2021 NFL Draft
DeVonta Smith is playing a different game right now. I’ve folded my cards. What else stood out in Week 14 for the 2021 NFL Draft? (Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports)

We’re back with another week in the 2021 NFL Draft Stock report. Week 14 was a bit of a down slate so only a few games for you this week. The games on tap today include Texas A&M vs. Auburn, Florida vs. Tennessee, BYU vs. Coastal Carolina, and Alabama vs. LSU.

Who stood out for better or worse and impacted their 2021 NFL Draft stock?

Texas A&M vs. Auburn

Texas A&M defeated Auburn 31-20 in a game that was pretty easy to see coming. In a battle between two shitty quarterbacks, Texas A&M was able to run the football behind their dominant offensive line. The Tigers no longer have Derrick Brown and Marlon Davidson. The game was over before it ever got started.

Not a ton here. It’s time to give Jalen Wydermyer, the Aggies tight end, some love. This program hasn’t had a great tight end since Martellus Bennett. Wydermyer doesn’t look quite as athletic but I’m starting to think he’s legit.

The tight end position is so weak right now that anybody big who doesn’t look clumsy is worth a look. Wydermyer has proven he’s more than that. In fact, he’s essentially the entire passing game for the Aggies. At 6-foot-5, 265, Wydermyer carries his frame very well and can work as an in line blocker.

Against Auburn, Wydermyer reeled in eight catches for 89 yards and two touchdowns. His 40 time is going to be a question but it should come in better than most expect. He’s climbing the tight end charts.

Florida vs. Tennessee

Another unsurprising game in the SEC. Tennessee is a mess and Florida punched them in the throat. Kyle Trask threw four more touchdowns and Kyle Pitts slept his way to 128 receiving yards.

Two things to really note here. Maybe it’s time to take Kadarius Toney more seriously? Toney is emerging more and more as a real receiving threat notching 108 and a score in this one. We already know he can run the ball and return kicks.

There are worse dart throws to take in a draft. He’s not small either and the 40 time is going to be spectacular. Who cares if he’s not Tyreek Hill. Every team needs someone like this.

I hate to even do this. The last name Elam in a Gators jersey gives me PTSD. Fine… I’ll say it… Kaiir Elam looks really good. Hip to hip with every receiver with good knee bend. Don’t let me fall for it!

BYU vs. Coastal Carolina

BYU and Coastal Carolina aren’t typical power programs sending dozens of players to the NFL every year. I’m going to have to get a little in the weeds here. I also don’t care, that was a hell of a game. Coastal is still undefeated after a 22-17 win.

Zach Wilson didn’t have the biggest performance. Just looking at the box score, 19-30, 240 yards, a pick, and an interception. That doesn’t really tell the story. Whatever it is, Wilson’s got it.

The interception came on a Hail Mary to end the first half. Throw that one away. Coastal only got one sack but Wilson faced pressure essentially the entire game. I don’t care what the end results say he. I see someone that looks like a less athletic version of Kyler Murray.

Wilson throws darts every week. There’s about 10 guys in the league that can open up their hips on the run and fling the ball exactly where they want to. I’ve seen all I need to.

Furthermore, Wilson fits the NFL. Athleticism is no longer optional. It’s becoming imperative. Guys like Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes, and Russell Wilson have separated themselves from the pack for a reason. Pure statues are being phased out of the game. Wilson added 55 rushing yards and was able to evade the blitz.

There was also a little bit of a running back battle. Tyler Allgeier of BYU and CJ Marable of Coastal both had big games. Allgeier finished as the more efficient runner but Marable looks more like the NFL prospect.

No offense to Allgeier but he looks like a linebacker that was stuck at running back because of a lack of high-level recruits. *checks notes* Allgeier played defense. Point withstanding! I don’t see the high-level athletic traits to warrant anything more than a training camp body who maybe makes the team.

Marable, on the other hand, does look like an NFL back. Maybe the spread triple option is a little gimmicky, but Marable can play. He’s also the perfect size at 5-10, 200 to factor into a rotation. The explosion might not be super high level but you can see a guy that knows what he’s doing.

For the BYU defense, Troy Warner was nowhere to be found. That was disappointing cause I wanted to see what Fred’s younger brother brought to the table.

Despite the fact that Coastal was able to run the football with ease, Khyiris Tonga looked like their best defender. Tonga is a Senior nose tackle checking in at 321. You would have liked to see him dominate a smaller center more but 10 tackles is not a poor showing. He was a one-man crew upfront. If he didn’t get the job done, nobody did.

For the Coastal defense, defensive end Tarron Jackson got a Senior Bowl invite. However, it was Jeffery Gunter the junior who created more havoc and might not declare. Not a ton of clarity for that side yesterday.

Alabama vs. LSU

Do I really need to even recap this one? After Alabama lost to LSU a year ago, you knew Saban was out for blood. How does a 55-17 ass-whooping sound? All you need to know is Mac Jones posted a 99.6 QBR in this one. He did not miss and continues to prove he’s legit.

We have seen a lot of Najee Harris over the years. 21 carries for 145 yards and three touchdowns in this one. The book has been written here. Harris will make it as a reliable starter. Harris is also a lot shiftier than he’s going to get credit.

I’m officially folding my cards on DeVonta Smith. His size scares me but at some point, you fold your cards. He looks like an NFL guy beating up D3 corners. Smith beat up the LSU secondary for eight receptions, 231 yards, and three scores. The guy has gone into another galaxy.