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2020 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 5

2020 NFL Draft

(Tavan Smith / Vendetta Sports Media)

2020 NFL Draft
Is KJ Hamler the next must have deep threat in the NFL? Check out week 5 notes for the 2020 NFL Draft. Photo Credit: Tavan Smith / Vendetta Sports Media

The 2020 NFL Draft is getting closer and closer. It’s time to recap Week 5. It was a slow weak but a fascinating week at the same time. Clemson almost went down?!? This week we have Penn State At Maryland, USC At Washington, and Ohio State at Nebraska. There will also be a couple other side notes that I will include while I was flipping to other games. Let’s get right into it. What players stood out for better or worse in regards to the 2020 NFL Draft?

Penn State AT Maryland

Penn State

This was a 59-0 beat down. I turned it off mid-way through the 3rd quarter. This was a high school team beating up on an elementary school team. This was a bad watch the whole time. We’re going to find out if this defense is for real when they have a more competitive game.

I wanted to focus on one guy here. KJ Hamler might have an NFL future. Yes, I’m aware he’s 5-foot-9, 175 pounds. That’s usually a no for the NFL. However, the NFL is becoming increasingly reliant on deep threats. DeSean Jackson has changed the Eagles offense. Tyreek Hill makes the Chiefs offense unstoppable. They were so worried about Hill that they drafted Mecole Hardman in the 2nd round. The Seahawks gave up multiple picks for Tyler Lockett. Bill Belichick is a smart guy. He was so desperate to counter Tyreek Hill that he took a chance on psycho, Antonio Brown. You want a deep threat today.

Enter KJ Hamler who looks like a human joystick. His speed is off the charts. Just get him the ball in open space. Just chuck it deep. He will go get it. Hamler finished the game with 6 receptions for 108 yards including a long 58 yard score. He made about 700 guys miss on his way to the end zone. Look, I don’t know how high you draft him. What I know is this skill set is a must have in the NFL today. I think there’s a chance he can be John Brown. What would you pay for that?


This was just all around terrible. Josh Jackson might be the worst quarterback I’ve ever seen. I like the Maryland running back but he had no chance today. 9 carries for 24 yards is bad but his team got smacked 59-0. Don’t hold it against Anthony McFarland.

USC AT Washington


Nothing much to report here. USC continues to be unorganized and not well coached. Moron Clay Helton still doesn’t know that Stephen Carr is his best back. Carr got 7 carries for 94 yards. A 13.4 yard per carry average. Carr got less carries than Markese Stepp and Vavae Malepeai and had more yards than both. This isn’t hard and just glorifies everything that’s wrong with USC. Won’t be much longer until Urban Mayer gets the keys.

Michael Pittman had a long 44 yard touchdown again. Not much else besides that. Still a good sign he had a touchdown against a tough secondary.


This was my Jacob Eason game. Blow me away, Jake. Get it done. Smoke USC by 40. Throw for 5 touchdowns. That did not happen. 16-26 for 180 yards. MEH! I can’t hold it too much against him because that game was 14-0 in a blink of an eye. Still, I learned next to nothing. Here are the early signs I saw. Rocket arm, not always accurate, sitting duck in the pocket. We will have to check back in on this one.

I would call the Washington targets interesting. Hunter Bryant looks like a chess piece matchup nightmare tight end. Aaron Fuller looks electric at times. Again, not explosive games because of the lack of passing. We will file this into the interesting category and keep it moving.

I’m in on this Myles Bryant. He looks like a less thick Budda Baker. 5-foot-9, 185 pound, nickel corner that can do pretty much everything. 7 tackels, 1.5 for loss, and a pass deflection is a good way to get on my radar. Versatility in the back end is important. I’m in on this stock.

SIDE GAME: Tee Higgins isn’t getting enough love for Clemson. Game on the line, he’s the guy that put the passing attack on his back. Higgins finished the game with 6 catches for 129 yards including the game winning score. It was a bad game for Clemson but Higgins is legit. His size and speed combo makes him dangerous. Higgins is 6-foot-4 and I guarantee he runs faster than Mike Williams.

Ohio State AT Nebraska

Ohio State

JK Dobbins did his thing again. 24 carries for 177 yards. Absolute stud. Let’s focus on the defense for this one. I turned this one off at halftime too. The game was over before it started because the Ohio State secondary is lights out and Adrian Martinez might be the worst quarterback of all-time.

I didn’t know if anyone would top Paulson Adebo. Well, Jeff Okudah might have stuck him in his back pocket. Okudah had two interceptions in this one. The first came where he broke on the ball perfect. The 2nd came while he was laying on the ground. No joke. Adrian Martinez stinks but the guy only threw for 47 yards the whole game. The entire secondary is scary. Okudah came into the season Okudah came into the season with 0 career interceptions. Well, now he has 3. You want corners that can play the ball and we saw that from him.

I’d like to also add in Jordan Fuller and Shaun Wade. Fuller had the other interception in this one and really is a willing tackler. Wasn’t really on my radar but made a name for himself. Shaun Wade came very close to notching a pick 6. Wade broke on an out route and swatted it away. Half second sooner and that’s a house call. Add in Damon Arnette and I’m not sure another school has a better trio of corners.

SIDE GAME: Didn’t love what I saw from Jordan Love. Utah State runs a very high tempo offense that should put up points left and right. I saw a lot of read option run stuff with a big arm. I won’t stick a fork in him yet but this was bad. I don’t even care that they won. Top quarterbacks aren’t going 17-34 for 202 yards against Colorado State. That includes 2-2 TD to INT ratio. His one interception was a pick 6 on a ball that had no juice and was so late. Love was a sleeper I had coming into the year. He looks bad.


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