Tre' McKitty
Tre’ McKitty is the tight end sleeper prospect for the 2021 NFL Draft. McKitty could turn into a home run after failing to produce in college. (Andrew Davis Tucker)

Tre’ McKitty: The 2021 NFL Draft Tight End Sleeper

Drafting a tight end a lot of times is like running through a field of landmines. 99 percent of the time you should just expect to get blown up no matter who you pick. There are about five tight ends in the entire league that matter.

We know that Kyle Pitts out of Florida is basically can’t miss. That part is obvious. Once Pitts is off the board, it’s about trying to target that next diamond in the rough. Georgia tight end via Florida State Tre’ McKitty could be that sleeper prospect that turns into a home run.

McKitty has a lot of the things you look for when trying to find a late round gem. His size (6-foot-5, 241) is fine. We don’t have a combine but his pure speed is above average for the position. McKitty attended IMG and was also a big time recruit ranking as the 51st Florida recruit in 2017 and the 15th tight end nationally.

Sometimes you can get lost in college and fall under the radar. Florida State is a complete mess. They’re such in disarray that people thought Cam Akers wasn’t that good. K…

McKitty recorded 50 catches for 520 yards and two touchdowns for the Seminoles in three years. He then transferred to Georgia notching six catches for 108 yards and a touchdown in four games. I get it, not the sexiest stat line. You’re also not drafting him high or at all.

Sure, the stat line doesn’t jump out you but the raw tools certainly do. McKitty just might be one of those guys that produces more than he did at the college level. McKitty just looked different at the Senior Bowl. The guy caught everything and was just able to separate with ease.

When you think about it, Georgia went through turmoil at the quarterback position. Stetson Bennett was somehow a thing. Even George Pickens’ production went down after a promising true freshman season. Don’t always scout the result of the play, scout the skill set.

I can’t stress enough how good McKitty looked at the Senior Bowl. The unheralded tight end just looks like a natural mover. He’s not an all world blocker but he’s more than willing and has a big enough frame to get better.

These are the type of swings you take on draft day. It’s not going to cost you anything and the pure upside is off the charts. McKitty is one of the those late round fliers teams should be interested in.