yards and two scores.

You want to see what Olave is all about? How do you like this one?

Ohio State receivers in the past have often resembled Parris Campbell or Curtis Samuel. Pseudo running backs almost. Olave is a complete receiver with a defined route running. He’s much closer to the Michael Thomas spectrum. That’s immense praise, but he might be close to that level.

Master Teague is clearly the lead running back over Trey Sermon. Is that because of talent or because Teague has been with the program longer? Teague rushed for 110 yards and a touchdown on 23 carries. Sermon rushed for 56 yards on 13 carries.

Ohio State is going to run this committee all year. Neither are JK Dobbins. Teague might even decide to return to school. Both are also kind of the same guy. Sermon is a bit taller, but both are in the 215-225 range and come with a head-down running mentality. Grind through the middle and make the most of it.

I think both guys are probably middle to late-round prospects, but we need more information on both.

Call me crazy, but Pete Werner and Tuf Borland have a little something. Pat Freirmuth was held in check to three receptions for 46 yards. A large reason why because whoever covered him often won. Also, safety Josh Proctor should be added to this list.

I like Borland a lot. No, he’s not the fleetest of foot. Smart and instinctive? Hell yeah. There was a play in the game where Penn State was running a screen. The entire defense was fooled except for Borland. He sniffed it out and ruined the whole play.

Let’s also give a hat tip to Marcus Hooker. God, did he look good. Of course, if the name sounds familiar, it’s because he’s the brother of Malik Hooker. Cut off the dreads, and you can’t tell the difference. The ball finds him.


There is one downside. Can’t be all praise here. Shaun Wade played slot corner all last year but has shifted to the outside after Jeff Okudah left town. Jahan Dotson kicked his ass for 144 yards and two touchdowns. That’s with a top 10 corner covering him. Red flag alert?


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