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2021 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 10

2021 NFL Draft

2021 NFL Draft
Kyle Trask can have his last name back as Kyle Trash has been retired. Who else stood out during week 10 when looking towards the 2021 NFL Draft? (Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

2021 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 10

The Maction is back as we finally have what is close to a full slate of college football action. After Week 10 has completed, it’s time to check back into the 2021 NFL Draft.

This week on tap, we have Buffalo vs. Northern Illinois, Miami vs. NC State, BYU vs. Boise State, Arizona State vs. USC, Florida vs. Georgia, and Notre Dame vs. Clemson. It’s a big boy slate for the stock report post this week! Who stood out for better or worse and potentially improved their 2021 NFL Draft stock?

Buffalo vs. Northern Illinois

I showed up at the party for one man and one man only, Jaret Patterson. No, I’m not that guy looking for my chance to hook up with the high school sweetheart. We got running backs to scout. Patterson is arguably the best player in the MAC and did nothing to prove otherwise.

Patterson rushed for 137 yards and two touchdowns on 20 carries. No, it wasn’t a six-touchdown performance like he’s had in the past, but you saw enough of the skill set to know what you’re getting.

Let’s call Patterson poor man’s JK Dobbins. The Buffalo tailback checks in at 5’9, 195 lbs, but he looks bigger than that. Not from a height perspective. More like a bowling ball ready to knock all of the pins over.

Patterson has some great cuts, and you can see the vision is NFL ready. There’s a hidden power element also in his game. Devin Singletary also might be a fair comp here. Don’t be shocked if Patterson finds himself in the middle rounds. This dude can play.

Miami vs. NC State

I’ll be honest; I got nothing here. D’Eriq King played well but who cares? He’s not a real NFL quarterback. NC State was playing an emotional after their mascot died. NC State has an interesting wide receiver but he looks clunky. Manny Diaz is still rebuilding the program. I got nothing.

BYU vs. Boise State

This game got ugly quick. BYU shit pumped Boise State 51-17. I turned it off in the third quarter. Boise’s quarterback was out but this game would have been a blowout either way.

Credit to Zach Wilson, the BYU signal caller. The guy is awesome. Better yet, I don’t know how Wilson even read the defense. Boise’s jersey’s literally blended right into the blue turf. It was truly hard to see where Boise’s players were.

Wilson went out there and did his thing. 21-27 for 359 yards and two touchdowns. Wilson has tremendous arm talent. He just has that ability to make those off-platform throws and fling it on a dime.

I don’t want to put the stamp on it yet but I’m very much in on Wilson. How can not be impressed?

Arizona State vs. USC

Herman Edwards must be sick. Arizona State coughed up a 13 point lead in about 30 seconds losing to USC 28-27. The Sun Devils are a really young team as Edwards is still getting his recruits in the building.

Mostly a couple of defenders stood out. DeAndre Pierce, the son of defensive coordinator Antonio Pierce, was all over the place. Jack Jones battled his ass off against Amon-Ra St. Brown. The only problem was he left the game four or five times with cramps.

Merlin Robertson gets the game ball. It’s hard to find linebackers that can cover like this. He had a hell of a game.


???? @_Merlin_2
???? FOX

Originally tweeted by Arizona State Sun Devils (@TheSunDevils) on November 7, 2020.

Let’s get to USC now. The story is the trio of running backs. Which one is going to emerge as THE guy? The Trojans are going to shuffle between Stephen Carr, Vavae Malepeai, and Markese Stepp. The latter isn’t draft-eligible yet, however.

Malepeai really was the third guy here. He fumbled near the goal line and didn’t see much action after. He picked up some yardage late in the fourth quarter but didn’t see much of an impact. Stepp also fumbled and only averaged 3.8 yards per carry.

Welcome back, Stephen Carr! It wasn’t much of a party (10 carries for 45 yards and a score) but the wiggle and explosion were back. Carr has struggled to stay healthy in his collegiate career, but this is the guy I know and love.

Carr made a bunch of impressive cuts and picked up yardage that simply wasn’t there. He has caught five balls. It wasn’t for much yardage but he didn’t have any issues catching. Welcome back, my guy.

I still don’t know how good St. Brown is. His brother (Equanimeous) is depth piece who’s done nothing in the NFL. I think brother Amon-Ra is better but I’m not sure he’s significantly better either.

Seven receptions for 100 yards is a great game. He also never popped off the screen. What’s the difference between him and Tyler Vaughns? We have more work to do here. I haven’t made up my mind.

