Nike, Skye Gould/Business Insider

Anytime that I want to buy a pair of shoes from Nike it’s basically already decided that I won’t be paying the retail price and that is because the Nike SNKRS App has ruined sneaker buying. There have been some awesome sneaker releases in 2020 & 2021 but if they were dropping on SNKRS it was basically impossible to buy. When Nike created the SNKRS app in 2015 their main goal was to target consumers who were interested in the more limited release that the company had to offer and provide them with a fair chance at being able to acquire those shoes. But this could not be further from the truth and everyone knows it. Before 2015 it was honestly much easier to buy limited sneakers because Nike used a first come first served model where it actually felt like I had a chance.

But now on SNKRS, their raffle system has destroyed any chance of regularly buying shoes that have remotely any hype or interest. I don’t know a single person who has actually won an SNKRS raffle more than twice. Seriously, it is almost impossible to win unless you have a Bot that can enter 1,000 raffles of the same size. So for the average person like me who wanted to purchase the Travis Scott Air Jordan 6, “British Khaki” on the SNKRs app this past Thursday, I was met with the “not selected” screen that I have seen countless times. The app is a joke and everyone knows it which leads to some pretty funny jokes but seriously the SNKRS app is a failure.

The SNKRS App Is A Massive Failure

It’s mind-boggling that Nike has completely ignored the constant complaining and anger that the SNKRS app has created on a weekly basis for over five years now. If you were to go on Twitter and use the #Sadderday, which was created for sneakerheads to collectively show the L’s they’ve taken on a consistent basis from the SNKRS app you’ll see how bad it really is. In my case, I haven’t won 15 straight raffles in only a week, and ill show you the proof of just how outrageous this is.


So my question is who is winning these raffles when there is a trending hashtag every week showcasing the not selected and there is a chance of going 15 straight raffles without a win. Nike created the SNKRS app with a goal to give us easier access to the hottest shoe releases but it’s been a failure. If you want a shoe that is releasing on the SNKRS most likely you will have to pay 3x the retail price after you aren’t selected and the only other option is resellers. The SNKRS app is a joke and a massive failure and sadly it doesn’t look like much will change in the immediate future so there will be more #sadderdays coming up week after week. Maybe one day I’ll be selected to win a raffle on SNKRS but I won’t hold my breath.