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2022 NFL Scouting Combine

(Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

2022 Fantasy Rookie Wide Receiver Rankings

2022 NFL Scouting Combine
Chris Olave leads the fantasy rookie wide receiver rankings from the 2022 NFL Draft. Check out who else made the list. (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

2022 Fantasy Rookie Wide Receiver Rankings

We’re not ranking the tight ends for this year. There is no point. Soooo the final fantasy rookie rankings for the 2022 NFL Draft will be this wide receiver class. There are a ton of young wide outs entering the league so there are plenty of worthy candidates for the top five list. However, of course, landing spot will play a huge role in these rankings. Let’s get to it.

1. Chris Olave (Saints)

I really think I would take Chris Olave first. Very little competition on the depth chart minus Michael Thomas who is now lowkey unreliable and could be moved eventually. I think the Saints will still be competitive. The roster isn’t that bad. Jameis Winston loves to air it out. The pure talent of Olave could easily be the best in the class. Tell me why this can’t happen?

2. Garrett Wilson (Jets)

The Wilson and Elijah Moore duo should be fun. It’s still the Jets so that part sucks but they’re also improving and should be throwing the ball a lot trying to catch up in games. Really good leaper so I’m not sure the touchdown production will dip despite his lack of size. The targets will be there even as a rookie. Young team so it’s not like they’re force feeding other stars on the roster. Could easily be the first rookie taken but we have to dock him cause of the Jets. Things just go wrong there. I don’t need to explain that part to you.

3. George Pickens (Steelers)

It’s hard not to love the pure talent. Something is going on here in Pittsburgh, that’s all I know. Do they every miss on wide receiver draft picks outside of James Washington (who I called them out on and was correct).

Long story short, if the Steelers love a wide receiver, you should too. Tomlin is damn good at picking them out and he loved Pickens. There are also a lot of other factors that should be talked about.

Yes, I want no part of any offense that features Mitch Trubisky. However, we know Kenny Pickett is the guy now so hopefully, we won’t have to put up with it for long. The other problem is we know it’s a defense and run the football type of team. Not a recipe for long term fantasy success.

Pickens is third on the list because he’s WR1 in terms of pure talent in this class. I also think Pittsburgh might want to move on from Chase Claypool. He’s not exactly a good vibes type of guy all the time. If Pickett turns into a stud, Pickens could have massive value if the talent shines through and Claypool is moved.

4. Christian Watson (Packers)

You can’t put Watson any lower on the list. The landing spot is too good. He’s the number one on a team with Aaron Rodgers throwing him the ball? Uhhhh…. Yas Queen!

I don’t think Watson is the best receiver in the class. This thing might take some time. He’s a bit raw and doesn’t have the best hands. It’s just hard not to think this could be a point factory when Rodgers starts to really trust him. We all know Rodgers is the type of dude to freelance and lock onto one target like he did with Davante Adams. If Watson becomes that guy, we’re in serious business.

5. Jameson Williams (Lions)

The Lions stink just curses this whole thing. Plus the thing with these speed guys is they are inconsistent. You never know when to start guys like Marquise Brown, DeSean Jackson, etc in your weekly lineup. Williams will score points but good luck figuring out the weeks to start him while accepting the three weeks he tanks your team.

Can’t trust anybody in Detroit, to begin with. Love the talent but you almost hope that Detroit is just bad again and lucks into the draft with Bryce Young next year where Williams then becomes a STUD.


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