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Chris Olave
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Chris Olave 2022 NFL Draft Profile

Chris Olave
Chris Olave is one of my favorite receivers in the 2022 NFL Draft. Let’s review his scouting report for what to expect at the NFL level. (Mike Mulholland/Getty Images)

Chris Olave 2022 NFL Draft Profile

I haven’t written a ton on Chris Olave heading into the 2022 NFL Draft. However, I want to make one thing clear; I have a serious man crush on the Ohio State wide receiver. Olave is one of if not the most talented receiver in this year’s draft. Let’s take a look at what the former Buckeyes receiver will bring to the table at the NFL level.

The case on Olave seems like a doubled edged sword on the surface. The price tag on these receivers is exploding. You don’t necessarily want to reach on one you don’t feel like is a first round talent. Normally, a guy like Olave who checks in at 6-foot, 187 is a bit on the smaller side to take in the first round. Olave was also a three star recruit coming out of high school.

Personally, I wouldn’t have any issue taking Olave in the first round. I think the guy has a ton of talent. He checks a lot of boxes. George Pickens and Olave have the best pure hands in the draft. I don’t think anybody else can be considered. Catching ability is so damn important and Olave makes the difficult circus ones look routine often.

We also know separation is king. Olave is the best route runner in the draft. The guy is so damn smooth. His cuts and change of direction ability is off the charts good. That stuff also carries over to YAC. In the open field, he’s got some sick juke moves.

Olave is also just way more athletic than he gets credit for. 4.39 speed is no joke. This dude can really burn and has an extra gear on deep routes. Really good tracking ability too. This is a dude that can really run the full route tree and be a playmaker in any offense.

I have Chris Olave ranked as my number two receiver in the 2022 NFL Draft. I’m really tempted to have him first because I love him that much. I think Olave should be considered a top 20 talent in this draft and will make whoever drafts him very happy.


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