Justin Fields
Justin Fields: Magic Man, El Diablo. I never thought we would see another Deshaun Watson. Here comes Justin Fields who is can’t miss. (Ralph Freso/Getty Images)

Georgia picked the wrong guy. Kirby Smart should be kicking himself every single day for letting Justin Fields walk out the door. Justin Fields isn’t just better than Jake Fromm, he’s Magic Man, El Diablo. Sometimes it’s hard to put comps on players. In this instance, it’s easy. If Tua Tagovailoa is the next Russell Wilson, then Justin Fields is the next Deshaun Watson. Magic man, El Diablo.

That’s Justin Fields. He steals your wife out of thin air and calls himself the Magic Man with a little spice on the side. That’s what Deshaun Watson did and still does. He pulls something out of nothing constantly. He’s the only quarterback in the league that could win games with this Texans offensive line. Watson does things that you can’t explain.

How does Watson do the things that he does? I didn’t think we would see another one like this anytime soon. We got one. Fields is coming.

Fields and Watson are both high level athletes from the state of Georgia. He’s going to run a 4.5 something. That’s coming. You don’t see many quarterbacks outrun safeties. This isn’t a Lamar Jackson gimmick thing. This is, Fields can kill you any way he pleases. Avoid a sack, scamble, break another tackle, here’s a 50 yard seed for a score.

I think most assume Trevor Lawrence is a stone cold lock for the number one pick. While it’s probably true, the gap between Lawrence and Fields is small. If Fields turns into the better pro, I won’t be shocked. Magic Man, El Diablo.

Does anybody realize how great Fields was last year? 67.2 percent, 9.2 yards per attempt, 41 touchdowns, 3 picks. That was while coming in as a transfer. What if he was there to actually learn the offense for another full year? People forget that Fields actually beat Trevor Lawrence in the Elite 11.

Deshaun Watson is hard to explain. Imagine a quarterback that is just such a high level athlete that he makes plays you can’t explain. That’s Justin Fields. You won’t miss here when it comes to the draft. Magic Man, El Diablo.