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2021 NFL Draft

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2021 NFL Draft Stock Report: Sugar Bowl

2021 NFL Draft
Justin Fields proved what you should have already known. He’s SPECIAL. Here are your 2021 NFL Draft notes on the Sugar Bowl. (Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

2021 NFL Draft Stock Report: Sugar Bowl

In the final iterations of the 2021 NFL Draft stock report posts, I’ll be reviewing any of the Bowl games I watch. I’ll be the first to admit I watched fewer bowl games than normal because of the opt-outs. They’ve lost some luster. However, my 2021 will kick off by sitting on the couch and reviewing the Chick-Fil-A, Rose, and Sugar Bowl.

Let’s continue with the Sugar Bowl featuring Ohio State and Clemson. Who stood out in the game for better or worse and really impacted their 2021 NFL Draft Stock?

Ohio State

Justin Fields. That’s all I need to say. Hey, haters… are you done now? Is this what you wanted? Is this good enough for you?

Justin Fields is a baller. Of course, if you talked to the general public, the same guy that had six touchdown passes against Clemson sucked a week ago. Weird how that works. Oh, right, the general public has NO IDEA how to watch football.

Fields finished the game 22-28, 385 yards, six touchdowns, 1 (tipped) interception, and a 99 QBR. If you were smart, you saw all you needed to with Justin Fields at the Elite 11 camp. If you are a dummy, hopefully, you got it now. Fields is an athletic freak that can make every throw and has that IT.

During the middle of the game, Fields got popped in the ribs by James Skalski. Fields was in pain the entire game but this time he wasn’t going to lose to Trevor Lawrence. You can see the look in his eyes. He’s got it.

My comp on Fields has been Deshaun Watson. I don’t think he’s QUITE as athletic but both guys are around the same size and the complaints have been the same. Holds onto the ball too long and wasn’t in the most pro ready system. Stick a fork in your eye, please. If you can’t see talent, I can’t help you.

As I said during the draft show, I didn’t care about the down game against Northwestern for Fields. It was a look ahead game. However, what it did show was Chris Olave’s importance.

Olave is so good. His talent while never really jumps out at you (But was a 5-star recruit), it’s so easy to see why Olave thrives. He’s so smooth and will be able to get open in the NFL. His speed is also very underrated. Six catches for 132 yards and two scores in this one. Yes, Olave is that important.

Trey Sermon continues his run of excellence. It was another 31 carry, 193 yard, and one touchdown type of day. Sermon continues to look like a poor man’s Najee Harris. Big frame but carries it well. His hurdles aren’t quite as sexy but it’s clear now Sermon can play. Give credit to the offensive line too. They opened up holes for him all night.

Haskell Garrett and Tommy Togiai won the battle in the interior all night. Clemson’s offensive line got the doors blown off them all night. Garrett and Togiai deserve some more looks.

I don’t think Shaun Wade had the best game. That’s an understatement. He just looks like he gets bullied and over matched at times. I thought he had a bad game against Penn State. I’m just never impressed watching him. I don’t think Wade could have looked worse. Falling over giving up easy scores, getting bullied physically, and not playing the ball.

It’s not the fact that Wade gave up big plays. It’s the fact that he was a constant eye soar.


Trevor Lawrence is going to be the first pick in the draft. I’m not going too in-depth here. He got harassed pretty much all night. The NFL wow throws were all there. He’s a special guy that lost his second game ever. Who cares. Moving on.

Travis Etienne continues the same story. The more I see him, the less I like him. It was another meh game. 10 carries for 32 yards of nothing. Are we sure Etienne isn’t a glorified third down back? I’m dead serious.

Amari Rodgers isn’t someone I would pick high but if he’s there in the 6th-7th round I’d probably be interested. He just looks like a pro you can keep as a 4th guy in a wide receiver room. The special maybe isn’t there but he should be a weapon that can be useful.

What can you say about this defense? When James Skalski is on the field, they’re really good. When he’s not, the entire unit falls apart.


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