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Earlier today, legendary ‘Jeopardy!’ host Alex Trebek passed away after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 80 years old. Trebek hosted more than 8,000 episodes over 36 years, the picture of consistency and durability as thousands of other television shows began and ended during his tenure. No one has hosted more episodes of a single game show than Alex Trebek. He will be missed for his warm smile, kind voice, and wry sense of humor.

Trebek, a staple of American television, was also the moderator of the National Geographic Bee for 25 years.

‘Jeopardy!’ show-runners will be looking for a new host after having Trebek for more than 36 years. That’s a tall task. They currently have no plans for a new host, but there is one clear choice. The new ‘Jeopardy!’ host should be Ken Jennings.

Next ‘Jeopardy!’ Host: Ken Jennings?

In 2019, Trebek jokingly nominated Betty White as his successor. Truthfully, there is no one who will be able to adequately replace Alex Trebek. If anyone is suited to be the next host, it’s Ken Jennings. Jennings famously won 74 consecutive games of ‘Jeopardy!’ in 2004, accumulating $2.5 million in winnings – both records. Other than Trebek himself, there is arguably no one who has meant more to the show.

Jennings paid tribute to Alex Trebek earlier today via Twitter:

Alex wasn’t just the best ever at what he did. He was also a lovely and deeply decent man, and I’m grateful for every minute I got to spend with him.

Thinking today about his family and his ‘Jeopardy!’ family – which, in a way, included millions of us.

Ken Jennings, via Twitter

Regardless of who is chosen to be the new host, the show will be considerably different without Trebek. ‘Jeopardy!’ won 35 Emmy awards, Trebek taking six of his own, over his 36 years as host. He provided a noticeable gravitas and stability that no one else will be able to give.

Thank you, Alex Trebek. You will be missed.