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2021 NFL Draft

Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

2021 NFL Draft Grades: AFC West

2021 NFL Draft
Patrick Surtain gives the Broncos a true number one cornerback. How did the rest of the 2021 NFL Draft go for the AFC West? (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

2021 NFL Draft Grades: AFC West

The 2021 NFL Draft grades continue with the AFC West. The Broncos, Chargers, Chiefs, and Raiders all dipped their toes in trying to make their teams more competitive. Who came out of the draft a winner and loser? Let’s hand out those grades!

Denver Broncos

Grade: A+
  • R1 (9): CB Patrick Surtain II, Alabama
  • R2 (35): RB Javonte Williams, North Carolina
  • R3 (98): IOL Quinn Meinerz, Wisconsin-Whitewater
  • R3 (105): LB Baron Browning, Ohio State
  • R5 (152): S Caden Sterns, Texas
  • R5 (164): S Jamar Johnson, Indiana
  • R6 (219): WR Seth Williams, Auburn
  • R7 (237): CB Kary Vincent Jr., LSU
  • R7 (239): EDGE Jonathon Cooper, Ohio State
  • R7 (253): EDGE Marquiss Spencer, Mississippi State

John Elway should have given the keys to George Patton a long time ago. This was a clinic from top to bottom.

Patrick Surtain is a monster. To secure him in this draft is a win all day long.

I didn’t neccessary love the move up for Javonte Williams but he wouldn’t have been there otherwise. He’s a stud too and should really help this running game.

Seriously… LOOK AT THIS DRAFT! Quinn Meinerz round 3? Sign me up. Baron Browning? YES. Denver picks up two quality safeties in Caden Sterns and Jamar Johnson.

Can we just pause for a second. Seth Williams in the 6th round? He could easily turn into Mike Williams. Kary Vincent round 7 is crazy good value.

George Patton rocks. Why didn’t he get the keys sooner? Denver back in the mix.

Los Angeles Chargers

Grade: A-
  • R1 (13): T Rashawn Slater, Northwestern
  • R2 (47): CB Asante Samuel Jr., Florida State
  • R3 (77): WR Josh Palmer, Tennessee
  • R3 (97): TE Tre’ McKitty, Georgia
  • R4 (118): EDGE Chris Rumph II, Duke
  • R5 (159): T Brenden Jaimes, Nebraska
  • R6: (185): LB Nick Niemann, Iowa
  • R6 (198): RB Larry Rountree III, Missouri
  • R7 (241): CB Mark Webb, Georgia

Truthfully, this is an A+ all day minus the fact that Josh Palmer was kinda a waste. Outside of that, Tom Telesco did a hell of a job. To sit and wait on Rashawn Slater at 13 is a monster win. Hey, this Chargers offensive line is sneaky good now.

I’m in love with Asante Samuel Jr. If he’s an inch taller, he goes in the first round easy. This is a future Pro Bowler.

Even some of the other picks were smart. I’m shocked Tre’ McKitty went in round 3 after posting zero production but he’s a great flier. Chris Rumph isn’t super big but he’s going to wreck havoc on third downs. Mark Webb in round 7? Insert thumbs up emoji.

Kansas City Chiefs

Grade: A+
  • R2 (58): LB Nick Bolton, Missouri
  • R2 (63): C Creed Humphrey, Oklahoma
  • R4 (144): Edge Joshua Kaindoh, Florida State
  • R5 (162): TE Noah Gray, Duke
  • R5 (181): WR Cornell Powell, Clemson
  • R6 (226): G Trey Smith, Tennessee

The rich get richer. Baltimore got played. For the Chiefs to pick up Orlando Brown and then snatch Nick Bolton at 58 is unreal. Bolton has a much higher floor than Oweh does. Bolton can fly and brings a much needed linebacker to this defense.

Creed Humphrey at 63? Stop it. Just look at what the Chiefs have done with this offensive line? Total makeover job. Speaking of which, to get Trey Smith, who was the former number one recruit in the country, in the 6th round is laughable in a good way. He’s top 15 all day if not for blood clots. Don’t get why he didn’t go WAY sooner.

I love their other picks too. Joshua Kaindoh was a monster recruit. There’s a good chance Florida State just ruined him and there’s untapped potential. Noah Gray is a really good pick to complement Travis Kelce. I think there’s a chance Cornell Powell is better than Amari Rodgers. Just saying it now.

Las Vegas Raiders

Grade: F
  • R1 (17): T Alex Leatherwood, Alabama
  • R2 (43): S Trevon Moehrig, TCU
  • R3 (79): EDGE Malcolm Koonce, Buffalo
  • R3 (80): S Divine Deablo, Virginia Tech
  • R4 (143): S Tyree Gillespie, Missouri
  • R5 (167): CB Nate Hobbs, Illinois
  • R7 (130): C Jimmy Morrissey, Pittsburgh

This is a joke. Total joke. Year after year, Mike Mayock and the crew finds a way to look dumber than a guy who intentionally runs in front of a moving vehicle.

Look, I like Alex Leatherwood. I also got him at pick 48 in the Ravens mock simulator I did. A pick he probably would have been at in real life. You can’t pick that guy with the 17th pick in the draft. Can’t do it.

Mayock continues to show he has zero idea what draft value is. Totally allergic to it. Once again they traded up twice for no reason giving up extra picks.

There’s not a lot here. Trevon Moehrig might be able to start here eventually. Malcolm Koonce was actually in my notes. Think he can get after it a little. Not sure he was necessarily a third rounder but whatever. Good with those.

The rest of the draft is a whole lot of nothing. I’m not sure why they’re trippling down at safety. I hate this draft and it starts with the dope running the show.

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