Florida vs. Georgia

It’s time to take Kyle Trask seriously. What I mean by that is that Trask can play. Maybe he was a backup in high school and couldn’t beat out Felipe Franks for some god unknown reason. That doesn’t mean he’s undraftable.

I’m not behind the first round hype train. On the Florida scale of quarterbacks, he probably falls in line with Rex Grossman on ability level. Trask has a pretty good arm and is getting better at the quarterback stuff.

I just don’t see any twitch or high level movement skills. He also made a number of bad throws and probably should have thrown three or four interceptions instead of one.

Trask finished the day 30-43 for 474 yards, 4 touchdowns, and 1 interception. The only problem is Trask only put up six points in the second half when Kyle Pitts left the game. I’ll give the guy his due. I’m not sure I can call him Kyle Trash anymore. He’s still not a elite level franchise quarterback.

Speaking of Pitts, what more do you need to see? The answer is nothing. He left the game early with a concussion but still managed to put on a show. Tyson Campbell is likely a first or second round corner. Pitts sticks him in his back pocket like he’s a pack of gum.

I’m usually not an advocate for taking tight ends high in the draft. Pitts has to be an exception. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen someone like this. I don’t just say that. I don’t see how this guy fails and very easily could (should) become the best tight end in the sport.

The Georgia offense is so brutal that it’s hard to even judge the Florida defense. Kaiir Elam had an interception but the last name Elam in a Florida jersey gives me PTSD.

Speaking of the Georgia offense, I talked about this in a prior post but they just have no shot with this quarterback room.

Let’s start with the good. Zamir White took one to the house and finished the game with 107 yards and a touchdown on seven carries. White is starting to really build momentum as a poor man Nick Chubb. That’s not a bad thing.

James Cook is starting to become a very reliable pass catcher. He’s out there in every passing down situation. He’s not bad at running between the tackles either. I’ll still take Cook right now over White cause I think he can do more. I don’t think Cook is close to his ceiling either.

Everything else is a nightmare. It’s the worst Georgia quarterback I’ve seen since Faton Bauta. Yes, that’s a real name look it up. It also weirdly fits this scenario. Georgia is almost unwatchable.

The defense is a bit of a different story. Monty Rice is very much on my radar now. There was a play that Kadarius Toney had the ball on swing pattern. Rice chased him across the field that resulted in a loss on the play. Roquan Smith isn’t a fair comp but it looks like Rice has a similar skill set.

I’m also now in full bloom love with Eric Stokes. He just continues to beat people up and make plays on the football. Stokes recorded two more pass deflections and a beautiful pick 6.

Do I really need to say anything? It’s time to take Stokes seriously as maybe the best cornerback in the draft.

Notre Dame vs. Clemson

Clemson actually lost. It was the game of the year in college football as Notre Dame pulled out a 47-40 win in overtime. The Irish are for real and Brian Kelly can coach his ass off. The game also took about three days to end with all the injuries and instant replays so my focus was going out.

Remember what I said about Travis Etienne last week? The more I see him, the less I like him. This has been a slow four-year process. I’m now totally out. I want no part of him. If he was on the board in the 4th round (which won’t happen) I’d probably pass.

Sure, Notre Dame has a great defense. 18 carries for 28 yards ain’t it chief. Etienne has great balance and plus speed. That doesn’t make him a great running back.

A: I’m now convinced he’s a moron. This is now back to back weeks he’s now fumbled and the ball went the other way for 6. Both of which were totally his fault. Clemson also had a lead late in the 4th quarter trying to burn clock and Etienne ran out of bounds.

B: His vision stinks. Etienne can bust a big run with an open lane. He’s not and all around talented back that’s going make the right cut and pick up the easy five yards.

Someone else can draft him. I’ll find someone better four rounds later in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Amari Rodgers had another good game with eight receptions for 134 yards. He still just seems like a late round slot guy that will make your team and do a good job. Cornell Powell is starting to emerge as a late round deep threat target. The other weapons aren’t really worth diving into too heavily yet.

For Notre Dame, the story is about Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah. I didn’t know a ton about him prior to the game but I do now. He sort of reminds me of Kenneth Murray. Heat seeking piss missle that rips through you when he finds you.

Look at how fast Owusu-Koramoah comes off the edge here.

I gotta be honest; Ian Book impressed me. Against Clemson, just don’t throw up on yourself. Book did far from that. Hey, maybe he’s not total trash?


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